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  • No Johnny, in Christian Protestant America, you are safe in the Boy Scouts
    as we believe in God's Fire and Brimstone Merit Badge for Sodom and Gomorrah

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The list of Boy Scouts leaders accused of sexual abuse
    has nearly 3,000 more names than previously known (CNN)

    It was only 3000 pedophiles raping only 6000 little boys......

    I know that compass goes screwy around that fag. That's the reason
    I gave it to you, it points out the pedos to avoid.

    Hello little boy, want to earn a merit badge the easy way?

    But Scout Master I don't remember any badges for sleeping in one sleeping bag.

    My name is Donald. I am 8 years old and I like
    to tie boys up and make them like me.

    Yes I am a male role model for young boys.

    Let Aunt Madonna show you how to swing both ways.

    There is nothing creepy about grown men being half
    naked in little boy costumes!

    Why yes I like having little boy friends.

    If you are a good boy, I will show you the selfie below my belt line....

    Turning the Boy Scouts into the Fag Scouts certainly has turned out perfectly according to everything liberals tell us is a normal world.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Europeans have always looked at people like sheep of the pasture, cloth of the land. That is the problem which has engulfed America to ruin, in people are no longer allowed to just live, but are instead kept in fear of some disaster in order to make them dependent upon a central authority.

    That is what climate change is, a boogeyman under the bed which is brought out to keep the humans with their covers pulled over their heads, which allows those with the money and power, to not have send out the troops to kill off the excess, in those wide boulevards created to herd masses to the slaughter.

    In Protestantism, life is one of trusting in God, working hard to build up a supply of resources and a family takes care of each other, which takes care of a nation. In Europe and what has invaded America, there are now social engineers who really got addicted to the Marshal Plan in making a society where no one was responsible, God was put on the shelf and replaced by a regime so large and so far away, that everyone was kept feeling helpless.

    Sebastian Kurz is such a coordinator of the common good for people. Oddly his alliance and association with the Vatican has never been trumpeted, this leftist Catholic, who got the reins for the Austrian right, is one of these Jesuit products of national management, with an eye to an "Eco Economy", while pretending that geezer will be cared for, people will have jobs and Europeans can have their cake and eat it too.

    The entire Marshal Plan paradigm was thrown out of order, when the financial cartel began removing Lutheranism, and importing a consumer Muslim vermin. Muslims on welfare were slave labor at time, and at all times creatures which ate resources like a cancer. That made a great deal of money for centralized electricity, groceries, clothes and vehicles, because the inhabitants of the land were not there to produce, but to consume resources the few made and the fewer were selling.

    America in protecting Europe created the European welfare state. Europeans without welfare were able to work only 30 hours a week, have state provided healthcare, could sit in cafes and pretend they were superior to Americans and that was about the extent of their pompous lives, as the overriding structures continued to expand on higher tax premiums and charging people their blood for a gallon of gasoline.

    Europe had pure air, because it was littered with nuclear power plants, and never having to deal with nuclear waste disposal. See Europe is a fiction of a world which does not exist without America. With America, Europe is the trust fund baby, existing in the police state monitoring in everyone watching you, because God forbid some sheep should bleat and disturb the sheep in the next grid not being allowed to walk on the grass as that just would not be natural.

    So as the European order disappeared in massive debt and massive subsidies, the old European Contract is dead, deliberately killed, so a new contract would be produced, that sounds a great deal like John Locke and Ronald Reagan, in lower taxes, keeping foreign vermin out and people having jobs not in competition with the slave class.

    The foundation is: We have finished the #debt policy of the past decades, we have achieved first successes for a noticeable and honest relief of #taxes and #fees and our measures against illegal #migration have shown effect.

    Our way has just begun. We want to tackle the big issues of the future in order to bring -- forward. People need #work from which they can live & need to grow old in dignity in our country. In addition, we must preserve and defend our Austrian identity.

    It is our goal to make a contribution to shaping the world of tomorrow. #Europe needs a new contract, we want to help shape it. The new @volk party is the party of the eco-social market economy. Therefore, we will live up to our responsibility for climate & environment.

    See that is what is missing in the real examination of Europe.

    Europe began life as a realm of monarchs and commoners, arisen from chieftains and armed villagers of warrior classes. To keep power the monarchs disarmed the subjects, and fought wars to reduce the surplus human population.
    As that did not produce enough revenue for Jewish banking, monarchs were replaced, the sheep were put into factories and a new collective was created in Lenin's communism or Hitler's socialism. Both are monarchy police state systems, where the masses are given production quotas. In communism the state is the inefficient provider of poverty and in socialism the state is the efficient provider of rationed death.

    The European social contract is broken and inclusive economic policies should be on the top of the next European Commission's agenda, policymakers said at the Brussels Economic Forum on Tuesday (18 June).


    See Europeans in the Jewish financiers, moved like the rest of the world to Adolf Hitler's system of employing slave labor for profits. That is where the Africans and Asian were allowed to invade Europe, as the native population was taxed into submission and bribed with benefits which came from the United States picking up the defense bill in trillions of dollars.

    None of the leaders of America or Europe who imported this foreign vermin have been castigated as new Hitlers, but that is what they are. They embraced Hitler production methods so the few could rule and live in luxury, while suppressing the masses to accept their lot in life.

    Europeans in speaking of social contracts have a new phrase of "inclusive policies". Inclusive means that the regime powers have discovered that foreign vermin are low intelligence, have zero ability to invention and are collapsing the entire structure which nurtures the feudal few. So after destroying the Lutheran dynamic of morals and invention, the regime is now attempting to restore just enough of this genius and work ethic for a coming robotic transference, so the entire empire does not crumble.
    Yes they need those lost 10 tribe genetics to get them to the point of being perpetual immortals. The scheme could not destroy Lutherans and be ruled by Catholics over raping Muslim hordes and not have to face raping and pillaging Russians and Chinese, who are appearing a substantial threat to that utopia of the 22nd European century.

    When they were asked about the reason behind their vote, trade unionists mentioned job insecurity, precariousness, and the fear of losing their social protection safety net.

    "This is what a broken social contract means," ETUC secretary-general, Luca Visentini, told the Brussels audience.

    Europe has turned a corner since the 2008 financial crash and the ensuing sovereign debt crisis that followed in the eurozone. "But the legacy of the crisis is very strong and has a name: inequality," said the EU's economic affairs Commissioner, Pierre Moscovici.

    The European social contract "has to be totally revised," the Commissioner told the audience.

    Europe is currently going through deep economic and social transformations, driven by a range of factors including demographic change, the digital revolution and the energy transition. Those evolutions require a response at the European level, Moscovici said. "The question of fighting inequality is national but also European," he argued.

    In Kurz speak, his utopia is Eco Economics, which is again one of those fictions of the Garden of Ease. See in order to produce high technology, it does not just wish into being. The earth has to be raped in mines of rare earth elements, the earth has to be raped of carbon fuels to produce heat and electricity to create those wonder inventions to save planet earth, but in the end consume 40% more and cost 200% more in resources than the old coal and oil based economy of production. It is a Newtonian fact, that robots and computers do not grow on trees exhaling carbon dioxide, but are the products of very expensive production methods and resources.

    The garden of ease will literally cost too much to manufacture and it requires yet to be born genius to invent a way out of this Catch 22, so INCLUSIVE, which is another name for a specific breeding program of certain Europeans in protecting them or progressing them, is what is at the base of all of this, as Sebastian Kurz' new order speaks of solving climate change, caring for geezers in wheelchairs and giving jobs to people, because they care for it is a smokescreen of imprisoning the masses in a new way, until their use is past, and then they will be discarded just as the cancer Muslim invasion of Europe was discarded when it was discovered that all those vermin were eating the future alive.

    That is the new European Social Contract and Sebastian Kurz for the Habsburgs is most intelligent for admitting he like all of Europe is in a holocaust not of Habsburg design, and the only way out of it, is to exploit the Chicoms in their horrid technology stolen from Americans, discard the consumer Muslim, secure oil from Russia and North Africa, and when the new crop of well tended Caucasian begin to produce, robots will manufacture all the poisons in Africa, while Africans for a blinking cell phone will allow their resources to be plundered so Europeans, looking suave sipping coffee enemas in cafes, will make a suitable police state civilization off their African livestock.

    Not much has really changed, except the words, and now it is all smiles bringing a more suitable order to Europe, as American traitors for 30 pieces of silver remove America from the bright Kurz future for Europe.

    Europeans are well suited to delusion, wearing the king's harness and selling their souls for a certificate that says they are more wonderful than their wonderful neighbors with the same piece of paper.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti mattr.


  • Cornholio Pizza

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In 2008 AD in the yaer of our Lord, Barack Birther Hussein Obama, engaged in two of the greatest money laundering frauds in American history, when he stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton. In that year, the Obama campaign laundered 300 million dollars from Mideast terrorists, which is illegal as it went into the Obama billion dollar campaign chest.
    That money, was then filtered in kickbacks and payoffs, starting with the criminal enterprise ACORN, in which all of this was about rewarding people financially in media and politics for supporting Obama.

    Obama would later dump a trillion dollars each to 3rd world nations and Europe for their payoff for installing this MI6 fraud into 1600 Penn Avenue.

    In all of this, the elections of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, have had a number of coordinated coups against Donald Trump and the American voters. There is the well known John Brennan Russiagate Coup just completed by Robert Mueller.
    A not so well known coup has been coordinated through John Podesta of Pedogate fame. It involves the same Russiagate coup legal firm of Perkins Coie.

    While you have not heard of this coup, you have witnessed the tracks of it, as it like the Muslim Brotherhood in using the American legal system against Americans, in order to criminalize Americans, the Podesta group run out of his offices of Democracy Forward Foundation, in filing these endless lawsuits against Trump policies.

    A "nonpartisan" dark money group that regularly files litigation against President Donald Trump's administration is powered by money from the Center for American Progress (CAP), the liberal think tank founded by former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.
    The Democracy Forward Foundation, a D.C.-based 501(c)3 nonprofit, was founded in 2017 to "help expose the rampant corruption in the Executive Branch and fight in court on behalf of the people it hurts."

    The Paul Singer, Washington Beacon, has investigated this, and published a list of the conspirators, which interesting reads like a list of the DNC's parade of Balkan candidates to hand Joe Biden the nomination.
    While this group has remained in the shadows, it has now been exposed, and has none of the Missing Link operatives in the John Brennan operatives. This is relevant as what is taking place is not just the denial of the results of the 2016 elections, but a direct meddling on the 2020 elections for President.

    Democracy Forward was incorporated on March 29, 2017, by Katherine LeBeau, an associate at the Perkins Coie law firm, records filed to D.C.'s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs office show.
    Updated records provide a fuller list of the group's governors: Marc Elias, an attorney at Perkins Coie who was the top lawyer for Hillary Clinton's campaign, and now holds the same position in Sen. Kamala Harris's (D., Calif.) campaign; Ron Klain, a Democratic operative who was President Barack Obama's "Ebola Czar"; Maya Harris, also a Democratic operative and the sister of Sen. Harris; and Podesta.
    The reason the Lame Cherry is publishing on this, is the red alert should have gone off with the word MEDDLING in the 2016 and 2020 elections. This is what Russia was charged with doing by this same group who created the Pissgate dossier. In this meddling in post 2016 and pre 2020 elections, these conspirators are using the United States courts to overturn legal elections.

    That is a criminal offense.

    Democracy Forward, CREW, and American Oversight are all approved groups for funding by the Democracy Alliance, the left's largest dark money donor network. Members of the alliance also helped fund and propel the Center for American Progress and Media Matters. The alliance has spent $1.83 billion on progressive infrastructure since its inception in 2005, confidential documents obtained by the Free Beacon at its latest gathering showed.

    The reason ACORN and the Obama money laundering of 300 million dollars from terrorists, is not because Obama conducted this through fraudulent credit card transfers, which the American public was stuck with the bill in TARP, so the Rockefeller Chase Manhattan was underwritten in this criminal money laundering, it is because there is now direct evidence as in ACORN paying off political operatives who shilled for Obama in 2016 are a like group in 2017, 2018 and 2019 for 2020, and they are being paid, as in a payoff in what is another illegal criminal money laundering enterprise by Barack Hussein Obama.

