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  • I filed a court order John and you are off the court today.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    After enduring with the world the last 2.5 years of fake news in the witch hunt against Donald Trump, I sincerely believe it is time that the State legislatures of these United States begin passing "Mirror Constitutional Bills" as Colorado just enacted in the confiscation of firearms by people who simply know someone, filing a petition with the court, and the person filed against, has their guns confiscated until a future hearing.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander, as words are just as lethal as firearms as the witch hunt against Donald Trump has proven to the families of Mike Flynn to Paul Manafort. It is in this light which unless the Supreme Court removes these Colorado Laws, it should be a reality that anyone in the United States could petition a court to say, have CNN taken off the air for 2 weeks, until a hearing takes place to prove, that they are not a threat and a danger to America.

    Colorado's red flag legislation patterns itself after similar policies enacted in several states in the last two years. It allows family members, "household members," or law enforcement officers to petition a court for a gun confiscation order against a person if that person "poses a significant risk to self or others by having a firearm in his or her custody or control or by possessing, purchasing, or receiving a firearm."
    That initial order -- called a "temporary Extreme Risk Protection Order" -- can be granted without the respondent being present at the hearing, and the petitioner must only establish by a "preponderance of evidence" that the person poses a risk to self or others. The preponderance of evidence standard is one of the lowest standards of evidence and only requires the petitioner to prove that the respondent is "more likely than not" to pose a danger.

    Once a person's firearms have been confiscated, the court must hold a second hearing within 14 days, at which the respondent can be present. At that hearing, the petitioner must establish by "clear and convincing evidence" that the respondent poses a risk to self or others. This hearing, according to red flag law proponents, provides sufficient due process to justify the revocation of the respondent's Second Amendment rights.
    But "clear and convincing" is still a medium standard of proof. According to this standard, the petitioner must only prove that the respondent is "highly probable" to pose a danger. It falls short of the highest standard -- "beyond reasonable doubt" -- which is used to determine most criminal cases.
    In other words, under Colorado's new law, a person's civil rights could be revoked based on evidentiary standards that fall short of those used in criminal proceedings.
    If the court agrees to issue a full Protection Order, the respondent will lose his or her firearms for a full year. Once the year expires, the petitioner can ask the court for an extension to the original order, which the court can grant if the petitioner demonstrates the respondent is still a danger to self or others. If the Protection Order expires or is terminated, the respondent's firearms must be returned within three days of the respondent's requesting them.
    Coloradans will be able to have their housemates' firearms confiscated beginning January 1, 2020.

    If all it requires is a preponderance of evidence, I could point to my cousin's wife who died because of Obamacare rationed death, and as Chief Justice John Roberts wrote Obamacare into law, the fact is I could file a motion with the court to have John Roberts suspended from the Supreme Court on that evidence, until a 2 week hearing had taken place, when myriads of people could then appear to show John Roberts is a threat to the community at large.
    This would mean that John Roberts would be off the court of an entire year, before he would be reviewed again. Of course by then, President Trump could have Roberts replaced.

    The same is true for someone like Adam Schiff who ran the Russiagate fake dossier, and is still spewing sedition against the United States. It is time for Don jr. to file a motion against Schiff, and have him removed from the House.

    I see great opportunities in this, because if some woman in Colorado trying to protect herself from a lying boyfriend, who petitions the court that she is a PMS crazy bitch, and the Police come and confiscate the gun, so the boyfriend can then go over and rape the woman and beat her to death, then all Constitutional rights need to be suspended, starting with the media and the courts. Hell, I can see numbers of people petitioning for a cop to be disarmed for being a threat to the public.

    A gun can kill one to a dozen people, but a Supreme Court law can kill millions and CNN can lead a nation to anarchy or a Congressman's sedition could kill millions in riots and war, so it is time for the Colorado law to be taken to the rest of the Constitution in the real threats to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is now precedent, so let the court orders begin.

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  • OK Barry, I risk going to prison again for you,
    and you hide like a priss again behind a woman.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There is something interesting in the mind of Obama centering on the meeting that Susan Rice as NSA Director was included in, on January 5th, 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, in which Birther Hussein, Vice President Joe Biden, FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, convened a meeting not centered on the MI6 Steele fake dossier, but as Rice's attorney states, centered on Russian inroads in the center of which was General Michael Flynn.

    The meeting centered on not sharing certain information with General Flynn concerning the Russians.

    In this meeting the DOJ and the FBI are inquired of by Birther Hussein in how to proceed. Remember in the Rice memo to herself, that it was stipulated that only legal actions were what Obama's image stressed.

    It was then 15 days later, that the White House Counsel advised that NSA Director Susan Rice would create a permanent record of this meeting.
    Rice's attorney states Rice was not briefed on FISA or the existence of the FBI investigation, which would be Crossfire Hurricane.

    The permanent record is important in this, as Rice's memo is a COVER YOUR ASS for Obama in stating that he only directed LEGAL actions against Donald Trump and his campaign. That is important in this as in hindsight a clearer picture of what was taking place has emerged.

    There is a puzzling disclaimer in the attorney's response, in she states that Rice's memo is time stamped incorrect as Rice had already left the building. In reality, that is an impossibility in emails have a time stamp of when a correspondence is sent. So this letter is correct on time stamp. It means that someone sent this letter after Susan Rice left the White House as a cover up. It had to be someone who had access to Rice's access of her account with NSA security clearance.
    Remember in this that Samantha Power has stated someone else had used her name as a cover to unmask Americans illegally. Someone in this John Brennan group was shadowing the known names in directing this. The White House Counsel's direction of a letter in Rice's name be sent, that she accepts credit for, reveals that Obama was indeed aware that his White House had been involved in criminal abuse of power in attempting to overthrow the 2016 elections.

    Susan Rice was involved in a cover up in order to save Obama. Her very actions on White House Counsel, means the White House Counsel knew there were criminal activities involved from this White House. In an indictment, it points to that the White House Counsel wrote and crafted this letter, alerted Rice after she left the White House and sent the letter in her name as a CYA for Obama.

    What is the most bizarre in this, is the fixation on Mike Flynn. We know that Mike Flynn was driving Obama, Biden, Clinton etc... to a frenzy over Obama arming ISIS terrorists that John the hero McCain created for the civil war in Syria, in General Flynn was warning that America should not be using Libyan weapons to arm terrorists in creating another theater of war.
    There were meeting with General Flynn and Russians, but General Flynn had alerted Defense Intelligence of those meetings, and yet the flags were set off in improper contacts with Russia.
    The General did meet in the transition, which was appropriate in attempting to warm relations between Russia and America, as Americans had voted for Donald Trump expected. Yet Obama is fixated on this, that General Flynn is not supposed to have access to security data as Trump's National Security head.

