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Error report on scripting2 Menu Everywhere

By Adam Curry. Posted Tuesday, May 08, 2012 at 2:01 PM.

I am attempted to configure the static menu on my blog

What I did:

Configured my Radio2 prefs for the 'Menu for static pages'

It worked. See my static linkblog and Top 40 links pages

I then configured the prefs in


I ensured the menu macro was in my homepage template


I expected to see the menu appear on the homepage of my scripting2 Blog

The Result I got

After creating a blogpost and ensuring the homepage had been rebuilt, a menu did not show up on my homepage.

In the spot where I expected the menu, I see text: table: 3 items


How I fixed it

I foudn that there is a url for scripting2 homepage and story templates that is always kept up to date

Here is the link for the scripting2 HomePage Template

Here is the link for the scripting2 Story Template

Worked on customizing the template from

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