    The legal description for what is involved in intelligence handler John Podesta is GRAFT.

    GRAFT: The practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage

    Money is being offered to this group and they are gaining an illicit advantage, using the courts against the legally elected President of the United States and the American People.

    The exact legal definition of this coup against Donald Trump is RACKETERING. What has been engaged in, is a violation of the RICO act.

    John Podesta is managing a criminal organization, where graft is being paid, for the misuse of the courts to overthrow the elections of the United States in order to terrorize the American People.
    Remember in this, that it was this group which was involved in thwarting Border Security. The result of this is people have died from these actions. That is a criminal act defined as homicide.

    While Attorney General William Barr has been investigating the matter of John Brennan and his associates, the time has arrived that the FBI be charged with investigating this and reporting the evidence which has already been uncovered by the Beacon to a US Attorney, for the criminal indictment of all of the parties above, along with the financial sources providing funding for this terror racket against the American People.

    Robert Mueller spent a great deal of time, creating crimes out of thin air prosecuting Trump associates, it is time that these real violations of federal law by those involved in meddling with the results of the 2016 and coming 2020 elections, be indicted.

    Attorney General William Barr has been most effective in restoring trust in the American legal system in the Brennan matter. It is time that the AG conducts a rigorous investigation of those receiving graft from John Podesta.

    The key for a Trump landslide in 2020 is the indictment of John Podesta and his racketeers, not John Brennan.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have invested a great deal of cajoling and bitching at government people to have the murderous gray wolf delisted as an endangered species, as it is not endangered, but expanding out of seeded areas it should never have been reintroduced in, and has been a menace killing hunting dogs in Wisconsin, Minnesota and all the neighboring states from the Dakotas to Illinois.

    Colorado is a similar disaster as wolves are spreading into other areas, as are the wolves of Yellowstone slaughtering livestock in Montana. I was speaking with my cousin from Montana recently and he stated the cattle coming into sale barns in Montana were climbing the walls and running the staff out of pens, and every one of those cows exists in wolf country.

    One of the worst areas is Mexico, as people focus on the two legged invaders, but that shit hole is a breeding pool of wolves endangering Americans and precious wildlife.

    The US Fish and Wildlife is allowing comments on their current move to delist these murderous predators from the endangered list and open it up to States to control these populations.
    If you read the 90 plus thousand comments, you can see the people who hate America have been using form letters to flood the process with comments, meant to influence the government to keep this globalist policy in place to threaten Americans and destroy livestock and animals, as part of a gun control measure.

    If you care about wildlife, then post a comment in support of managing the gray wolf, by killing them in the numbers they need to be reduced to.

    I have stated he first Conservationists in Teddy Roosevelt and John Burroughs both advocated the elimination of wolves, bears, coyotes and cougars from the lower 48 states and leaving only useful wildlife as in elk, moose, sheep, goats and deer. This has been violated and should never have been violated as from the 1960's there has been war on Americans.

    Draining the swamp and getting rid of the deep state, includes the killing of dangerous predators .Wolves have teeth that can slash sinews and shred muscles like razor blades and their jaws can crush your leg bones like a hammer blow.

    Wolves do not got to Burger King or Pizza Hut. They kill daily to survive and what they kill are other living animals, and they do so by hamstringing, gutting and eating animals alive. None of this is pretty, and is the reason cyanide was used by the ton to kill off these dangers when the government once protected Americans.
    I admire Richard Nixon, but he made the worse mistake in wildlife management in ending the use of modern poisons. There has to be a return to this, poisons made available to landowners and America returned to the People and to wildlife with purpose. The age of needing large predators ended in the mid 1800's. It is time to restore the Roosevelt order to conserving good wildlife and that begins will eliminating dangerous predators.

    Nuff Said



  • I think the paradigm of the plasma vortex should have me
    with a centerfold not a hairy anti plasma entity

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I can not remember the Lisa on Coast to Coast AM, who is an annoying blonde, but she is the one always going on date with Big Foot to get a rise in her camper trailer. What is important about this is, since the Lame Cherry provided the information that Big Foot is a cross dimensional being, as well as the exclusive that all of these UFO aliens were demons, I have noticed that the entire chant coming out of the George Noury group has been the echo of the revelations of this blog by God's Grace, and yet I have yet to hear any one of these frauds give any credit to the Lame Cherry as they are all plagiarists.

    What I have noticed is there is a correlation between these dimensional creature sightings and the negating of Christ as the head of America. The same time Christ was removed, is the time tornadoes started wiping out US cities, Big Foot and UFO's began to rise marketedly.

    This is pertinent in the cause and effect, as this blog has shown that severe weather was tamed in the United States when Christian Protestant Churches began to be built in the American wilderness. All sorts of plagues, pestilence and storm ceased for a number of decades, but with Christ being removed and Protestants being lessened, the effects are obvious.

    What I am interested in, is the Matrix of thought. The source of this the stairway to Heaven or the stairway to hell. The point being is what I have revealed is the more people remote view, they will create a channel into the river of thought, which other weaker minds are drawn into, like a trail. The same effect is with this UFO Big Foot crowd, in they have activated the old shaman religion channels, and by constantly using those areas, they are wearing a super high way into the dimensions, or they are producing and easy access for demons and creatures of the sort to enter this dimension. The perpetrators are literally empowering this field with their lust to see UFO's and Big Foot, and this gash in the matrix results in more of this profane evil to be accessing this dimension and time.

    Think of it as a cerebral plasmatic vortex, of that will to see, the yearning to make contact, produces an energized field to conjure these entities through. Instead of demons bound in Euphrates waters, the chains are unloosed, and the very gates of hell, the anti plasma is being drawn into this world.

    The shamans, along the natural ley lines of the world had produced these effects long before the modern American manifested, but it is akin to the oracles of Greece and Rome, as at Delphi, when Christ and Christians appeared the oracles went silent as a greater Master had appeared with a following. The two forces could not occupy the same space, and the lesser demonic was displaced.
    In the United States the shamans had conjured these skinwalkers and other entities out of natural progression. There are always doors, and they opened them to curse other tribes. An Indian in their cult, never had a Great Spirit as God. What they had were good and bad spirits. The good spirits were good, and did not need to be offered to or bribed, so largely were ignored. The evil though were bribed to stop the bad effects.

    So America always has had a manifestation of the human anti plasma interaction. It was suppressed when Christianity appeared in Protestants, but in form it began reappearing in the post modern era, and has been growing in observations ever since. Time and again, the adherents of this cult of the abominable, state they think thoughts of wanting to see these entities and the entities appear. In reports, they are gaining in grotesque size and shape. The interaction is feeding them and empowering them.

    It is not just in the central points of these areas of prior manifestations, but it seems there are fracture across North America, as each new devilish human is an open door now to the matrix which has so many holes in it, it is leaking like sieve. This occult is alien to God, and the adherents are becoming flesh portals, a manifestation that these inter dimensional doorways of current, are no longer the grid which the entities must manifest. It is a reality that even singular people, can conjure these elements, like florescent lights in an electric field lighting up without being plugged in. There is so much negative unGodly charge that the beings can manifest and generate anywhere a human is the portal of yearning.

    These are no longer leaks. These are currents, and they are flooding this world. The only way this will be stopped is again promoting Christ to displace the entities. Otherwise these forces will become more destructive than the current spiritual cannibalism in the United States. Perversion is self destroying millions and the very people are looking to abort themselves for a foreign race to displace them. It is an extraordinary madness which possesses the American people and the nations. It is not of life, but of death, and the more people place their thoughts and wills to this energization of the field, the more consumptive it will become.

    As my work is constantly stolen, I will assume that there will be a new wave of experts discussing these issues as their own.

    This though is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said


  • Kusher just sold me the same Arabs he sold you....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    If you have been reading the headlines of the Jared Kushner Peace in our Time for the Mideast, a common theme keeps coming up. One would think a peace summit would be in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Gaza, but instead Jared Kushner has brought his kind of peace to one of the great money laundering centers of the world in Bahrain.

    Low-ranking EU officials are to represent Europe when America unveils part of its new deal on the Arab-Israeli conflict in Bahrain next week.


    Yes, and as the below quotes reveal, that Jared Kushner is trying to bring in Europeans to underwrite his form of peace, which the Europeans do not want any part of. You can translate that as BRIBES. To gain Kushner peace, it apparently is going to cost a great deal of Euros to get Jews and Philistines to stop making war so they can glean billions from these same nations to make peace.

    The US has also invited finance chiefs from some member states.

    The French finance ministry confirmed last Friday that it had been asked to come, saying: "We are in touch with our partners, and notably our European partners, on this question".

    Mogherini's directors dealing with the Middle East from Morocco to Palestine and Iran have held talks on the subject.

    But EU foreign ministers did not discuss Bahrain when they met in Luxembourg on Monday and the EU has not coordinated member states' response to US invitations, a senior EU diplomat told EUobserver.

    The EU delegation will mingle with a mixed bag of guests at what the US has called the "Peace to Prosperity economic workshop" in Manama on 25 and 26 June.

    Kushner has promised a grand unveiling at the Four Seasons hotel of the financial part of Trump's wider "Deal of the Century" on the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict.

    The political part, on Palestinian statehood, is to follow in autumn.

    Arab states will lead participation, with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates to send official delegations.

    Kushner is bringing International Monetary Fund staff from Washington.

    He is also bringing the CEOs of US investment firms BlackRock, Blackstone, and Colony Capital and a senior executive from US investment bank Goldman Sachs.


    See that is what is interesting in Kushner Peace in war between Jews and Philistines is making a whole lot of money in costing Americans and Europeans billions, but peace has a higher price tag apparently, which does not make any sense, but this is the Kushner who prostituted his wife Ivanka for China, sold influence to the President for his family and sold 666 real estate in a real sweetheart deal.

    The nice touch is that this is the Marshall Plan of Trump Trans. Peace at the Kushner cost is Muslims paying American companies to rebuild the region. Rebuilding a region of terrorists to make them self sufficient terrorists who have oil revenue and probably things like Ford motor company and Apple computer manufacturing things to profit terrorists........oh and Goldman Sachs Jewish finance profits for all their investors.
    That is kind of unique in it sort of corporatism of terrorism.

    The Bahrain event comes amid EU and Palestinian concern that Trump aims to kick Palestinian statehood into the long grass in return for flashy infrastructure projects in Palestinian territories and other financial incentives.

    It has been dubbed a Marshal Plan for Palestine in Trump circles, by reference to US aid to Europe after World War Two, but the model is different, with Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia to sign cheques for US firms to rebuild the region.

    Palestinian leaders, Iraq, and Lebanon have boycotted the event and urged EU countries to do so in solidarity.

    China and Russia have boycotted it.


    Well of course China and Russia have boycotted as what kind of AK 47 bribes or Peking oil sales can compete with Kushner terrorists self funding.

    Meanwhile, Israel's finance minister, who was to come, later backed out, amid reports that Israel was keen for the event to be a damp squib.


    Ooops, the Jews are backing out, as Tel Aviv Jews are loyal to European Jews in the Rothschilds who want to own the Mideast, and are not at all loyal to Kushner Jews who are the Schiff's who want to own the Mideast, so now we have sort of like the Cold War or the Matso Ball War of European Jews and American Jews bidding on the same one of a kind item.

    But she also promised that when they crossed the picket line in Manama it would not amount to EU endorsement of a US alternative to a future Palestinian state.

    "Our Arab friends can count on the Europeans and the European Union to fully support their requests for ... the only sustainable and viable solution - that is the two-state solution," she said.

    Jerusalem should be "the capital of both the state of Israel and the state of Palestine", she added, after Trump backed Israel's 1967 annexation of the holy city by moving the US embassy there from Tel Aviv last year.

    "Participation at technical level at a workshop does not infringe on any of these very clear commitments", Mogherini said.