    It is reasonable to conclude that General Flynn was aware of what Russians were engaged in. If this focused on the Russian bots which had zero results on the election, it makes no sense. What this points to is Obama did not want Flynn having access to information, not to share with Russia, but information which Flynn would piece together to alert Donald Trump of the illegal operations of John Brennan running out of the White House.

    The Rice Memo is important as Obama wanted it on record to protect hisself. The focus on Mike Flynn though is critical, as that is where they all were fixated. If you examine the past events, Director Comey sent the FBI agents in to General Flynn, to entrap him, and remove him from serving Donald Trump first.
    As the General has a constant moving sentencing date, and has not been indicted nor convicted as a Russian spy, it proves that Obama was not interested in General Flynn talking to the Russians, but were interested in keeping General Flynn from coming across information which probably would have headed off this entire witch hunt.

    We are witnessing why General Flynn was taken out. Now remember in this who it was that began this in it was Vice President Mike Pence whining about Mike Flynn lying to him. Then who entered into this, none other that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Kushner who gave Flynn the axe. Mike Pence represented Bush fam, and the Kushner's have been operating as white agents for Mosaad whose entire actions (including stopping Donald Trump from moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem) were to keep Donald Trump from being elected and once elected, joining in Obama's coup against this President.

    It is still a reach in the last part and only the actions of the Kushners and Pence at the genesis of this, but Obama was locked onto Mike Flynn over arms to terrorists, and then set up Mike Flynn to be removed from protecting Donald Trump, and who carried out this Obama agenda? None other than Bush fam's Mike Pence and the leftist Kushners.

    Susan Rice's lawyer's letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee explaining why Rice documented a January 2017 meeting with Obama, Biden, Comey, and Yates

    Kathryn H. Ruemmler
    Tel: (202) 637-2200
    February 23, 2018

    The Honorable Charles E. Grassley, Chairman U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary Washington, DC 20510
    The Honorable Dianne Feinstein, Ranking Member U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary Washington, DC 20510
    The Honorable Lindsey O. Graham, Chairman Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary Washington, DC 20510
    The Honorable Sheldon Whitehouse, Ranking Member Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Chairmen Grassley and Graham, and Ranking Members Feinstein and Whitehouse: I write on behalf of my client, Ambassador Susan E. Rice, in response to a February 8, 2018 letter from Chairmen Grassley and Graham. The letter poses a series of questions regarding a memorandum to file Ambassador Rice drafted on January 20, 2017 concerning a discussion on January 5, 2017. According to public reporting, Chairman Grassley received this document from the National Archives and Record Administration more than eight months ago.

    The memorandum to file drafted by Ambassador Rice memorialized an important national security discussion between President Obama and the FBI Director and the Deputy Attorney General. President Obama and his national security team were justifiably concerned about potential risks to the Nation's security from sharing highly classified information about Russia with certain members of the Trump transition team, particularly Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

    In light of concerning communications between members of the Trump team and Russian officials, before and after the election, President Obama, on behalf of his national security team, appropriately sought the FBI and the Department of Justice's guidance on this subject. In the conversation Ambassador Rice documented, there was no discussion of Christopher Steele or the Steele dossier, contrary to the suggestion in your letter.

    Given the importance and sensitivity of the subject matter, and upon the advice of the White House Counsel's Office, Ambassador Rice created a permanent record of the discussion. Ambassador Rice memorialized the discussion on January 20, because that was the first opportunity she had to do so, given the particularly intense responsibilities of the National Security Advisor during the remaining days of the Administration and transition.

    Ambassador Rice memorialized the discussion in an email sent to herself during the morning of January 20, 2017. The time stamp reflected on the email is not accurate, as Ambassador Rice departed the White House shortly before noon on January 20.

    While serving as National Security Advisor, Ambassador Rice was not briefed on the existence of any FBI investigation into allegations of collusion between Mr. Trump's associates and Russia, and she later learned of the fact of this investigation from Director Comey's subsequent public testimony. Ambassador Rice was not informed of any FISA applications sought by the FBI in its investigation, and she only learned of them from press reports after leaving office.

    Ambassador Rice believes that it is critical that Congress fully and faithfully investigate Russian efforts to disrupt the 2016 Presidential election, including the actions taken by the Government to respond to those efforts. To that end, she has testified voluntarily in connection with the inquiries being conducted by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) on that topic.

    I trust this satisfies your need for information on this topic.

    Sincerely, Kathryn H. Ruemmler of LATHAM & WATKINS LLP

    Susan Rice has always been a loyal house niggress, as she volunteered to go out and cover up Benghazi, lie to the American People, blame innocents, in order to distract that Obama sent Amb. Chris Stevens to Benghazi to be kidnapped for Obama to rescue for Obama's re election bid in 2012.

    Her memo to herself, is the same selfless action she has engaged in for Obama previously. This memo was not her action. It was done in her name from the White House, after she left the building, in order to provide Obama cover, and when it was discovered to further the frame up of General Michael Flynn.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • The Canadian Clipper in the Eye of the Storm

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Who knew that Rusty Hudson Limbaugh's most humorous testicle in the jolly roger, Mark Steyn has always wanted to be Jewish on this Passover, in being the next Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch in destroying conservative media, taking ownership of it, and possessing the souls of Jewican Mark Levin and Filipinocan Michelle Malkin.

    Yes while the world slept in Jesus slumbers of peace, the clever Canadican Mark Steyn was finishing off American ConMedia, and smashing it into little pieces, and no one reported it, save Mark Steyn.

    You really need to pay attention to Steyn's rather glib recording of events in the Faustian pact where the devil that Levin and Malking made agreement with is now in foreclosure with a Steyn. Steyn is twisting the knife in not having contacted Malkin and Levin, but in public is speculating on the endangerment and ruination of their careers. This is remarkably Shylock in CRTV after receiving a multi million dollar judgment in court against CRTV, is now turning the screws on CRTV by threatening their first two and last two superstars.

    I thought I was a cut throat Jew until Shylock Steyn owned my soul.


    Mark will wind up owning CRTV? Will Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and the rest be okay with that? (I am assuming they have agreements with CRTV that can be transferred in the bankruptcy (and provision to he contrary being void).)

