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Implementing menus everywhere

By Adam Curry. Posted Tuesday, May 08, 2012 at 12:59 PM.

At first go I tried enetering the url of my main menu's opml into the prefs for radio2 and scripting2 as per the worknote. This resulted in no menu, just a bit of erroneous result.

Screenshot scripting2 homepage

Screenshot Radio2 linkblog page

Turns out the feature must use the new menus in a single outline as described in this worknote

Here's my menus outline, with one subnode for the menu

Now to try the same on my Scripting2 blog

Still the same result. No menu, just the words: table: 3 items

Maybe its the template. I'm going to delete my template and have the system install a fresh one for me.

Tried the stock template. Still no joy :-(

Rereading the worknote, it states:

Updated scripting2.root to use the same prefs as Radio2.

I *do* see the prefs for the menu feature in scripting2Data.root Perhaps I need to delete them.

Deletion does not work. The macro just isn't being expanded as far as I can see.

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