    So Jared Kushner's peace plan is based upon European Jews paying for it, American Jews making the money off of American companies, and by selling Philistines it is supposed to make more money in peace than in war.

    As the Europeans are not buying it, the reality is Jared Kusher's peace plan is going to not make the same profits as the war portfolio that Jews have been making money off of on Wall Street.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    So like is a Gaza Muslim a stock option or a dividend?


  • Jared Kushner the Trans Political Gender

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    As I look around from the glory of 2016 November in the year of our Lord Christ, in how the Trump Trans led by Jewry Jared and Ivanka Kushner, in their sabotaging and removing every loyalist, Christian, Republican and Defense Intelligence Operative, leaving only the Indiana Mafia of Mike Pence in control, there can only be one condemnation in the House that Trump Built, and that is the fact that Jared Kushner sold this President a foundation, on the muck of swamp land, and it reverts to every problem Donald Trump has manifested as President, and it continues on with Donald Trump making ridiculous statements that firearm silencers are a danger to be banned, when a suppressor is not any different than a car's muffler.

    The Lame Cherry stated before Donald Trump had his cabinet chosen for him on Kushner advice, that the problem which Bill Clinton had, was that he put into power too many ideologues for the Hamrod Clinton faction.
    It all began with Governor Mario Cuomo, taking up space in being considered for every position from Secretary of State to the Supreme Court, that Bill Clinton was then left with people who simply did not measure up. Les Aspen of Defense was one of the worst nominations, until of course one ponders the long list of horrid people that Jared Kushner fondled into place from Rex Tillerson, to Herbert McMaster, to Mad Dong Mattis.

    There has been little stability in this coup against Donald Trump, by design, and this President has veered further to National Socialism at each turn. It is to the point now that the Trump White House, has this shadowy group of thugs spouting off in a steamroller policy of failure, as the Bush, Clinton and Obama trolls troll him constantly for being the oaf who eats with his fingers at the table.

    If you look at everything foreign and domestic in Donald Trump's policies, they are all horrid. America is being invaded at home and being rolled back overseas.

    America has massive debt, massive spending, a burgeoning foreign population displacing the American population of property and resources in competition, as this Trump runs the credit card red of the United States, sucking American oil and gas out of this nation and dumping it subsidized to foreign nations, as inflation destroys Americans.

    None of this is by accident, but by design. I am not stating that Jared Kushner is some genius, because he is not. Jared Kushner is a putz in New York terms, as that is what New Yorkers refer to him as. Kushner though is a leftist who was lured into the sphere of Henry Kissinger, who has sound policies, but the scions of this were the same group which has always been working to subvert Donald Trump, and their advice to Jared Kushner in always seeming reasonable is advice designed to end MAGA, and MAGA has been obliterated.

    The Lame Cherry will provide you with an example of America's Beloved Ronald Reagan. President Reagan had a shining city on a hill vision, which Bill Casey shepherded through. It was cheap energy, jobs for Americans, strong industry and defense, and peace with the Soviet Union.
    Ronald Reagan created three decades expansion and wealth across the world, including South America.

    The problem was that the financiers of the cartel saw all of this, and let it happen, because they had their own agenda, which involved creating debt in South America to install Venezuelan communism to control all the resources there. This same cartel moved on America in the Dotcom Bust in sucking all that Ronald Reagan wealth out of the United States, and it was George HW Bush who made money cheap so Americans were stopped from saving money in banks.

    Donald Trump already had a plundered house which he inherited, as the Clinton's concentraged wealth, W Bush in his tax breaks created massive debt, which Europeans imploded to install Birther Hussein, who then looted the United States Treasury for foreigners and the concentration of wealth for the Nazi Conglomerates.
    Mr. Trump though fixed nothing, but increased the very cancers of debt, spending, inflation and centralized finance. As the Lame Cherry stated, Ronald Reagan provided the blueprint for fixing America, but Donald Trump at every Kushner turn only deepened Obama Marxism to transform Donald Trump the capitalist to Trump the National Socialist. Nazism is the state control of an economy, managed through centralized authority of conglomerates, while forcing employment, using foreign labor to subsidize the system, as the police state expands it's intimidation of the citizenry.
    Those are the facts in Donald Trump is a Nazi by defintion of his regime and policy. His policies will completely wipe out the Prostestant White and Black Christian majority in the United States in 40 years, leaving only ghettos of Americans, surrounded by the hordes of these foreigners.

    Not one person in this, has pointed to the real threat all of these millions of Trump foreigners bring, and I speak not of disease or crime, but the cancer they are, as they consume resources.
    The United States does not have the water to provide for 200 million more of these foreigners drinking and bathing. The United States does not have the oil and gas to power these foreigners in cars or heating homes. A 500 million population in the United States will look like Indian sewer Ganges as the system will break down. When the United States is running a 2 trillion dollar deficit in Eurasian Trade, it will be 5 trillion with this many more Mexicans and Muslims eating this nation alive.

    The United States simply can not exist with this foreign population eating this nation from within, and no one save this blog is pointing out this reality. There simply is not land, housing, or construction materials for this kind of exploding population.

    It simply does not help in an Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of the CIA, giving a pretty face to communism, with the rest of that flesh eating lot, speaking of 10 to 50 trillion dollars in new spending for a green world, with the reality is that money is not there. That kind of money can not be borrowed or the dollar will be worth negative 1000 dollars for every dollar. There is not enough oil to sell, and the United States does not produce in manufacturing or e data enough tax revenue to pay for this program. This is all known, and is part of the political realignment from American Republicanism to Nazism of the feudal few in charge of all, but AOC would literally eat the United States to the bedrock in order to build a falling tower of green which can not sustain itself.

    Mitt Romney is part of this destruction of the Republican party as is Donald Trump. Romney with his Bush carbon tax is the transformation of the Republicans into a leftist party as the British and Canadians term their "right", but they are nothing but socialists.

    It all though returns to Jared Kushner in the disaster he is for President Donald Trump. It is a disaster that his fellow Jew in Stephen Miller, simply can not provide enough conservative input to overcome the Trump presidency having fallen off the Kushner Kliff.

    Below is a partial list of the failures of Donald Trump, and each of these failures has had Jared Kushner sticking his cock into the nethers of these policies, only to find out his small penis can not penetrate to the womb to impregnate a solution, so all that is left is another sloppy mess for Americans to be slimed with.

    In reality, Jared Kushner is the Jimmy Carter of failures for Donald Trump. While James Carter as President had his sabatoge man in Zbigniew Brzezinski creating global disasters over Human Rights, Kushner's idea of human rights is bringing all the vermin to America while blowing up the rest of the vermin who are not rich Jews or Arabs in Eurasia, as he sells the soul of the world to the dictatorship of China.

    When Jared Kusher removed all of the Trump Christans and Loyalists in 2016 AD in the year of our Christ, it set the stage for the continuous failures of Donald Trump, and the reality is America can not survive under these Kushner policies of Nazism any more than the ACC policies of communism which is the democratic party.

    Read the list of the Trump disasters. This is nothing to be shunned, ignored or made excuses for. It is something to demand that real solutions, Christian Conservative solutions be implemented, as when this course does not change, it will bring world war.

    The disaster with Mexico.
    India Trade Wars

    Kusher's policies in China.

    South and North Korea.


    The Israeli state


    The US economy - Gary Cohn

    Pissgate, his travel with Ivanka to the Balkans on August 6th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, was supposed to shut down all of this, but it instead framed the President.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I miss Sarah Hucakbee Sanders explaining things, even if she is not gone yet to become Governor of Arkansas, because just the other day, Donald Trump lied to his supporters again about cracking down on deporting illegals, in another Conservative Treehouse 8 dimensional chess maneuver to Art of the Deal with Democrats.

    Saturday, June 22, 2019

    Donald Trump Threatens To Deport Illegals.......then Rescinds Order

    Now after it appears that Donald Trump was not protecting Mexicans like he was deporting Muslims in Tehran, but he was really protecting ICE agents, because the evil media posted how ICE operations were going to be conducted, as ICE agents were in danger.......I guess of being murdered by Mexicans.

    Ah there is a question in the below revelations by Director Mark Morgan which he did not explain in, as Donald Trump knew of the operation and details and ICE knew of the operation and details, so who was it that leaked to the press, as it was only Trump's people who had the information.

    As in Trump's people had to have leaked the information to the press to stop the deportations. That is really a criminal act of interfering with a federal officer in doing their jobs. The Bundy group were charged with this as everyone gets charged with this by the feds, and yet no one has brought that situation to light.

    ICE director tells Pirro real reason
    raids were halted. Confirms 'green light'
    to remove illegal immigrants
    Posted by Imright 6/23/2019 5:38:36 PM Post Reply
    Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Mark Morgan confirmed Saturday that blame for the unexpected delay in the agency's planned immigration raids partially rests with the media."The media got a hold of some operational specifics, and they reported it," he said to Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro. "It's egregious and it puts the lives of the officers and agents at risk. The men and women at ICE are true American heroes. The president recognized that. He postponed it to protect them." He issued the confirmation hours after President Donald Trump announced an unexpected two-week postponement of immigration raids that were originally slated to occur Sunday.

    Yet preceding the Trump rescinding of orders to save ICE agents from murderous Mexicans who are so murderous they are a threat to ICE agents, but not so much that they can be left in America two more weeks endangering everyone.......yes another detail that seems to not fit what is being released to the press at this cover up moment.


  • jared kushner the politran

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The problem with American politics is the problem of world politic, in it is no longer lying politicians, but a world of manipulated, owned or assets of agencies across the globe, embedded in every political ideology in hijacking it, to create in the disturbance their own agenda.

    The problem is not the Right of the Left. The problem is the right and left have been betrayed by those implanted in it.

    This is a new breed of political creature.

    Transvestite: Receiving sexual gratification from wearing clothing of the opposite sex.

    Politician: A schemer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways

    POLITRAN: A political entity who engages in subterfuge to promote their agenda while wearing the clothes of another political movement.

    The examples below are akin to Al Gore and Bill Clinton being pro life and pro straight once, and how anti Christian the rulings of John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch are in promoting sodomy.





    This is the realm of the politran, entities who have the propaganda of being open minded, when the reality is, their votes will surprise anyone, as much as Barack Obama being pro Wall Street and Donald Trump pro invasion, due to the reality that they are never their own persons, but persons instead owned by the masters behind the shadow screen.

    Everything wrong with the body politic of the world all traces to these political creatures, who are opportunists who have sold their souls long ago. Does communism allow for a perpetual dictator? The answer is NO and yet there is Xi, dictator for life.

    The great Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was a right wing nationalist, until he obtained power and then was a National Socialist obliterating the right and the left, to welcome the Greens as his destiny.
    There is nothing in Donald Trump which is of 2016, no more than Bill Clinton was a protector of Unions as he destroyed them and shipped jobs overseas. The body politic simply does not trust any political leader as time and again, these leaders implement the exact opposite of policies their constituents built their identity with.

    Jared Kushner is the most prominent focal point of the politran which the public is familiar with. The left detests him as a traitor and the right does not trust this fraud. Each step of the way in the politran is one where they embed themselves in a political movement to promote their politics as they clothe themselves in the movement in power to achieve their results.

    Much of this mirrors the words of Mother Rothschild in, "There is never a war unless my sons profit from both sides".

    That power is the ideology and loyalty, not of the right or the left, but that which serves this cultuss of the politran movement.

    For the most part, each of you reading this, right or left, instinctively knows the people in your movements which you do not trust. Those are the politrans, the useful tools, the willing conduits, who produce the same feudalist mandates no matter of conservative or liberal are in power.

    It is not conservatives in liberal parties, or liberals in conservative parties. It is a completely diverse agenda creating insane policies as the democrats replacing Blacks with Mexicans or republicans replacing Christians with sodomites.

    This is the politran.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The reality is the long knives are out for John Bolton in this time of another Iranian Crisis, and that is not what the United States need in this time of the Cloak and Dagger Renaissance of Trump Trans, maneuvering to be the next acting president in Trump WWE Re election Theater.