    I recall Mark Steyn on Rusty Hudson Limbaugh's Golden EIB Mic, without condom covering, speaking or free advertising his program on CRTV. I do not know if Mr. Steyn paid Rush Limbaugh for this advertising as 3 hours of it, is a gratuity and the IRS would be interested in that kind of exchange of commerce in Limbaugh not reporting the full amount of the payment and Steyn not reporting the full amount of the "free" advertising, but we do know that Steyn praised Rush Limbaugh for staying with him in this year of torment.
    One wonders in Rush Limbaugh providing Steyn a platform just what had Rusty played in this, in taking over ConMedia in league with Steyn.
    The question now is as Rush Limbaugh was golfing with President Donald Trump, if this is the Trump Media which son in law, Jared Kushner has been plotting to acquire since 2016. While everyone was watching Russiagate as a diversion was Rush Limbaugh part of a CIA Director William Casey media reincarnation, as Limbaugh was created by Bill Casey, as Casey founded ABC Cap Cities long ago for this purpose.
    What followed after Robert Maxwell was assassinated by Mosaad, for the Bush family, followed by Rupert Murdoch who swung hard for Obama after intelligence asset Newt Gingrich passed special legislation for FOX control, has now come full circle in Mark Steyn has gutted CRTV, as it merged with Glenn Beck's TheBlaze.

    In remembering Steyn's blathering on EIB, he mentioned a flutist. What a flute player is about, is he hired a flute player which was quite expensive, but it seems the expenses of Steyn knew few bounds. CRTV constructed an entire studio for Mark Steyn in Vermont, as Steyn resided and worked in New Hampshire.

    Remember expensive Pan and his flute playing for Steyn.

    The key word according to CRTV is work, as Steyn liked filling fridges with expensive meat and cheese, and calling for meetings and then not showing up for meetings, including meetings in blizzards which endangered production crew members, as Steyn did not give the full 100% work ethic of a good Yankee in the shows were never completed.

    Working for Steyn was interesting as it included control over bowl movements according to the Daily Beast. It seems a bit like working for Hillary Clinton where workers were not allowed to make eye contact with Hamrod, and Steyn demanded the same non eye contact. There are not any references to Steyn demanding women close their nethers and where their panties as Hamrod did in walking by and looking under desks.

    No one though could discuss the show with Steyn, which is sort of necessary, as they held their bowel movements in not desiring the wrath of Steyn.
    One thing is evident in all these bowel movements or not, is that the Judge ruled in Steyn's favor and that translates in Mark Steyn who legates his way through life, has practiced the perfect art of justice in hiring better attorneys to obtain what is justice.

    "People that worked downstairs weren't allowed to go to the upstairs offices because it was too distracting for Mark. It was bizarre," Kullman said. According to one crew member's sworn statement, staff were even instructed not to enter the second-floor restrooms and instead told to use ones by the studio facility's loading dock.
    Crew members eventually resorted to lingering outside the makeup room, one of the few places that they might be able to discuss the day's show with Steyn before cameras rolled. "Eventually that became off-limits too," Dunn recalls.

    Steyn was bragging and promising to CRTV staff to not worry about their jobs or salaries, as he was about to receive a big payout, which he now speculates has put Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin under his control.

    Welcome to Filipino fleshy, sweaty, hot commentary
    if I want to keep my job.

    As tensions with CRTV flared, Dunn recalls being assured that Steyn would extract a large settlement check from the company. "Mark said it would be the second largest check Vermont has ever seen if CRTV tried to buy him out," Dunn said in his sworn statement.
    Another crew member's sworn declaration recalled Howes saying "that she and Mark Steyn would receive a large settlement from CRTV and would have 'enough money to pay everyone for a long long time.'"

    Steyn must have some Seth Rich in him, in he got a hold of CRTV's emails. Maybe it is Russian as they got a hold of Hamrod's emails Robert Mueller said, but this is one beauty that he made sure to feature and hand over the female judge who found for Steyn.

    Let's announce everything and put this motherf**ker on the hook for everything. If anything goes wrong, it lands on HIM, not CRTV. Time to get tough with Pussy Steyn and Momma Bitch Nutcase Melissa...

    Steyn is quite chivalrous in protecting Mommy She Dog Wacko Melissa that CRTV detested.

    I wondered who Melissa was, and finally discovered she is Melissa Howes. Unfortunately the she wolf protector of Mark Steyn is not this Melissa Howe as she did do Playboy TV.

    How did I get involved in this flute playing intrigue.

    Instead we got this hottie, who I can see why Mark Steyn likes calling this Marion the Librarian Mommy as this wild one with those lips could play 76 trombones, let her Shirley Jones hair down and cast away her glasses as she slides up and down banisters in the library.

    Fill up the tank when you get Mommy coffee.

    Mommy is quite accomplished. She publishes all of Steyn's books and his tunes. She was the production company for Mark Steyn's, working arrangement for CRTV, which panned out kind of good as Steyn got lots of free cheese and if this plays out right, he and Rush Limbaugh will own Mark Steyn and Michelle Malkin, along with the foundation of Trump TV.
    Hell, President Trump won't need to talk to Sean Homo Hannity after this, with Rusty Limbaugh playing with his balls and Mark Steyn tickling his ivories, and remember that flute player playing Hail To The Chief, it will be Trump TV winning the Hannity time slot and Homo will probably even loose Lynda as she will be the next Roger Ahles of the Trump Tower.

    So while no one is reporting this gloating of Mark Steyn, which is interesting, as it makes one wonder why the cover up, as the leftists are silent in a border jumper in Steyn just crippled conservative media, as Rush Limbaugh supported the entire process from the EIB, and now two of the biggest names in right wing media, in Mark Levin who denies there is Jewish global control of finances and Michelle Malkin who diverted attention from Obama crimes for another story about Obama, are now at the mercy of Mark Steyn.

    That would seem a big story, bigger than a poor orphan girl featuring this story again in Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter.

    I am familiar with Jared's Piccolo

    Then again, perhaps this is the solution for Jared Kushner, in through Rusty and Steyn, Trump Trans can purchase the Lame Cherry to feature it exclusively on Trump TV for the 13 million dollars, with interest that Limbaugh owes for plagiarism, and of course never feature it, to silence the twilight's last gleaming of Truth.

    Congratulations to Mark Steyn. It sure looks like an even more brilliant set up than the diversion of Russiagate.

    We now return you to Trump TV, the Cheese Flute with Mark Steyn

    You do know Jared Kushner tends to eliminate those who he no longer has a use for....

