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Testing OPML Comments

By Adam Curry. Posted Monday, September 24, 2012 at 9:28 AM.

Included Comments from Dave's Threads

9/24/12; 11:39:08 AM by AC

My comments now go to my S3 bucket, so I can use the same data on my own server.

Here's my comments on this thread running on

9/24/12; 11:15:55 AM by AC

Really like the new reverse-chronology of the comments, even though I now miss always being on top :-)

Testing the new Disqus functionality

Hmm, not seeing any disqus box on the page as expected


9/22/12; 10:02:36 AM by AC

Thanks for answering the most important question Dave

I look forward to helping grow the userbase when I can implement this on my own servers :-)

9/22/12; 9:34:05 AM by AC

I'm loving this Dave. But you knew that :-)

Questions I ask myself:

Will individual comment pages have a green button as well?

How will notifications work (referring to how instant outlining works)

Perhaps the notifications should be in the outliner?

Will I host my own comments

I think that is already answered, as I have a copy of my comment opml on S3, and can change the content myself. Perhaps I wondering how I can tie my own WorldOutline hosted remdering of my comments into someone elses'

Is it just me, or do others want to be able to show context in comments with nodes that are collapsed /expanded?

I'm doing this as a force of habit, wonder if otherers would use it if the rendering reflected their outine.

Just testing stuff here

I put the macro in here, it didn't work, but you see what I'm trying to do :-)

Stats & Atts.

This aggression will not stand.