    A senior White House official told CNN Thursday 'it's Bolton vs. Trump on how to proceed...Trump does not want conflict. Pompeo, Pence, Esper are 'swing votes.' Pompeo is 'a triangulator...the goal is re-establishing deterrence, but that is still very risky.'

    It is always remarkable that traitors in the United States inform American adversaries, the exact workings of the current President, in Sean Homo Hannity is not getting the cuddle calls, but instead Tucker Carlson of the Mitt Romney wing of the GOP is the Trump advisor of the moment, a we now are informed that the lying cheating former CIA Director in Mike Pompeo who lied to Trump for the Ivanka Tears Tomahawk chop attack on Syria, has Vice President Mike Pence sniffing his ass, as Esper joins in with the "Let Trump Take The Blame" as we offer wait around the whore house advice, as John Bolton is isolated on his pressing of Iran to gain a solution.
    The end result is Iran has just been informed that Pompeo, has supplanted Vice President Mike Pence and his sock puppet Mark Esper of the Pentagon in a DETERRENT strategy.
    Deterrence like the Cold War, means Americans are bled around the globe of money and blood, while the Soviet Union creates problems for the United States while becoming more dangerous. Deterring Iran, leaves an Iran with ample oil, nuclear weapons, projections of power, terrorism, and nuclear armed allies of China and Russia against the United States. That is exactly sleeping with a loaded nuclear weapon under Jew York City.

    For those who require an explanation of why I use the term Jew York City, it is not anti Semite, but the fact that the greatest concentration of Jews in the United States, which Tel Aviv detests as they want a say as to what happens in the Jewish State, are in New York City.
    Muslims attack New York City, not for finance alone, but because of Jewish finance, and as a way to strike at international Jewry, without hitting nuclear Israel. The prime target of Iran are the financial stronghold of America which houses the concentration of Jews, in order to inflict as much real damage on its two adversaries in one blow.

    As the Pompeo Patricians perform the 3rd coup on Donald Trump in this faggot mafia of Pence from Indiana on the inside and Lindsey in the gay ear Graham of the Carolina mafia on the outside, America has had designed for it the exact policy the cartel desires, and that is to wait around for Iran to be blamed for making a nuclear strike on America. This is the old communist Franklin Delano Roosevelt doctrine in pissing on Germans and Japanese to prod them in sanctions and bombings to attack the United States, so the unwilling American Citizen would be forced into a war that Roosevelt's cronies desired.
    Pompeo deterrence will bring a nuclear attack on the United States as certain as the corner Obama painted John Bolton into, as Iran has nuclear weapons.

    That is the great blunder of Conservative Victor Davis Hanson in his analysis of this situation and stating that the United States has all the cards in this Iranian Gambit.

    Of course, Tehran may try to stir up trouble with Israel through its Syrian and Palestinian surrogates. Iran may in extremis also stage terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States. And it may lie that it has already developed enough fissionable material to launch a nuclear missile.

    Hanson after making the ludicrous judgment of America holding all of the cards, then states the fact that Iran may stir up trouble for the Jews. MAY, is ignorant in Mr. Hanson's debate as Iran has been stirring up trouble in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen with effective results.

    So Iran is already on the move, and Iran has sleepers across the globe, many in the United States and South America. For a refresher Vice President Dick Cheney in the final months of the Bush43 administration, unleashed hit teams on FARC in South America, the Narco Communists, due to the fact that Iran was attempting to sell them weapon's grade uranium for an attack against the United States.
    For this continued whistling through the nuclear graveyard, ignoring the realities of Nuclear Iran, it is of zero benefit to the security of the United States.

    For the facts:

    Iran has been refining nuclear material for 20 years.

    Iran has the Pakistani Dr. Khan cone shaped nuclear warhead.

    Iran's ally in North Korea, detonated nuclear devices, so Iran has nuclear warheads.

    History reported that after Bush41 and the Clinton's looted Russia after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the KGB sold Saddam Hussein one heavy nuclear warhead, too big for his Scud missiles and sold an assortment, numbering about one dozen artillery and warheads to Iran, as a deterrent to American in the nuclear Jewish region of Tel Aviv.
    In response to this, America signed off on Sunni Saudi Arabia funding the Pakistani nuclear bomb project to be armed with nuclear weapons without admitting to it, in order to deter Iranian Shia nuclear arms.
    In response to this. Iran with Russian assistance, began manufacture of the cumbersome Hiroshima type bombs, and have since upgraded to missile warheads.

    It comes to the point Victor Hanson stating that Iran may "lie" about having nuclear material is not the reality. Iran's allies have nuclear bombs, so Iran has nuclear bombs. Iran had enough material out of the Asian stans to offer it for sale to FARC. Iran has the material and Iran has been pissing on Donald Trump to goad him into attacking Iran to America's harm.

    This blog has posted on the American and foreign personnel were evacuated from Iraq. The reason is Patriot Missiles will shoot down Iranian missiles in the arc launched at Israel and they will fall in Iraq. As bunkers will protect embassy personnel from conventional attacks, that points to there is something on the Iranian Shahabs which are not conventional. in why America removed it's people.

    Those facts can not be changed even if everyone is whistling through the graveyard, as the Tucker Carlson faction wants to keep making Iran so desperate in sanctions, so that Iran will attack Jew York City.

    What is taking place is what Bill Clinton's mad general, Wesley Clark posted to Youtube in several Mideast nations were going to be toppled, and the last two are Lebanon and Iran, for the interests of the cartel. There is zero interest for the United States to be on Iran's doorstep as there is not any American national interest in Iran.

    The United States has enough oil and gas for 200 years as America has the largest reserves in the world. The Persian Gulf ships little oil, and ships mostly refined hydro carbon solvents. The oil and gas flow in pipelines across the land.
    Iran is facing a population implosion in the next few years. It has oil reserves, but it's oil production is lessening at 8% per year. It will soon not have oil to pay it's bills or keep it's people that Obama led out and helped kill off in his Iranian uprising, from a revolution.
    China is facing the same population implosion and has no resources. Russia faces a population decline, but has the resources.
    Time is on the American side if Donald Trump protected Americans as Sebastian Kurz of Austria has been protecting Europeans. Time is on the American side if Donald Trump would stop FDR policies to produce a nuclear attack upon the United States.

    The regime in Iran was installed by British MI6 as Jimmy Carter helped oust the Shah of Iran for Zbigniew Brzezinski Militant Islam to make war on the Soviet Union. That was in retaliation of President Eisenhower toppling the British control of Iran for the Shah. That is why Iran exists and no one has taken Iran out.

    Iran though has unique military problems for the United States. It has barely 72 hours of targets for America to hit, and then it will be bombing rubble. Iran has vast regions of rough terrain suitable for guerilla warfare. Striking Iran is easy, toppling it or holding it would be treacherous as Afghanistan.

    What is taking place now, is Iran is backed by Russia and China. It is in dire economic straights, but the regime will not be toppled. It will be pressured as Japan in the prelude to World War II, to being left with the only option of striking the United States in the lower 48, as the Americans have offended numerous factions and there are numerous factions who would prefer America was juggling a series of 9 11 events. That includes the coup plotters of London in Theresa May against America. The European Union. China and Russia. Iran is a convenient martyr in this and this is the real danger of the Trump policy in Obama allowed the nuclear fangs of Iran to become nuclear teeth, because the world is at that juncture again of massive debt, the need for realignment, hiding the cartel criminals, and cropping populations massively before they figure out to rise up and hang the scoundrels.

    Victor Davis Hanson appears to have a bi polar mind in this, in he keeps stating America holds the cards, but then states that Iran will escalate. If America had all the cards, Iran could not escalate. Mr. Hanson apparently knows he is spewing propaganda and lying, as he warns America to not go to war with Iran.

    But the truth is that America has all the cards and Iran none in its game of chicken.
    Because Iran is losing friends and money, it will have to escalate.

    America has been at war with Iran since the Jimmy Carter Hostage Crisis. America has bombed the Iranian Navy. America created Stuxnet computer virus for the Iranian nuclear industry. America under Bill Clinton covered up the Iranian downing of TWA flight 800, as Clinton did not want a hot war with Iran, because that would interrupt the black market bribes coming out of Iran for the cartel.

    The world is moving past all of that now, to a time of nuclear terrorism. Sanctions do not work when Iran is receiving succor from the Jews, gold from Venezuela, money laundering from Turkey to UAE, and cash from Europe and China, with weapons upgrades from Russia. That all indicates that the cartel desires a war to gain placement and to displace the United States as the mid 21st century dawns.

    Friday, June 21, 2019

    Donald Trump's Intelligence

    Everyone has their Mad TV Stuart Moment

    I have posted enough solutions in all of this that I will not repeat them. I was offended in the attempt to handle me for crumbs. I will not cheer lead incorrect policies that endanger the United States, as this President has not fulfilled one promise in what I expected in no one paying income taxes who earned under 50,000 dollars, a Constitutional Carry law, the end of Obamacare, and peace with Russia which would have solved 100% of the Iranian problem.

    I am through working for nothing and at this critical juncture of world history, the rich portfolio queens can deal with the consequences of not donating.

    I am done saving people who do not appreciate it and who have left me dead along side of the trail.

    Donald Trump will discover that the reasonable North Koreans are not the unreasonable Iranians, and that his policies are not Ronald Reagan's for peace, but FDR's for war.

    Nuff Said



  • From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

    There's really no way to sugarcoat this, so I'm just going to say it. Judgment is coming, and it's close. I keep getting these verses in my daily quiet time, over and over again. They've been coming up, consistently, several times a week, for months, and even more so over this past month, almost on a daily basis.

    "My wellbeloved hath a vineyard in a very fruitful hill:
    and he fenced it, and gathered out the stones thereof,
    and planted it with the choicest vine,
    and built a tower in the midst of it,
    and also made a winepress therein:
    and he looked that it should bring forth grapes,
    and it brought forth wild grapes." -Isaiah 5:1-2

    Who is the Lord Speaking about? The entire nation of Israel: the United States, the entirety of western Europe, and Judah.

    "For the vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel,
    and the men of Judah his pleasant plant:
    and he looked for judgment, but behold oppression;
    for righteousness, but behold a cry." -Isaiah 5:7

    This was the most recent verse from the Holy Ghost, given to me multiple times, from the past couple of weeks. He Knows who are His. There are precious few in this godless nation, but He has Promised to Save His own, and that Promise is something His children can hold onto in Faith for what is to come.

    "For Thou wilt save the afflicted people, but wilt bring down haughty looks." -Psalm 18:27

    Today's Bible reading was looking towards the future. The Remnant of Israel who is to live for the thousand years of Christ's Reign will never go hungry, nor will they suffer from disease, and all will be peace. I didn't realize until now that the trees bearing fruit every month were to be located here on earth and not just in Heaven, as the only reference I had ever read was in Revelation, until today.

    "And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine." -Ezekiel 47:12

    Now you know. Plan accordingly.

    God Bless, Keep, Protect, and Save those who are His.


  • No thanks Protestant on the laying on of hands,
    as Melania lays them Vatican hands on, and
    when she is not around there is E. Jean Carroll.
    as I got messiah Jared doing my miracles of healing forked tongues.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    It has been an amazing weekend for Donald Trump. First he stopped retaliating against Iran for destroying over 70 million dollars in American property at the last minute.

    And now Donald Trump within hours of deporting criminal invaders, has saved them from deportation.

    Trump delays mass deportation raids, seeks deal with Democrats #topNews reuters

    Maybe Jared Kusher is the messiah, as allot of miracles have been happening around Donald Trump, in Donald Trump is not saving Americans, but has saved American enemies in Iranian terrorists and raping, murdering Mexicans.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I really detest these fraud Republicans who are the GOP, from John Thune of South Dakota to the things that are in the House of Representatives as they have accomplished nothing for Americans.

    In stating that, there is one magnificent bright spot in the GOP and that is Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota. That woman is Ronald Reagan Blue State Conservative. She has returned gun rights to citizens, protected home schooling, set up a bounty program for protecting wildlife in promoting trapping and has told the Reservation communists to go sit on it, when they banned her from the Rez.