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    agtG 285Y

  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    It was fortunate that the Sri Lankan terrorist's bombs were so professional, as they all went off, all were coordinated and were most successful against Christians and Americans.

    Such professionalism, now how did this happen?

    Alas poor orphan me in I have a long with other Christians and rightists from the Liberty Daily links.

    Perhaps those who have read this blog, along with the non donors, will recall a series worked upon here, based upon the information of Canadian Victor Ostrovsky, that the Mosaad trained both the Sri Lankans and the Tamils.

    There has been 40 years of Mosaad training in Sri Lanka of both sides, and if you want to look for the source of the professionalism of these attacks against Protestant Christians and American in Sri Lanka, Dutch Sri Lanka, in the Jews have the Dutch as their farty little pets (What Mosaad calls the lowlanders.), look to Tel Aviv, just as the set up of Trump is has Jewish operatives all over it. The Jews also called the Sri Lankans as "monkeys".

    Yes, you get the sensational headlines, but in a few short paragraphs here, you are informed of something of immense proportions in this.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • Alabamans Now Know Judge Roy Moore Was Targeted by Smear Campaign

    Does she or doesn't she......
    Only her Doncologist knows for sure.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Donald Trump in 2020 is starting early, and the Protector of America in Robert Mueller is his perfect Joseph Goebbels, in Mueller has produced a report which irrational democrats will joust at Trump with, and Donald Trump's shining armor and white horse will only become more gleaming and white.

    He has a perfect cast and chorus. Roger Stone is caustic. George Papadopoulos is boyish and Jerome Corsi is the Alamo.

    'Killing the Deep State' Author Jerome Corsi: Mueller's 'Abusive' Team Won't Charge Me

    That little document Robert Mueller crafted is now Donald Trump's weapon and it reminds everyone that Donald Trump was unfairly treated and that every person indicted and sitting in jail who are American are victims in this, a grieving wound of sympathy normal Americans will respond to as Americans have a great deal of affinity with Mr. Trump in cops with speed traps and the gem of the IRS making everyone feel like criminals.

    The Question in this as the magic Mike Pence has now appeared again, now that Donald Trump has been vindicated. Mike Pence is a real rabbit who just knows how to jump out of the hat at the applause. That question is that can Donald Trump ride this as the political opponent he is running against for the next 18 months instead of the 500 democrats put into the race to elect Mr. Trump.

    VP Mike Pence: 'The American People Have a Right to Know Whether the Initial Investigation Was in Keeping With Long-Standing Justice Department Standards — Or Even Lawful at All — We Must Never Allow Our Justice System to be Exploited in Pursuit of a Political Agenda'

    That is a rhetorical question as the election is going to be awarded Donald Trump as he is the choice of the deep state which elected him. Yes the deep state did elect him with the DIA as a front, and this was all about flushing out the Missing Link who was already known.

    For those who remember this blog in the dreamy times of the Trump run for the Presidency and the modus operandi suggested in criminalizing the Obama regime, which was crooked to save Mr. President. That suggestion has now become reality.

    Attorney General William Barr as this blog has exclusively noted was the lead investigator on the theft of the PROMIS software from Inslaw, by the US Government and the Mosaad. The entire undercurrent of Russiagate is about computer data and software, and it is all PROMIS based.

    John Solomon in his most recent insider revelations has now laid the groundwork, which has been a reality in all of this, in Donald Trump was being spied on before the Russian involvement manifested.
    Just as Donald Trump was a candidate of the DIA long before he was a candidate. Donald Trump was being spied upon long before he was a candidate. The tie into this was Mike Flynn who lit up the Obama leftist realm in the weapons to Muslim rape cock out of Behghazi and into Syria.

    As you were told here, Edward Snowden was not an accident, but the first wave to get the attention of the very system that lit up against Donald Trump. The leftists against Hamrod were the leftists who moved hell and earth against Donald Trump.

    So you mean that a very complex operation was unleashed to catch the criminals involved in a greater overthrow, would use a Presidential election as the foundation for an investigation.

    I wonder though about the innocent Christian, Judge Roy Moore, as he is polling for the US Senate, and there was Donald Trump with his now absent John Kelly who submarined this innocent man in a frame. And then there was little Ivanka who said Christian Roy Moore belonged in hell.
    Just how does National Socialist Donald run a campaign where in the background for the entire Southern and Christian vote is the heroic Judge Roy Moore, reminding voters how Donald Trump ran his own Jewish Sanhedrin to cast the first stone in the Judas sell out of Roy Moore for 30 Pieces of Silver.

    Donald Trump has ready made campaign. He runs against the system and he never has to mention a democrat by name, making them presidential, and just leaving them as the democrats who are the poster boys for the police state seeking to destroy America.

    The minute that Attorney General Barr starts indicting Obama's criminals, this all goes to.......

    Joe Biden as he was in the White House.

    Bernie Sanders as he worked the deal to throw the election to crooked Hillary.

    Kamala Harris and Corey Booker.......part of the conspiracy and black as Toby's ass like Obama.

    Klobachar.........she was Obama's nag.

    That leaves Peter Buttplug and smelling like anus is not something that Donald Trump even needs to tweet about.

    It's almost as if someone had this all planned out.

    I suppose we have had enough WWE, and it is time to sit back enjoy some Perry Mason.

    Della it is a Perry Mason Petite Girdle in Extra Large.
    Just add me and astonishing things happen.

    He wore a very large girdle you know.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I noticed last night that the moon was very bright when I was outside, and it did not occur to me until speaking with TL this morning that this was not right. See none of you have noticed a blasphemy which has taken place this year on Easter, AKA Passover, because none of you know a thing about the Bible and the Law.

    See God set up the worship of Him, not based on solar worship, but on a LUNAR calendar. God specifically avoided the trance state of the demonic full moon, and instead chose the NEW MOON as His High Days.

    The Easter moon is supposed to be a New Moon phase, the reality is Passover is to be New Moon. For Christ's assassination there were two High Days that week. One Passover on the New Moon of Thursday and the Sabbath Day of Saturday. Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday, and they had to get Him off the cross and into the tomb before sundown as the Thursday Passover High Day was nigh. That is the 3 days in the ground so Jesus could rise on the first day of the week.

    This is Hebrew Law. No one can change the High Day, as it is the New Moon, and not the pagan crescent of Islam. Yet this Easter, you have worshiped against God Law on a Full Moon.