    Governor Noem is a remarkable woman.

    In stating that, I have high hopes that Sarah Sanders will be the next Republican Governor of Arkansas. This woman in the dark days of Trump Trans rose to excellence as being able to be a stabilizing force in the Trump Administration. Being able to handle horrid propagandists is a true mark of her intelligence, her ability to think on her feet, and her craft in being able to deal with Donald Trump and Ivanka, and not get fired.

    I stated this last year and state it again, in Sarah Huckabee Sanders, if she stays Reagan Blue, she should be President of the United States in 2024, replacing Mike Pence, as she is that good.

    I am not a supporter of her father in Mike Huckabee though, as back in the day, he was part of a GOP which was trying to be that Bush kinder and gentler, I remember a debate where the entire GOP field was stepping over each other trying to be compassionate to murderers and rapists in the death penalty. That kind of shit is nothing I am ever going to support or vote for, but in that, Sarah Sanders has shown she is not tepid like her father, but a real cut to the quick politician on the right.

    For too long, political candidates in America have been groomed. The Democrats suffer from this Vagina should be President Syndrome. The cast of women on the left from Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris to that New York blonde are all like gnomes on the lawn. They have no political movement, except screeching for more lewdness in new ways to murder babies or to sodomize their twats. That is not a candidate which can be voted for as President as that is not accomplishment, but affirmative actionless, raised by a leftist media.
    The same is the fact on the male side in perverted old white men, perverted young black and white men, are nothing of appeal in Left Hooker and Peter Buttbomber. It takes more than race and anal sex to be President, and Birther Hussein Obama proved that in spades.

    That is what makes it easy for real politicians to rise now, as the establishment has produced so many puppets on the string. There simply is not a political animal like Bill Clinton in the democratic side, to dethrone Donald Trump in these set up elections. On the right, there is a growing established group of women, who if Sarah Palin becomes an Alaskan Senator, would produce a field of Noem Republican women who would begin to rightly dominate the national political stage. These are women of accomplishment, not establishment GOP and have that Reagan quality which America would be ready for after Donald Trump gets done with 1600 Penn Avenue. Most would say that Sarah Sanders should be Pence's running mate, but I instead state that Sarah Sanders should be the GOP nominee in 2024 AD and she should pick her own running mate, and as Jorge Bush has his sites on a political future, he being a Conservative in the liberal Bush fam, would make an acceptable Vice President.

    We all have crappy parents and relatives. Jorge Bush should not be rejected because of Jeb and George.

    That is the reality which is building and Sarah Sanders would be a welcome Governor to Arkansas at this time in history for a the future of the United States.

    Nuff Said

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders may have dropped
    major clue she's running for office
    Posted by Imright 6/19/2019 3:03:51 PM Post Reply
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders may be following in her father's footsteps — with a run for governor of Arkansas, according to a report on Wednesday.The outgoing White House press secretary and those in her inner circle have been making calls to GOP donors and operatives in her home state, the outlet reports, as she begins to plan her first post-DC career move, Politico reported.Last Thursday, John Gilmore, political strategist for Arkansas' current governor, Republican Asa Hutchinson, tweeted that two websites that could be used for a campaign were registered anonymously on the same day in May, and' father, Mike Huckabee,

  • I think the Mideast should have another Dead Sea area in Iran
    and I have the fire and brimstone.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    For those who have not paid attention to this blog in Stephen Miller stepping out of the shadow of Jared Kushner in the necessary progression of Trump foreign policy becoming the Trump Doctrine, in President Donald Trump having his Harry Truman growth in having learned to "love atomic warfare", the Pentagon has published a working paper on using nuclear weapons.

    NUCLEAR weapons could still create "decisive results" and break stalemates during a war, Pentagon top brass have claimed.
    The ominous new document - since deleted - is called 'Nuclear Operations' and suggests military chiefs could once again use the weapons of mass destruction to "restore strategic stability."

    The Lame Cherry does not in the least place the responsibility on this issue on Donald Trump, as this blog has long advocated the Cherry Doctrine of in kind retaliation of "nukes for nukes" in United States policy. Iran being tailor made for this situation of the Trump Doctrine, in Iran has nuclear weapons, and in order to neutralize Iranian nuclear production, the United States should deploy bunker buster nuclear bombs, for the reason of sending a diplomatic message as Harry Truman did in bombing Japan, to keep the Soviet Union from invading the Japanese homeland.

    Nuclear pollution is a military doctrine, and nothing is more suited to ending nuclear and biological production than making a production site radioactive, so an enemy state will not attempt a rebuild.

    The US is even developing a low-yield ballistic missile which some fear is a move towards using nukes in future wars.
    The new weapon - the W76-2 - is a modification of the existing Trident warhead but with a much smaller blast range.
    The thinking is that, as the smaller W76-2 is likely to less devastating consequences, it is more likely to be used in anger.
    The White House has insisted the precision 'low-field' nukes will be a true deterrent, however.

    Tactical nuclear deployment is cost effective. A conventional war costs America one trillion dollars, but a select nuclear salvo costs an enemy a trillion dollars while America gains victory for a few million dollars. A nuclear pock mark polluting an enemy state is a global reminder to not play with nuclear weapons.

    The key in this is to strike before an enemy state in terrorism or pre deployment has weapons on location in the United States. In this, Donald Trump has kept his finger on the trigger too long.

    The Pentagon document quotes the cold war theorist Herman Kahn as saying: "My guess is that nuclear weapons will be used sometime in the next hundred years, but that their use is much more likely to be small and limited than widespread and unconstrained."
    Kahn was a controversial figure who once argued a nuclear war could be "winnable" and is reported to have provided some inspiration for Stanley Kubrick's film Dr Strangelove.
    The top level document was taken down from the Pentagon online site after just a week and is now only available through a restricted access electronic library.

    Nuclear war is indeed winnable, providing that Donald Trump had in economic policy had provided Americans the resources to build and stock their own disaster shelters. This he did not accomplish, so the survivors in a nuclear war would be those in the hinterland rural Conservative areas.

    This though is a war fighting doctrine, and not a deterrent. This is Trump's Big Stick as he stomps around like a bull in a China shop. Gone are the Theodore Roosevelt doctrine of walking softly and carrying the big stick.

    Steven Aftergood, who directs the project on government secrecy for the Federation of American Scientists.
    He said it "is very much conceived as a war-fighting doctrine -- not simply a deterrence doctrine, and that is unsettling".

    In the schematics of war games, the big picture is how deployment of nuclear weapons is viewed. Would nuking Iranian nukes, with Iran responding with nuking Jew York City be acceptable? The public in the short term with a wailing Nancy Pelosi and 2020 democrats would lament otherwise, but in that trillion dollar damage, would the message of the pawn of Jew York be a sacrifice which would so heighten the Russians and Chinese to fear, that they would not be aggressive, knowing America pulled the trigger and would pull it more readily on them. In effect, this scenario might save the world from a nuclear war in a mass exchange. The probabilities would relate to that as fire and brimstone smouldering in Iran is on the wind charts of Russia and China, reminding them of the dead zone they both coveted and is no longer a prize, as it would be impossible to deploy Russian and Chinese troops into Iran as they would desert.

    This blog as the last nuclear war expert in the field has been warning of this progression for the past years, and now rich people who should have been donating are finding their kryptonite stock portfolios are not going to keep them safe from what is already United States doctrine. It is a matter of short time before Donald Trump puts his John Hancock on it.

    Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    Mosaad Leaks: Donald Trump to bomb Iran

    It will just be a little nuclear bomb in Iran
    and then you can have a go at the Jews in New York.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    My Holy Ghost Bible reading this day was from the Prophet Ezekiel, whose message from God to the ancestors of America and the Peoples of the West, who have abandoned Christ for their sentence of hell, was one of dire warning, as Judgment was set then and is set now.
    Every person will be Judged by their actions and the fulfillment of the Christian requirements.

    Do they show obedience to Christ by keeping all of the Commandments of God, submitting to Christ as their Savior, while showing caring for others, or are the self indulgent liar who pretend they are Christians or deny Christ completely for their own devotion to their weaknesses?

    It is a simple reality and one which Americans, Western Europeans, Australians and the rest of the 13 tribes will be sentenced first, with the world which has denied Christ will be Judged last.

    God always referred to Ezekiel in a most base manner, in defining him as the Son of Dust. Jesus always referred to Himself in the same low state in His human incarnation, as all were formed by Christ out of the clay which He spoke into being, fashioned by His Hands, and breathed to temporal life on this world, with the intent that the living soul which God imparted by His Spirit into us, would be the prepared bed to which His Holy Spirit would be planted, upon the confession of Christ as Savior, to transform in growing to be eternal Spirit as God is.

    The Grace of Christ has been squandered shamelessly by the modern degenerate human. Christ stated as in the days of Noah, and that is how modern people are in they are so corrupt inside, so eternally dead, that in rejecting the Spirit of God and His Christ, there is not any remedy for them, but to be cast into the eternal consuming flame. Most of souls to be consumed, those of spirit to eternal torment as satan and demons are reserved, for they knew the Truth and rejected Life.

    Interestingly again, the crops of fertile America are being diminished, as there is no hunger for the Word of God, there will be a hunger in America and the West of expensive low grade food, where the corrupt will be starved with full stomachs as there is not any nutrition in the food and the time will come where the entire self absorbed consumption will leave them with nothing but bankrupt lives and bankrupt portfolios.

    Death is coming to the West and in the Four Horsemen of the Revelation, hunger begins, disease follows, the in that weakness appears war, and what is left is the grave and death.

    God informed Ezekiel the Prophet that the only people who would be spared of this Judgment were people so righteous, meaning obedient to God in keeping His Law and not being self absorbed animals, that they were like Noah, Daniel and Job.

    It is interesting in the waymark of these three men, in Noah was the lone survivor of the deluge who had to obey in years of work to build an ark while being persecuted by the world. Daniel was of a small group of captives, carried away to Babylon, where his life was constantly in danger, as he was forced to choose between his life or not denying God.
    Job was persecuted by satan, in his family was murdered, his possessions were destroyed, his health turned him into one large boil, and his wife told him to curse God, so God would kill him to end his suffering.

    What has not been explained is Noah, Daniel and Job, were all persecuted to their life being in peril. None had the luxury of a good life, but all were targets of the regime in power. All of them in this persecution, did not deny God, and all they carried away was the life God had provided them.

    Righteousness is not just being a moral person. Righteousness is proving by years of torment and danger, that you are loyal to God more than to your lusts and fears.

    Ezekiel the Prophet
    Chapter 14 Verses 13 - 14

    Son of man, when the land sinneth against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it:

    Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, saith the Lord GOD.

    When Samaria, which became the Lost 10 Tribes, or the Americans and the peoples of western Europe in exile as God lost their identity for purpose were Judged, the Assyrians appeared, in the modern Germans, and when the slaughter was over 1 in 10 Israelites from Samaria were alive, led away captive to an area around northern Iran, until they escaped into southern Asia, and began their trek west to where they are today.
    In those numbers, true Americans are being supplanted by foreign vermin deliberately today. So out of 310 million "americans", the population is probably at present 200 million Israelite Americans, and they are dying out by the thousands daily. In a like Judgment, what will be left in America will be less than 20 million people when this is completed. Those are numbers akin to the found of the United States. Those are numbers which reflect the Vision of George Washington, who was shown that in the third and final trial of America, after the Revolution, the Civil War, would come a gathering of the world against the United States, and only Christ intervening would keep America from being obliterated, and all that appeared afterwards was not metropolitan centers, but cottages.

    Men will become rarer than gold.

    God is Faithful and while the degenerates reading this who lie to themselves about being good people, have proven what they are. There has not been one rich person who stepped forward with a generous donation in years of me pleading, their knowing the death spiral here, our afflictions and poverty. It has instead rested on a few who have been steadfast, proving they are the righteous which God defines. This blog has an international readership. The long term statistics are in the millions of viewers and out of all the warnings, people stole from me in information, and only a handful proved they are God's. That mirrors the Inspired Words from God through Ezekiel the Prophet. Frankly, in what I experience, I think 20 million Americans surviving and that many in Europe is about 19 million more than will escape with the life God gave them.

    These are all lines not on a page, but lines in the sand, which in deliberate sin nations have crossed.

    The mother's grave seemed to collapse in the winter and TL and I had to fill it up again with four loads of soil. There was an odor of decomposition in the area, which seemed to end when we covered the grave up. I know what death smell like and I have had a great deal of death to scent this year in dead things due to your neglect. You are the sons and daughters of dust. You like pretending you will live forever, that people will care about you in death, but you will bloat like a rotted coon, in that same sour earth smell humans have, just not as sharp as rotting pigs.
    That is what the Holy Ghost revisited again in Jeremiah the Prophet, in a time I am not to mourn for my people, because no one will be there to bury them. Your relatives and friends you trust in will either be dead or be in hiding, as if it is warm you will bloat in a few days, and if cold you will slow bloat until the heat comes, then the blow flies will find the way in, if you dogs or cats are not eating on you, because they can't get out of the house you are in. You will leech out in an oval stain which will be black. If you are on the lawn, it will burn the grass black and yellow on the fringe. Your own juices will rot your clothes, and like your skin, pieces will cover your white bones and flutter in the breath of air.
    Canines will roll on you and carry off your bones in glee, but if people are around the stench will have them recoil as you are a foul smell and the remedy will most likely be cutting the carpet you are on, and dragging you out back, as survivors will need shelter.

    I have a cow to look at that you killed, that still has her hide on, as her calf died inside of her, before the vet had me shoot her, and she was so putrid nothing would eat her, including the maggots or coyotes. I get reminded of death a great deal, but it is a Prophetic reminder as what I have been persecuted with will be amplified against the enemies of God.

    Here am I, informing you of your future. The rich will have it far worse, as the poor still have an affinity of what matters in life in doing what is right. As a soothing, I do hope one day to ride horse upwind of the fields of the bones to glorify God for His Righteous Judgments. I see them everywhere I go in the matrix, everywhere like shattered toothpicks, as the wind echoes their death, but all is finally at peace as Judgment is done.

    Repent is the appeal, but you will not repent, as you would not change when you could, and now you are sealed.

    Dust off my shoes. The Lord seal your sins upon you.

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  • Everyone has their Mad TV Stuart Moment

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Donald John Trump is troubling in his psychological transparency.

    In the Friday events, this President reminded me of Corporal LeBeau on Hogan's Heroes in the episode To the Gestapo with Love, where women are used to question POW's, and LeBeau mentions that he used to play in a tunnel under the railroad station and one of his friends used to listen to overseas broadcasts.

    From this the Gestapo knew there was secret tunnel the resistance was using and one of their radio operators was in Paris.

    Donald Trump in attempting to look reasonable stated that Iran made a very big mistake in shooting down a US drone spying on Iran. For all the give and take on if the drone was over Iran or international air space, the reality is, if you are on a public sidewalk peering into a child's bedroom, that is a crime, and any nation having a spy plane peering in at them, has every duty to shoot the thing down.

    With that reality answered, there is a troubling revelation in the clairvoyant Mr. Trump, who stated he had "feeling" some turban head did something loose and stupid, and this was not a deliberate provocation by Iran.
    Donald Trump has zero insight on this, but just related that the NSA has intercepted Iranian secure line communications, which the NSA Farsi translators discovered was this revelation.

    Mr. Trump trusted his NSA signet, but ask yourself if you are Obama Iran, with Val-erie Jarrett raised there, John Kerry bows there and Obama worships Shia there, if Iran like most nations already knows the USA has hacked their communications, and after deciding to down a drone to provoke the United States, laid a clever information packet for the NSA to collect in, it was not the Iranians going postal, but just a crazy turban head.
    Project this out, that if Mr. Trump had bombed these worthless targets, Iran would have been the victim, as Iran knows the Obama assets would have been leaking the story to the New York Times and Washington Post, that it was a rogue lone wolf who shot the drone down and lunatic Donald Trump slaughtered hundreds of innocent Iranians, like the Syrian Tomahawk chop.

    Is that not a plausible reality in knowing the historical achievements of Iranian intelligence, being schooled by British MI6 and the Russian KGB?

    Trump told reporters on Thursday that Iran made a "very big mistake" but also said he had the feeling that it might have been the result of someone being "loose and stupid," rather than a deliberate provocation by Iran.

    Mr. Trump was full of revelations of American intelligence as he has informed every American enemy, that he has a moral threshold of not killing the enemy to protect the United States. 150 Iranians for a drone was too much for Donald Trump to pull the trigger in this psyche, and he wanted to be fawned over in making this great Trump moralism on display.
    In addition, the President states that Iran can not have nuclear weapons. This conveys that Iran has nuclear weapons as has been reported. It also bring the wrap around conclusion that what was on Mr. Trump's mind was not saving Iranian lives, but he has been checked in knowing Iran has nuclear warheads and will use them.

    "... I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not ... proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world," Trump said. "Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have Nuclear Weapons, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!"

    In forensic psychology, it is a probable which was on the President's mind was indeed the 150 dead would be too many Iranians dead, as this act would provide Iran the cover to retaliate with those nuclear weapons, killing far more Americans, and Americans would then demand to know from this President how incompetent he was in allowing a nuclear attack upon America.

    Donald Trump stated what was on his mind. Too many dead Iranians would produce Iranian nuclear weapons against the United States.

    As this blog has educated the non donors and the good people who have donated, people are always telling you what is on their mind and Iranian nuclear weapons against the United States was on this President's mind. It matches what this blog reported in Americans were removed from Iraq, because Iranian missiles shot down in being fired at the Israeli state would fall in Iraq, and as Iraq has bunkers, there must be something on those missiles which would harm Americans still in bunkers. The conclusion is WMD nukes or bios.

    So Donald Trump's intelligence has a majority probability that he has been led by the Iranians in their goading him. Iran planned the downing of the drone, and for cover it is in the statistical probabilities that Iran gave themselves cover, by blaming a lone wolf, and knowing Obama NSA would leak what a madcap Donald Trump was in killing Iranians over a mistake.
    In that the probabilities are that Donald Trump was not a humanitarian moralist, but instead Donald Trump blinked over Iranian nuclear retaliation over America bombing Iran over a drone.

    This would be more palatable if Sabrina Scharf had been involved, but without even Ivanka to behold, all we have are the grey matter of this President revealing things which confirm other US actions as in evacuating Iraq and the United States was perhaps 10 minutes away from having it's planes shot down by Iranian upgraded S 300 missiles.

    It all could have been as Donald Trump said, the problem is what Donald Trump was thinking, in how it connects to known United States preparations and reactions. The Iranians knew the Americans would come when they shot down the drone. They were ready and Donald Trump was being played by Tehran.

    Donald Trump revealed NSA intelligence signet. Donald Trump was not being moral. That was cover for blinking, and was he blinking over US causalities over Iranian Super 300's, Iranian nuclear warheads deployed, or was it both with 10 minutes to spare.

    Every intelligence agency in the world knows Donald Trump blinked, now they are factoring in all of the above in how to exploit that blink.

    "We should probably drop a couple of nuclear devices on Iran by that logic absolutely. They kill people, we should kill more people," Kennedy said sarcastically before Schoen accused the host of mocking him. At that point, co-host Greg Gutfeld interjected, adding levity to the situation.

    ....and the collective thought of the matrix fills the minds of the willing with events to manifest.

    Once again another Lame Cherry forensic psychological examination of statements with more information than all the other media combined, again.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I was watching the weather from NOAH in storm tracking and I noticed something which does not appear, again this HAARP or perhaps someone is receiving a much deserved recompense of hell storms in the American interior for being evil to us.

    Anyway, look at the storm over the American center. Do you see those two red comma clouds hanging off of it? That is impossible, as impossible as there is not any rotation as in the cloud over Montana, but this creature is moving due east, and trailing two wind sheer lines, or more to the point, progressing a sheer line, and a wind sheer line is following. That does not happen in storms ever in squall lines like this, but it is a massive amount of energy being released, in rain, hail, high winds and it appears that one punch was not enough, but two should scorch the earth.

    From what HAARP is promising, the heat will start pressing into the American center again this weekend. It is amazing in HAARP had that hook cloud over Montana hanging in North Dakota most of yesterday, pissing nothing to the wind. It is too cold and dry Canada up north for any storms, but the heat is moving north. For now the Kansas plains are hosting this shit weather, deluging the wet midwest to drown out and keep the last of the crops from being planted, and further delay growth.

    I am amazed at watching this map move though as the Montana storm moved west which is impossible and the Kansas storms are blasting straight east.
    That river of water flowing out of Colorado is going to be interesting, not so much for the Dakotas, but after it gets out of Minnesota, it should make life interesting in Ohio.

    The red commas of Missouri in the above though are the anomaly in this Lame Cherry exclusive. I hope those apostate bastards of Kansas City don't have an ark to save themselves as they are a sodom region deserving of Biblical storm in acts of God.

    That wraps this up, as I have a nice walk planned in getting away from this in eating an apple with TL.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    With Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on the Sherlock Holmes trail of who has been attempting to perform a Donald Trump coup on him, in sending bogus emails to frame him for the Heinz Christian Strache, frame up, which brought down the Austrian Government, Herr Kurz is not alone, as Heinz Christian Strache has been busy in the polls and revealed a most interesting revelation from Austrian Intelligence and Security.

    What Herr Strache stated is that the Austrian services are focusing on..........

    Wait for it.....

    FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE services which set up Herr Strache and led to the coup against him, and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

    In security circles, as it has been communicated to EURACTIV, it is now assumed that the person behind the video could have been part of foreign secret services.
    This person could be part of the French, US or even the Israeli secret service. France, because it is concerned that right-wing populists could get a grip on government. The US because they fear Russia's influence on Europe. And finally Israel, which is generally critical of Europe's shift to the right.

    This is significant as the Lame Cherry exposed this first, but at this point Herr Strache has produced more information in Austrian security services is focusing on France, the United States, Jewish Mosaad. It may be one nation or a combined effort, which literally conspired, colluded and obstructed the Government of the ally of the United States in Austria.

    Apparently the gravity of what the above means has not hit you yet, in this was a criminal act. This was an act of war. This was an operation which mirrored the one against Donald Trump, and the significance of this is, is Donald Trump just got his GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD in the closing of the Mueller investigation. If Austria or someone else has building information that the Trump CIA just repeated what John Brennan engaged in, in treason by conspiring with British, Australian, Canadian, Italian and Jewish intelligence sevices against Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump will have his veneer of innocence removed from him, and this will topple him in the 2020 primary or Presidential election.
    If Donald Trump had any inkling of this operation, he will be indicted on this and that will bring prison.

    Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has already revealed that he suspected a Bill and Hillary Clinton operative from Romanian, a Jew collaborator named Silberstein who had meddled in elections in Austria, Ukraine and brought down Benjamin Netanyahu. With what Austria security is focusing in on currently, there is a certainty that this John Brennan / Obama / Clinton infrastructure was at work in Austria by the people named. Certainly Mosaad was involved and with the Austrians suspecting France, it is certain that the French CIA of Emanuel Macron, was this time the operational front against Austria, as MI6 was the front for the operation against Donald Trump.

    Below is a most interesting series of posts from the Gates of Vienna blog as it tracks the time events of this coup in Austria. It is a fact that this recording of Strache was over a year old, but it was hinted at as knowledge by a comedian named Jan Böhmermann, before any of this broke that he was with Strache in the villa when this took place. Böhmermann is the person who gained celebrity for reciting a lewd poem about the dictator of Turkey in Erdogan.

    I will highlight the pertinent parts, but what is developing is an absolute connection of an intelligence operation against Austria, with George Soros ties, and a group of assets who give out an award named for American spymaster Vernon Walters.