    Now who did this in changing the Times and Seasons?

    Easter should have been April 6th on the Sabbath or the 7th for Christians 8th dayers, and Passover should have been the 5th on Friday as that is the New Moon.

    Odd how the Jews did nothing to raise hell about this, and as for Christians, I do not put anything past them as the blunder along in blind trust.

    Once again in my poor orphan girl exhausted state, I am the only one pointing this out and the blasphemy which occurred which was deliberate, as the Jews kept silent and the Christian and Catholic did not say a word.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Most of you reading this are not Saxon. You have no sojourn in you, but have fled all you are. This is the reality of the disconnect as there never was an Anglo Saxon race any more than there was a Judeo Christian religion. The Saxon overcame the Anglo and the Christian evolved past the Jew.

    The entire advancement of God's blessings of the 18th to 20th centuries were in one bloodline, that is the Saxon. The Saxon from Angleland, north France, the Lowlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden were the source of world civilization, culture and genius. The greatest advancement of humanity occurred in the Germanic halls of Gothe, where music, art, literature, invention and culture all rose out of the Saxon race of the lost 10 Tribes.

    This is vital to understand in the United States, Western Canada and Western Europe, as the identity of what is a Saxon is lost in the heartbeats of the modern ignorant. As I have stated, this is not for all reading this, as most of you primate have devolved from your higher order to a lesser animal. For those who read these words and it touches them, it is their Valhalla of understanding, their Beowulf howl calling from the moors, which will speak to them from their mists, in remembering something their Grandparents said or did, of the affinity of who they are, and they will begin to remember those things they touch in the living soil.

    In Assyrian German, there are words for this. After the last organized slaughter of Germans in World War II, that mass rape of culture by the cartel, caused the German people to recoil to their past, to their villages, to their farms, to their identities, which most of you are recoiling now in the American Genocide of your identity being raped by foreign vermin invading a nation and protected by a police state. It is that Saxon affinity to absorb the shock, to recoil, to return to the wounded land, and to recuperate to be restored.

    The German has words for this, which have no English or French words for this identity. It is all Boden. It is the Land, but that translation does not carry the depths of the meaning of Boden. Boden is linked in the Saxon mind as close as the Lutheran is to the Bread and the Wine of the Sacrament of Christ. Boden is Bread for the land is Life, and it is impossible to disconnect the Blut from the Land. The Blut is the blood shed in working the land, protecting the land, and the Blut is restored in the encompassing womb of the earth to which with absolute love and kinship, the Saxon returns their dead to be held with honor and protection. A mother's womb brings life in the Blut of her veins and the Boden of her womb, and the mother of earth brings a future life in the Blood of the human shed and the Body of the earth united.

    In Richard Wagner, this is the tempest which surges in all of those notes, and the music is the spirit of the human moving like the mists rising from the earth to the heavens to life again.

    This is Saxon from Norse pyres to German hallowed graves to the cemeteries of Americans. It is the land, the boden, the blood, the blut, all in the surging notes of the heartbeat struggle of the human journey of divine conquering. Nothing speaks of this, except the heart of the Saxon.
    This is the euphoria which the Kaiser called upon. This is the destiny of the Thousand Year Reich. This is Manifest Destiny of the Americans. Outsiders mocked it, because they could not embrace the kinship of the land. The Saxon is not a creature of the city. The Saxon is a being of the land, touching it from hearth to garden, they are of that soil, they are the earth which God formed of the clay, and they resonate with that soil in the same life forces surging in it to make flowers in the spring is the same blossom which bursts forth in the joy of the human.
    This is Bach in Ode de Jesu, this is Handel in the Messiah, this is the closest mankind has ever bade the refrain of the spirit of the blut and the boden, the body and the blood of the Saxon in epic celebration of life here and life eternal.

    It is the understanding of HEIMAT, the word which contains breath of life, spirit of life, and dreams of life all in one eternal span, in the word heimat is an understanding that your home, is the same as your native nation, is the same as the soil upon which you resonate in the same chorus of your soul. It is all one meaning, for there can not be body and blood in you, if there is not bread from the boden and the blood of your people held sacred in the land, as the same definition is in the national identity. There can not be a separation of the Thomas Jefferson agrarian identity to Americans from their secular Constitution to the Saxon upon their lawn in Dallas to the Saxon imparting the blood of the seed to the body of the land, to produce the wheat which completes the circle of life.
    Martin Luther's entire Saxon protest was about the Body and the Blood rescuing and redeeming a national identity from a globalist slavery and returning the Saxon place to the land upon which they stood, for there was no difference in them from God's Spirit moving upon the waters and brooding life in them, to the Saxon standing upon the land and imparting life to that land.

    Loyalty to true family, the Spiritual Family, is the nation of Christ, in the bitterness of disappoint, but the treading of hope upon a trek to a tomorrow of better life, wed not in the past, but to a new spouse to bring forth good tidings of great joy in a new spouse.

    The nativities of this Saxon world have been assaulted, destroyed and have been forwarded to genocide and extinction, but the boden and the blut remain. The Saxon returns to the land like Excalibur to the lake, and that sword of destiny arises again from those many peopled waters as it awakens again from exile and extermination.

    On this Easter, this Passing Over, this culling for a Spiritual People, the Heimat will speak to those who have these songs whispered to them, but they did not understand the story or the language. They have though now been touched by the old words as they sun the sprouts within them to know the identity of who they are, to once again bring forth the boden and the blut, as they breathe that Spirit back into the world as their ancestors have accomplished before.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


    Als weitere Lame Cherry exklusiv in Sachen Anti-Materie.

    Die meisten von Ihnen, die dies lesen, sind nicht sächsisch. Du hast keinen Aufenthalt in dir, aber du bist geflohen, was du bist. Dies ist die Realität der Trennung, da es nie eine angelsächsische Rasse gab, genauso wenig wie eine jüdische christliche Religion. Der Sachsen besiegte den Anglo und der Christ entwickelte sich am Juden vorbei.

    Die gesamte Förderung des Segens Gottes vom 18. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert war in einer Blutlinie, der Sächsischen. Die Sachsen aus Angleland, Nordfrankreich, den Lowlands, Deutschland, Norwegen, Schweden waren die Quelle der Weltzivilisation, Kultur und Genialität. Der größte Fortschritt der Menschheit fand in den germanischen Hallen von Gothe statt, wo Musik, Kunst, Literatur, Erfindungen und Kultur aus dem sächsischen Volk der verlorenen 10 Stämme hervorgingen.

    Dies ist in den Vereinigten Staaten, Westkanada und Westeuropa von grundlegender Bedeutung, da die Identität des Sächsischen im Herzen der modernen Ignoranten verloren geht. Wie ich bereits gesagt habe, ist dies nicht für alle, die dies lesen, da die meisten Primaten von eurer höheren Ordnung zu einem geringeren Tier übergegangen sind. Für diejenigen, die diese Worte lesen und sie berühren, ist es ihr Valhalla des Verstehens, ihr Beowulf-Heulen aus den Mooren, das sie aus ihrem Nebel ansprechen wird, wenn sie sich an etwas erinnern, das ihre Großeltern gesagt oder getan haben, an die Affinität dessen, was sie tun sind, und sie werden sich an die Dinge erinnern, die sie im lebenden Boden berühren.

    Im assyrischen Deutsch gibt es dafür Worte. Nach dem letzten organisierten Abschlachten der Deutschen im Zweiten Weltkrieg, dieser Massenvergewaltigung der Kultur durch das Kartell, veranlassten die Deutschen sich, in ihre Vergangenheit, in ihre Dörfer, auf ihre Farmen, in ihre Identität zurückzukehren, die die meisten von Ihnen jetzt zurückholen Im amerikanischen Genozid wird Ihre Identität von fremden Ungeziefer in einer Nation vergewaltigt und durch einen Polizeistaat geschützt. Es ist diese sächsische Affinität, den Schock zu absorbieren, zurückzudrehen, in das verwundete Land zurückzukehren und sich zu erholen, um wiederhergestellt zu werden.

    Das Deutsche hat dafür Wörter, die für diese Identität keine englischen oder französischen Wörter haben. Es ist alles Boden. Es ist das Land, aber diese Übersetzung trägt nicht die Tiefe der Bedeutung von Boden. Boden ist im sächsischen Geist so nah wie der Lutheraner an Brot und Wein des Sakraments Christi. Boden ist Brot für das Land ist Leben, und es ist unmöglich, das Blut vom Land zu trennen. Das Blut ist das vergossene Blut, indem es das Land bearbeitet, das Land schützt, und das Blut wird im umgebenden Mutterleib der Erde wiederhergestellt, zu dem die Sachsen mit absoluter Liebe und Verwandtschaft ihre Toten zurückbringen, um sie mit Ehre und Schutz festzuhalten. Der Mutterleib einer Mutter bringt Leben in das Blut ihrer Adern und den Boden ihres Leibes, und die Mutter der Erde bringt ein zukünftiges Leben im Blut der Menschenhütte und den Körper der Erde vereint.

    In Richard Wagner ist dies der Sturm, der in all diesen Tönen stürmt, und die Musik ist der Geist des Menschen, der sich bewegt wie der Nebel, der sich von der Erde in den Himmel erhebt, um wieder zu leben.

    Dies ist sächsisch von nordischen Pyrenäen bis zu deutschen heiligen Gräbern der Amerikaner. Es ist das Land, der Grund, das Blut, der Blut, alles in den aufsteigenden Tönen des Herzschlagkampfes der menschlichen Reise der göttlichen Eroberung. Davon spricht nichts, außer dem Herzen des Sachsen.
    Dies ist die Euphorie, die der Kaiser forderte. Dies ist das Schicksal des tausendjährigen Reiches. Außenseiter verspotteten es, weil sie die Verwandtschaft des Landes nicht annehmen konnten. Der Saxson ist kein Geschöpf der Stadt. Der Saxon ist ein Wesen des Landes, das es vom Herd bis zum Garten berührt, sie sind von diesem Boden, sie sind die Erde, die Gott aus Lehm geformt hat, und sie schwingen mit diesem Boden in den gleichen Lebenskräften, die in ihm schweben und Blumen bilden im Frühling ist dieselbe Blüte, die in der Freude des Menschen ausbricht.
    Dies ist Bach in der Ode de Jesu, dies ist Händel im Messias, das ist die nächste Menschheit, die den Geist des Bluts und des Bodens, den Körper und das Blut des Sachsen in epischer Lebensfeier hier und heute gebannt hat ewiges Leben.

    Es ist das Verständnis von HEIMAT, dem Wort, das den Atem des Lebens, des Lebensgeistes und der Lebensträume in einer ewigen Spanne enthält, in dem Wort Heimat ist ein Verständnis, dass Ihr Zuhause das gleiche ist wie Ihre Heimatnation das gleiche wie der Boden, auf dem Sie im selben Chor Ihrer Seele mitschwingen. Es ist alles eine Bedeutung, denn es kann kein Körper und Blut in dir sein, wenn nicht Brot vom Grund und das Blut deines Volkes im Land heilig ist, da dieselbe Definition in der nationalen Identität enthalten ist. Es kann keine Trennung der amerikanischen Identität von Thomas Jefferson zu Amerikanern geben, von ihrer säkularen Verfassung bis zu Sachsen auf ihrem Rasen in Dallas und Sachsen, indem sie das Blut des Samens dem Körper des Landes übergibt, um den Weizen herzustellen, der den Kreis vollendet des Lebens.
    In Martin Luthers gesamtem sächsischem Protest ging es darum, dass der Leib und das Blut eine nationale Identität aus einer globalistischen Sklaverei retten und retten

    und den sächsischen Ort in das Land zurückbringen, auf dem sie standen, denn es gab keinen Unterschied zwischen dem Geist Gottes, der sich auf dem Wasser bewegte und das Leben in ihnen brütete, zu dem Sachsen, der auf dem Land stand und diesem Land Leben verlieh.

    Die Treue gegenüber der wahren Familie, der Spirituellen Familie, ist die Nation Christi in der Bitterkeit der Enttäuschung, aber das Treten der Hoffnung auf eine Wanderung in ein morgenreicheres Leben war nicht in der Vergangenheit, sondern an einem neuen Ehepartner Gute Nachricht von großer Freude an einem neuen Ehepartner.

    Die Nativitäten dieser sächsischen Welt wurden angegriffen, zerstört und zum Völkermord und zum Aussterben gebracht, aber der Kern und der Blut bleiben bestehen. Der Sächsische kehrt wie Excalibur in den See ins Land zurück, und dieses Schicksalsschwert erhebt sich wieder aus diesen vielen Völkern, wenn es aus Exil und Vernichtung wieder erwacht.