    President Donald Trump had better blessed certain get his P's and Q's in order on this one, as this started with Mike Pompeo, who is currently Secretary of State, when he was the head of the CIA. Pompeo foolishly stated the CIA lied, cheated and stole in bragging about the CIA. With this information, concerning all Donald Trump was put through, his CIA repeated the footsteps of John Brennan in 2016, but this time unleashed a most hideous operation against not just European ally in Austria, but this was all designed to influence the 2019 European Parliament elections, toward the Black Jesuits who were allied with Steve Bannon in Euro Nationalism against Sebastian Kurz, the Germans, the Pater Pope and the will of the European people.

    Donald Trump's Bedfellows, his Bettgenossen, have created an international scandal and an act of war against Europe.
    After reading the information below, there is not any doubt that the American CIA knew exactly what was being initiated in Austria as John Brennan was employing the same types of stooges to go after Donald Trump.

    After the rebuff of Donald Trump of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz for a Vienna Summit with Vladimir Putin, all of this looks like a melding of the John Brennan conspirators wed to the Mike Pompeo leadership of CIA, in full coup mode against the Habsburgs, Sebastian Kurz and Heinz Christian Strache to keep Europe an American colonial puppet.

    This is more serious than the charges against Donald Trump in collusion with Russians, as this is coming during his tenure, his rebuff of Austria, Steve Bannon colluding in Europe and this is tracking to the American CIA and NSA who certainly knew of the operation against Austria and Europe with intent.

    The question is now, what did CIA Director Mike Pompeo know and did he inform Donald Trump?

    Someone just posted that. So we have a journalist that has knowledge about it in advance, Jan Böhmermann.

    00:10 about the video. He made references to it at an award ceremony this past April. He made innuendos.
    00:20 In fact he said, just a moment... Böhmermann said in a thank-you speech at the awards on Austrian television a month ago,
    00:34 in April: I'm pretty high on cocaine and Red Bull hanging out with a bunch of FP-- CEO friends in a Russian oligarch's villa in Ibiza,
    00:40 and negotiating if and how I can takeover the Krone Newspaper so I can take control the forces of opinion in Austria.

    00:50 He copied the exact content of the Strache video. Then the day before everything came out, he said,
    01:00 "Tomorrow Austria might burn, you'll be surprised." So it's pretty clear he knew about it. What we see here
    01:12 is classic secret service work. So Jan Böhmermann is also responsible for the Reconquista Internet.

    02:01 The Southern German newspaper (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Spiegel TV.
    02:07 Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel TV are part of the Netzwerk Recherche (Network Research, German version of Media Matters)

    In the meantime, the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Netzwerk Recherche are working together again.
    02:51 So with a governmental institution. The government is pretty much the intelligence service. So it's clear, they work together.

    03:03 At the time the Bild newspaper wrote: "Even at the association's founding ten years ago there were unusual procedures
    03:10 in Leyendecker's finances. He was offered a donation of a million German marks from a secret friend from the United States.
    03:16 According to the internal protocols of the association, he was to give the potential donor his word of honor to promise
    03:24 to not to name the donor. Who is the current chairman of the Network Research?
    03:30 The former Spiegel editor-in-chief, Georg Mascolo. Georg Mascolo, has of course received various prizes,
    03:43 and is a member of The Atlantic Bridge
    . The Atlantic Bridge is an intelligence organization, not officially, but
    03:52 in all my books and in other authors' books it is explained as well. So the Atlantic Bridge is of course secret service,
    04:01 or it is at least involved. You could probably say it is controlled by the secret service.
    04:09 The Atlantic Bridge even gives out an award named after a secret-service man (Vernon A. Walters).
    04:13 So Mascolo is also a member of the "Core Group" of the Munich Security Conference. (Already scrubbed from the wiki page on him)
    04:17 The Munich Security conference is practically the meeting of intelligence agencies.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • "Do you believe that the Failing New York Times just did a story stating that the United States is substantially increasing Cyber Attacks on Russia. This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our Country....."

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Never mind for a moment that Donald Trump has been leaking to the CIA asset New York Times from day one, because this is more than the typical Trump WWE diversion for politics as, America now is involved in Jew Wars, in the Jewish owned Donald Trump by Tel Aviv Kushners, had the Jew owned Wall Street Journal of Rupert Murdoch, editorialized by the Jew owner of the New York Times in Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, who makes a point in his Wiki bio that he is only a little Jew, as he does have that Christian stuff in his veins too.

    The President calling the New York Times treasonous over posting an article which stated that the CIA is sabotaging the Russian electric grid, and Donald Trump has not been informed, is a treasonous matter. It also is a matter that Sulzberger leaked additional information as quoted by Vanity Fair, as the ramp this up in trying to make this 'Little Don of New York being a bully to those CIA papers brainwashing Americans."

    Why has it been American policy to expose her people to mass slaughter, and when it has not taken place, to entice Russia to launching a first strike. Just who is it that is engaged in ridding the world of the American race?

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have been puzzled since the interview we had with Homeland Security in August of 2016 just what it was all about, in what they explained to me was that the New York FBI office was the one which dispatched them to the middle of nowhere on a wild goose chase, concerning remote viewing, a subject that never gets anyone on Rense or Coast to Coast interviewed.

    What caught my attention in this, in trying to protect America and being one of four media supporters of Donald Trump how I had the same reaction that Journalist Art Moore had of World Net Daily when federal officers appeared on his doorstep.

    I wondered just what it is, that a person's first thought on seeing federal agents is that you think they are Jehovah's Witnesses. I honestly was trying to access if this was some insurance salesmen or Witnesses, when they floored me in informing me they were from Homeland.

    'Scorched Earth': Mueller's Targets Speak Out
    Posted by earlybird 6/20/2019 5:44:07 PM Post Reply
    Veteran journalist Art Moore was editing a story on the Trump-Russia probe last October when he heard a knock at the door. He saw a couple of men in suits on the front porch of his suburban Seattle home and thought they were Jehovah's Witnesses making the rounds. But they weren't missionaries there to convert him; they were FBI agents there to interrogate him, sent by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The G-men wanted to talk about WikiLeaks, specifically whether the Trump campaign had any connection to the hacktivist group's release of thousands of emails stolen from Hillary Clinton's campaign during the 2016 election.

    The thing is Art Moore and Joseph Farah, who had a stroke afterwards were interviewed in October 2018, but my interview was over 2 years earlier. What I think part of it was, as Homeland had obtained our ISP out of ATT, meaning home address, and they had TL's driver's license printed up, was that there had to be court orders involved and a great deal of research, as Homeland already knew there was nothing to being sent to talk to me, except the talking to me was supposed to send a message to me from someone else.
    The part of it is in remote viewing, the matrix kept stating that Obama was working through other agencies, and cutting the FBI out of the loop. As we have discovered over the past 3 years, Obama via Susan Rice, had John Brennan of CIA, running an operation which was cutting the FBI out of the loop, but using the FBI as a cover.
    That is what it appeared to me at ground base, in the FBI was trying to figure out how I was reporting on a threat to America they were aware of, but were not completely aware of, as Obama was hiding part of it, as was the case of Chris Stevens in Benghazi which was about his kidnapping and resulted in his murder to cover up Obama giving arms to terrorists in Syria.

    The two FBI agents -- cyber-crimes experts Jared Brown and Aleks Kobzanets, the latter of whom had a Russian accent -- grilled Moore, an editor for the news site, for about 90 minutes. Among other things, they asked about former WND correspondent Jerome Corsi and whether he had any advance knowledge of WikiLeaks' dumps of Clinton campaign emails. Corsi, who is friendly with the president, had used Trump confidante Roger Stone as a source during the campaign.
    "They were clearly on a fishing expedition," Moore said, recounting the incident to RealClearInvestigations publicly for the first time.

    I think in all of this the connecting thread is that Jamie Gorelick compartmentalizing of intelligence and security for the Clinton crimes, went overboard under Obama, and an intelligence group was going to shut it down. That is where the Missing Link appears in setting all of Russiagate up. That is what Robert Mueller was protecting as the FBI was out chasing down people who may have known who the ML was.

    Weeks earlier, two other agents had shown up -- also unannounced -- at the suburban Virginia home of his boss, founder and editor Joseph Farah, asking similar questions about WikiLeaks. They focused on staff editorial conference calls Corsi had joined in August and October 2016. They asked who normally edited the stories filed by Corsi. Farah mentioned Moore, and another team of agents was deployed to Gig Harbor, Wash., where Moore works from home.
    Not long after the interrogation, the 64-year-old Farah suffered a stroke and is still incapacitated. His nationally syndicated column has been suspended indefinitely as he undergoes therapy.

    Without understanding the reaction of the FBI in being played by Obama, I was focused on what the matrix was revealing in what was taking place. I just happened to bump into the operational structure which would mutate into the Brennan sponsored Russiagate.

    I was just amused that like Art Moore, I had no idea the federal government would want anything to do with me for just writing things and my first reaction was how to politely get rid of Jehovah's Witnesses or Insurance people, and then thinking it was some bad joke in being informed the feds were on my doorstep.

    You can witness who were a part of this original operation, as Lindsey Graham of the Carolina mafia has risen to the surface as much as Mike Pence has skated clean. I am convinced in all of this, that Russiagate at the hidden part of this, was an intelligence operation meant to flush out an MI6 overthrow of the United States interests in their installation of Birther Hussein. The adults in the room were going to protect their sphere, and that is where Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning all appeared in being anti Hillary leftists of the Obama orb, who sent this whole thing chasing it's tail in Russiagate.
    There was so much criminal nuance going on with Eric Holder in Gun Runner, Boston Bombing, Propane Tank Bomber, Cali Wildfires, and the FBI was being kept out of the loop in different districts that what I posted from remote viewing confirmed a sore spot in the FBI, so I was to be intimidated in whatever was really going on.
    It does make me wonder at times why of all the remote viewers on all these programs, they never get visits, and yet I did.

    I keep hoping rich people will donate, so we can get our place, and that way these federal people will not have to pay attention to me, as the blog will be mostly on God things, and things like building ponds, raising heirloom corn and trapping.
    See those in power could just pay me off, and they would not have to suppress the numbers to hide this blog, but they or their auxiliaries have not, as they must want this poor orphan girl tripping some wires as a diversion for some reason.

    Serious ending to this, and no shit Charlie Chan man. Since Homeland came here and I thought they were Witnesses, the Jehovah's Witnesses have not appeared here again, even after the mother went tits up, and some of her nutty relatives were JW's, so they always appeared when people died to try and recruit you.

    So that begs the question of......just how many Jehovah's Witnesses are really FBI agents using the cult as a cover, in order to gather intelligence on people.

    What would be a better cover, eh.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The Viking wrote and I have suggestion.

    Dearest Sisters,
    Back to work on Monday with the choice of taking a job which has turned out to be ten hours of walking around all day picking parts with feet that are proving to be not up to that rigor at this time, anyway, or accepting four months of severance pay, leaving the girls of course without company health insurance, as I would be on Medicare, and wondering if I can get past the point of having to say to the powers that be, "I can't do this right now." Trudging around on feet which are on fire is not conducive to thinking clearly about what you are supposed to be doing, I've also noticed. There is no falling back on common courtesy here either, as things are all business, and they don't like me anyways, so not so sure about the ramifications here.
    But then again, there's always God, and His Love (what a respite that thought creates...). I guess we'll have to see how it goes.

    With love,The Viking
    (Just so you know)
    And then again, looks like the whole picture could be changing soon anyways, eh?

    Would it be possible to phone your physician to receive a disability waiver and be like Paul Manafort in wheeling around in a wheelchair at work? Companies might be horrified in Minnesota of trying to get rid of someone protected by the American Disabilities Act as St. Paul, the government, tends to appear in heavy handed measures.
    Whatever you decide, document the feet before work, and if any problems there are photos of injuries.

    Also I think Dr. Scholls has a foot thing you step on which evaluates your feet like a car on a hoist, to recommend the padding in footware to help.

    Dr. Scholl's Kiosk Finder for Custom Fit Orthotics | Dr. Scholl's

    The Dr. Scholl's ® Custom Fit ® Kiosk uses FootMapping ® technology to gather different measurements of your feet and recommend the Custom Fit ® Orthotic Inserts that are right for you. HOW DOES IT WORK? It uses 2,200 pressure sensors to create your unique FootMap. WHAT DOES IT MEASURE? Your arch type, foot length and pressure points. WHY

    God bless you Viking.