    An diesem Osterfest, an diesem Hinübergehen, diesem Keuchen für ein spirituelles Volk wird die Heimat mit denen sprechen, denen diese Lieder zugeflüstert wurden, aber sie verstanden die Geschichte oder die Sprache nicht. Sie sind jedoch jetzt von den alten Wörtern berührt worden, als sie die Sprossen in sich sonnen, um die Identität dessen zu erkennen, wer sie sind, um erneut den Kern und den Blut hervorzubringen, während sie diesen Geist als ihre Vorfahren in die Welt einatmen vor erreicht.

    Wieder einmal eine Lame Cherry exklusiv in Sachen Anti-Materie.


  • Yes I have a Chinese nanny and not an American......

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I am leery of Amazon in Jeff Bezos coming Obama monopoly. For those who are not aware, Birther Hussein handed over the United States to the Nazi Conglomerates, to centralize control of what you as the cloth of the land eat, breathe, sleep and shit. It is the concentration of wealth and control, which means the feudal few are empowered.

    Like Walmart was a good thing in only selling American as it drove out JC Penney and Sears Roebuck, but now is all shoddy Chinese communist goods, the day will come when Amazon destroys the market place, and becomes a monopoly and drives up prices like Walmart did and Big Oil does, as they will be the only outlet selling and delivering.

    As for now, I do a great deal of shopping at Amazon. The reason being I have a 5% Discover cashback card, which for 3 months out of the year on Amazon gives me cash back. I could use my bank card and get nothing, but in paying bills I get 75 dollars back. That is good economics and Amazon has tailored the site for Discover.

    This is the saga though of ordering Olive Oil from Amazon. See in the brier patch feed bin, olive oil, which is about the only oil I can eat as others swell me up, it sells for just under 7 dollars a pint. On Amazon, TL located a gallon of extra virgin for 28 dollars. I do not like extra virgin as it is to strong, but when I factor out that I am getting olive oil for 3.50 a pint, that is where I am going to purchase it, with free dinosaur shipping.

    Let us face something in this, in Amazon imports Asian slave labor. Their Customer Service is nothing but haji or whatever armpit they come from as they have some really beyond Ghandi names. The reason I bring that reality up, is in ordering gallon, along with some other scouring pads which I can not get here, the box arrived, and there was not any packaging in it.
    Bezos has zero quality control in either bots or curry nigs, as here was this rolling ball of olive oil smashing around in the box, which Fed Ex was using for a football apparently.
    I was fortunate this thing did not explode and cover everything with oil.

    Olive Oil Football

    As I paid for an undamaged product, I complained to Amazon as smashed in plastic bottles are not what I buy in the store or accept in the mail.

    They were most helpful and offered to exchange or refund. As I needed the oil, yes I got the exchange and they shipped again, assuring me that the packing department would be notified to do a better job.

    So the next package arrived, and, it was damaged worse than the first gallon of olive oil.

    So it was back to Amazon to complain and this is why I am informing my dear children of this, is Amazon in my experience has 3 levels of customer service.

    First level, is robotic answers, even if Indians are the wetware. First time it is refund or replace, but second time they will just refund. I did not want a refund, and asked for a replacement again, and the wet ware is programmed to not agree to this, and send you to their supervisor which I requested.

    Second level is where you hear the NO a great deal and stonewalling. In fact on level two, they manipulate the public in telling them that you do not get a refund, a replacement, that Amazon is not responsible, and that you have to contact the manufacturer in the olive oil company, as they are responsible. That is called lying to the public and it weeds out numbers of people who just take NO for an answer.
    This really pissed me off, so it was me asking for this person's supervisor, which kicks you up to another department, where after raising the volume, Amazon's wetware, responds with fulfilling their pledge as they are legally bound to do, and the Indian was programmed to satisfy the customer.

    I know that in hard times, there are people who will take advantage of Amazon in pulling scams, but this is for honest people who appreciate the situation of damaged goods. I honestly as this point get a better return policy from Amazon than anywhere, including the stores around here. I know this will stop one day, and I know that Amazon tried jacking up prices on the free shipping a year ago, and the public quit buying and they had to go back to the 25 dollar threshold again.

    Amazon does have some problems, in Angel Soft toilet paper, people were ordering that, and suddenly discovered it was like wax paper, so they quit ordering. I know I ordered cat food for Poot and the bag from the vendor was old and molded. I had to contact the company and they did refund, but Amazon does get things dumped on there too which people need to be aware of. They really do make most vendors tow the line though in refunds which is the part that has me going through Amazon, as the site is swipe card secure and in most case things turn out fine.

    I am still waiting for the replacement on the olive oil, but in figuring out costs, I can filter out any plastic that might of sloughed off in the oil, and in God's Grace in Fed Ex and UPS damages, where my olive oil was 7 dollars a pint locally, not name brand, I have olive oil at 1.77 a pint. That is what I need in Trumpflation. It is why at this time I still use Amazon as they have treated me right for the years I have used that site. I like finding deals for old DVD's from their vendors which have always been good, and as Discover offers the cash back at Amazon, it returns money to me, and I need every penny I can recover with all the rich people not showing humanity and not donating here.

    The worst problem in this has been the delivery, as winter was horrid, and the spring melt was a mud hole, and I can not have trucks in the yard or they would sink to China. The second damaged item, I was draining water off the driveway when the UPS guy parked and I went and retrieved the box.
    In all of this though, is the one reality, if Jeff Bezos was employing Americans in his packing department, at least in oversight positions, they would have the sense to put bubble wrap in boxes so the items would not be cannon balls slamming around in the box, as the delivery services through them like footballs. That is shoddy on Bezos part in his Nazi Conglomerate pouring into the United States people who are on the intelligence level of monkeys. A fraction of a cent in air bubble wrap would have solved all of this which is a disconnect in Bezo operation from his grande ideas to the reality of he has people who do not give a damn in quality control, and the Trump Visa Vermin which Amazon hires, have zero Christian work ethic to do a good job, which helps their boss Jeff Bezos, making him more money, which trickles down to better wages and working conditions.

    I call this my employee recycling in Soylent Green for my plants.

    To put it simply, this is what America is being transformed into across the board in Chinese crooks, Indian asstards and Mexicans who are using bubble wrap as fuck toys, in none of them are American Protestant in ethics to go beyond the paycheck in doing what is right.

    This once again is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Expect America to decline across the board in this decade and the Christian remnant will see a 3rd world America where society falls apart as no one is going to be putting into America, as the majority is raping the structure and moral people are not going to kill themselves for a shit hole fathered by Birther Hussein and delivered by Donald Trump.