    See the problems you non donating rich people cause in the domino effect of your selfishness.



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The Islamocommunists of Iran have been goading President Donald Trump to attack them. Their recent foray into this was shooting down a United States drone to prove they can knock these tin cans out of the sky. The problem in this is the American President has telegraphed weeks ago that he has drawn a line in the sand concerning Iranian aggression, and now Donald Trump has tweeted and informed the Iranians that they have made a VERY BIG MISTAKE.
    In Trump speak that is a declaration that he is about to bomb Iran with the lethal measures which Mosaad leaked to the Jerusalem Post, with the intent of warning Iran, so America would fail,which would bring about additional American bombing, beyond nuclear facilities.

    Trump Says Iran Made 'Big Mistake' Shooting Down U.S. Drone
    "Iran made a very big mistake!" President Donald Trump said on Twitter Thursday morning. Iranian media said the a...

    Donald Trump has everything to lose in this.Nancy Pelosi has been harping about Mr. Trump being required Congressional permission before he attacks Iran. If Mr. Trump bombs without Congress signing off, then Mr. Trump is faced with this:

    He will fail in small scale bombing of just Iranian facilities as Iran will continue developing more nuclear weapons.

    He will fail in attacking Iran as Iran will retaliate.

    Once this is understood if Mr. Trump fails in Iran shoots down US munitions, then he is humiliated and Nancy Pelosi has her grounds to impeach a crippled President. If any Americans die, the will be Joe Biden's martyrs to the White House in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord.
    If Iran retaliates or someone retaliates in the name of Iran, in nuclear devices detonating in the United States, Donald Trump will be judged a pariah and rejected by the electorate.

    Mr. Trump has everything to lose in this attack and Iran, Russia and Pelosi have everything to gain. Those are the facts.

    Mr. Trump has violated another of his campaign promises in alerting an enemy before attack. He excoriated Birther Obama over this, and now he has violated his promise.

    The Jews who are coordinating off of this like Pissgate and the coup in Austria, have been practicing advanced warfare in Lebanon, in preparation for the cover Trump bombing will provide in Iran. Trump bombs Iran, and Iran blows up US assets, the world will be watching that, and not Tel Aviv going scorched earth in Lebanon and Gaza. Remember that Benjamin Netanyahu is in political jeopardy in new September elections. He needs a Trump war to stay in power.

    So the American President has additional Iranian mistakes in alerting Iran, trusting Mosaad, not dealing with Nancy Pelosi, and the real issue of what if Iran retaliates with WMD's inside the United States at several key locations?

    Iran is maneuvered for America to attack, because Iran will win as a victim in the long run and the United States will be crippled by such an attack.

    This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, still expecting the rich people to donate generously for the saving of their souls, as this is tracking exactly along the lines this blog has warned of. This indeed is looking to be the time line the matrix has been generating since 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, as everyone has their fingers on the trigger and in all of this political weakness it progresses the final solution.

    Nuff Said

    Ok Trump bombs you, you bomb Jew York City
    and Biden gets into the White House in 2020.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    What could possibly go wrong with a major conglomerate which works for the NSA, and is owned by a nut who likes vaccinating children and talks about cropping a billion people, collecting millions of fingerprints?

    Just like those morons who send in their DNA to corporations to trace their DNA which is absolute bullshit, in it being flawed, and then that DNA somehow ends up in the FBI's possession and innocent people arrested for being serial murders, what could be wrong with a smudged up E fingerprint, sitting in Microsoft's computers reviewed by the NSA and suddenly your fingerprints match Obama's ISIS terrorist of the FBI"s 10 ten wanted list and next thing you know is the CIA's Flying Ginsu is shredding your ass like eating a glass taco.

    I have been around software long enough to know how screwy it is. I have a computer which was just sitting there and suddenly would not log in, as it needed a password to enter it. Yes the NSA likes screwing around with me. So I am not about to be taking my fingerprints to Microsoft, when I know ATT has already stolen my fingerprints of the touchscreen.

    So if you have any sense, forget the giving your body fluids, body parts and anything more than a password which reveals how anal and psycho you are. Morons are now giving the entire police state their personal information which will track them and frame them, all without warrant, arrest, or any reason for the police ever having your personal information.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I was reading an article entitled Corvette Carriers. The problem was the article only had a photo of a Norwegian gun boat and nothing about lite carriers.

    Corvette Carriers

    This got me thinking, and as the genius of God in me, is always seeking to assist the Pentagon, the United States Military, Defense Contractors and of course keeping swabbies and jarheads alive, the idea came to me of a really defensible, expendable carrier.

    After President Trump was grousing about a 16.5 billion dollar Ford class carriers who with magnetic launch catapult could not launch heavy fighters, I simply shake my head at such problems, as this is not the Navy which had Marines creating landing craft of nuclear powered submarines.

    For the reality, with the Russian Sunburn missiles which Bill Clinton sent Boeing over to fix for Russia, and are now in the hands of Chinese and Iranians, which are capable of destroying US aircraft carriers due to shockwave of this high speed missile, the US carrier projection of force is an immense problem as I have written.
    Ships moving at 30 miles per hour are being targeted by missiles traveling at thousands of feet per second.

    The Marines have their own light carriers for amphibious landings, but they are still expensive and one Saddam Hussein mine, sent one reeling in the Gulf in Gulf War I. In that, what if the US Navy took the above gun ship, and instead used it as a pontoon.

    Yes 4 of these stubby gun boats could act as pontoons. They could have telescoping decks which would be overlaid with runway panels.
    The gun boats would carry 7 F 35B jets, which are the Marine version of a jump jet. This would be 28 extremely high powered weapons platforms, which could set in shallow waters, shallow by ocean standards in offshore ports, not meant to operate in heavy seas.

    These small flotillas would be front line launch platforms, in the 200 mile from the front or shore if necessary. In my perfect design, they would operate in convoys. A half dozen would carry fuel and munitions, while the four pontoons would carry the aircraft. All would be interchangeable and I would make them as the German submersibles. No I am not speaking of making these submarines, but simply ships which could submerge, with snorkel and the ability to move underwater or lay on shallow bottoms as a measure of stealth.

    Imagine with electronic counter measures to hide these platforms, as they assembled, close to the front, at night, run operations for two hours, and then simply retract and submerge for the day undetected.

    With a compliment of long range missiles for protection, this flotilla would be a projection of power unlike anything the world has witnessed. It would hide, strike and hide, at opportunity, with the most devastating of results.

    I would project an entire flotilla of dozen of these craft, could be assembled for a billion dollars. That would allow 16 of these flotilla for every single aircraft carrier.

    In understanding history, Thomas Jefferson desired gunboats, instead of Naval surface ships. His idea was to deploy packs of these row boats to overcome larger ships. The crews though lost courage and one bad shot would end the attack.
    This Corvette Carrier is not this in the least, as it is armed with the teeth of the US military in the F 35. It will have Aegis radars, and the most advanced missiles for self defense as it's 35's project power. All that is low cost in this are the ponts, the remainder are the same expensive high power weapon systems.

    The Navy has a history of constructing port docks in the open ocean, as after the Normandy landing when Germany denied the use of French ports. These ponts would be an airport or carrier which would be able to submerge.

    That is about it for my good deed today for the US Military.

    Nuff Said.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have not had the time, as I need for rich people to donate as the should be doing as Christians as they can generously, to cover the building agricultural implosion in the United States of America, because we are past due, in the exhaustion and the knowing a perfect storm has been built.

    I have invested time in the reality of the matrix in building events, as I know what the farm disaster is in America, and I am out in it every day. In the brier patch, I have never seen anything like this in the pasture grass is not growing. This is not unique as it is a matter across the entire beef growing regions.
    See I can warn you of HAARP forcing farmers to not plant wheat for your bread, and forcing farmers to not plant corn, for a Chinese soybean crop that Donald Trump's trade wars have already ruined the pricing and harvest for, but there are things in this which even I was not shown, and one of them was the lack of pasture grass for those expensive cattle.

    The Durden Boys at the Zero do a good job covering the statistics, and in fact are the only ones again sounding the alarm, but I wanted to share some on the ground information which even they can not know, as they are not down on the farm, and they do not understand farmer speak.

    TL and I were treating ourselves to a fast food sit down, and is typical I sort of rule from the stool in we always turn on FOX for background chatter to see what diversions are being projected on the Trump voters. I always though listen to people talk as you learn a great deal. In this instance, I was listening to an old farmer who sort of had Frank Sinatra eyes.
    He was talking to another old cripple and basically were assessing the farming situation as he with his son were still in the business.

    Corn is supposed to be knee high by the fourth of July in order to make corn. That is kind of an Iowa maxim as things are different in warmer locations south and over to Illinois as they can have hip high corn. The corn averages 2 inches high to 6 inches high, and even that Monsanto genetics can not deal with what is taking place.
    Everything is uneven. That is due to the cold, and it has been too cold for too long in the farming region and plants need heat. That is what Frank was saying in the corn harvest is over in they won't get a crop. That may sound like an odd thing to say with 2 to 3 months of growing season out there, but this old boy knew his shit, because he said something last week which I have noticed across the fields now in, "That corn is going to turn yellow". As in the plants, are turning yellow from the lack of heat. Corn simply can not draw up moisture and nutrients when it is cold, and it is just like an English kid looking sickly in a Dickens novel in 1880. Things just get sick and die in cold.

    The wheat is in the same condition. It is yellow from being too wet, then too dry, too cold and then bursts of heat. See it needs to put down roots, and top growth, but it is not, so the result is in a June 16th week of below average temperatures across America and more fairy piss rain that just keeps things damp, the wheat is not going to produce a good crop either. By July it is supposed to be the low 80's again, but that is not the kind of heat wheat, corn and beans require to grow and more to the point to catch up the lost 6 weeks America has experienced due to HAARP Weather Mod.
    By God's Grace I warned you all of this last October in what was coming, but even I did not think they would destroy agriculture in farming and ranching like this. It was a perfect storm building and I warned here by God's Grace about the flooding and it came, and now is coming the cold, and the way this is moving, HAARP is going to put an early freeze in to the row crops, and they will be dead.
    In watching the reports, a cute blonde Minnesota weather gal warned of frost warnings in the middle of June that went into Wisconsin. That should NEVER happen and yet it did.

    You will be paying for this, and already are in disaster payments to farmers who are being paid to keep the conglomerates selling them tractors, fuel and seed in business, but they will not make payments and they will about have that 2008 George Soros high prices they were paid burned through.
    We have a prick neighbor who had 3 boys all gung ho in high priced farming. Not one of them is left, in they all pulled out for city jobs. That was last year already in the money was gone, and this year the record debt is being carried.

    I believe this will go to robo farming as I have predicted, but that means the end of land ownership in America or control of food supply by individuals. It is conglomerate and you can honestly thank all the selfish rich people who worshiped their stock portfolios instead of helping me out, so I could have accomplished a better job.

    I have told you that something is wrong. The sun is in the wrong spot. The ground temperature is cold. Nature is being affected by something bigger than HAARP, but HAARP is not doing any of us any good, as this is now the Obama conglomerates and Donald Trump is not saving us.

    What is building is Biblical in a day's wages for a loaf of bread as the Revelation predicted by Jesus the Christ. Couple the above with orchestrated 9 11 type events and all of you smart asses out there who think you are above it all, immune from it all, protected from it all, and you are going to discover what life is in the millions of foreigners without Protestant morals rising up to fight you for the shit which just came out of your ass for supper.

    I give credit to God for everything here, and in prefacing that, I challenge any of you to find anyone from October of 2018 as I was burying the mother due to HAARP weather and the evil she picked up off you willingly, who warned you this weather would bring about a real problem in American farming and in home heating. No one else even had a hint of this in reporting on it.

    Some very nasty souls have you in their crosshairs and there is not going to be any running away from this, or trying to make it up to me as it will be too late.

    Nuff Said


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