    As a customer, I should not have been put through any of this, as this is my time and money being wasted on shoddy fulfillment. Who do you think is busting boxes at Fed Ex and UPS? Same primates who are at Amazon not giving a damn.
    The system is already broken and no one is noting it as cheap money from Trump is still holding the shards together.

    Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Bubble wrap? No Pitram, not in the box, as I take it home
    and sleep on it for my bed.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Click on above graph, copy, paste and enjoy the study of the Mossad.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    When Victor Ostrovsky published his Mossad memoirs in By Way of Deception, he provided insight into the terminology then. A KATSA was an operative. As he states most people use the world AGENT, but that is incorrect in the Mossad, as an agent is a funded asset of Mossad. They numbered 35,000 globally, with 25,000 active and 10,000 sleepers. The majority of them serve in the United States which is wide open to the Mossad. The Sayum are volunteer Jews, as they must be full blooded Jews who assist in operations in their vendor vocations from banking, to housing, to law enforcement, to airlines, wherever the Mossad requires an asset.

    The agents are divided into black, Muslim, and white, non Muslim, with WARNING agents alerting against war, WMD's and other attacks.

    In the graph above you will find words foreign to you. That is by design. LAP, stands for psychological warfare and controls the entire Jewish press and numbers of other foreign outlets.

    Some compartments of Mossad are so isolated and small, like Unit 504, that they operate as a Mossad within the IDF, or Israeli Defense Forces. Other units are 8200 which is SIGNET, and 8513 which handles visual intelligence. 8520 replicates furniture, devices etc... to be planted in homes or offices for bugging the area.
    With 8520 is KESHET or NEVOIT, which not only replicates objects, but does break ins to homes and businesses, and computer where files appear in other forms and in most cases Americans are blamed for collusion over these operations.

    SHABACK often appears, which is the FBI version in Judea, in homeland security. APAM is intelligence security while AMAN is military intelligence.
    Sometimes VISA means just that, in it is a counterfeiting wing of the Mossad which creates false identities or shadow identities of real people that a katsa or combatant operates under.

    Metsada or Komeniute is another one of those Mini Mossad's within Mossad. They manage the combatants, who are deployed in most cases out of country in dangerous situations or lethal situations and are of the assassination wing.
    Combatants are operational agents, housed in the ultra Mossad within Mossad, which includes KIDON, which is the Mossad assassination unit, and the ultra secret AL which no one gains access to ever.

    AL or American Intelligence sector, is American Liaison. This is the group which carries out espionage and operations inside the United States from bugging the United Nations, coordinating contacts with public officials and other more lethal ventures as smuggling in dope which the Mossad swears on a stack of Torah's it is not involved in as it is against American law to spy on Americans.

    Head of Services and Operations, is self explanatory in one provides for the workings of Mossad operations and one is the actual operation.

    The gut of Mossad is the Prime Minister's Summer Palace, where the Academy is. Mossad used to get their jollies when old Golda Mier visited with her "male companion" for over nighters. The Asian Ashkenaz has a pretense for listening to sex as a past time of terrorists and prostitutes.

    Tsomet or Melucka is Hebrew for Kingdom. It is the recruiting department which handles the trainees who become Katsa. The Midrasha or Academy is where the recruits are trained or abused at, as the Jews believe in shock training in dumping their recruits off to be picked up by the security forces who then beat the hell out of them, or show up at safe houses, kick in the door and beat the hell out of the recruits.
    For the most part this abuse conditioning creates a mind warped to the Mossad in any activity, including criminal.

    Tevel or Kaisarut, these are the embassy employees worldwide, known as intelligence officers.

    Tsafririm, or Morning Breeze. This is the Mossad division which organizes the diaspora into groups for "self defense" in creating frames or cells, in which slicks or places inside homes and businesses where documents or weapons are hidden, in order to be used against the host government.

    Yahalomim, the Gemstone or the numerical data center. Victor Ostrovsky never explains what this department is.

    This is the Institute which Victor Ostrovsky attempted to expose to make certain it was under the auspices of a control apparatus to reign it in, as the Mossad is a group which ships dope, whores and whatever for profit in the Jewish state. In Ostrovsky's period, the state of Israel had a problem with finances. That is no longer the case, so one can discern as the Mossad runs volunteers to dominate message boards and send Twitter feeds, they have tapped into the international money finance where funds are created with the press of an Obama key as the US Fed props up the US Stock Markets.
    The Jewish liberation from money troubles occurred after they acquired the PROMIS software which American intelligence illegally obtained from the Inslaw group and then attempted to destroy Inslaw.
    They also create virus as STUXNET 'for the Americans' in which the Germans introduced it to the Iranian weapons program in Tehran. Obama hired "ex' Mossad to do internet control of Republicans and censoring email flow as some of us experienced.

    With that, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter with about as close of look as you ever want to get to this organization as it has not gotten any better, and is currently running a coup against Benjamin Netanyahu for their own reasons again.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have noticed in Alex Jones a trend of talking points that even flows to Mark Levin, in they are all sounding like fire and brimstone preachers, inciting the mob to go out and get into the faces of liberals.
    The challenge from Alex Jones is to wear MAGA hats and mix it up, to others spouting the same theme. It reminds of Eric Holder inciting Obama's black Niggers to go intimidate people, and Afroids were too lazy to go make themselves into cop bullet depositories, so they saved them from mahdi Obama. This same thread of Trumps white Niggers though has ramped up again, and no one with any sense should be biting on this kind of nuttery, no more than 2016 when people got bloodied.

    It is not just those in the right raving, CBS is among others on the left now promoting leftists attacking Donald Trump and MAGA supporters.
    Someone is Sir Paul McCartney calling for a Revolution.

    I honestly do not know if Trump via Stephen Miller is trying to use this as a crackdown on leftists or has this as his 2020 Trump shirts rallying cry. I do know that the Trump voters having been betrayed by him for 2.5 years are not in any mood to go out and get bloodied as this is inciting citizens to be, because Donald Trump is not going to bail them out.

    In this, that is the crux of this, to examine this, in someone is putting out talking points to the White Christian Southern group, which comprises the Sean Homo Hannity audience to be the front line storm troopers to "make something happen" so they can talk about it. Then apparently Trump is going to react to it.
    The problem again in this is, you have Buford Loudpipes wearing a MAGA hat, and gets beat up. The cops show up and depending on the mood, either arrest Buford or take his name and let the leftists go. Unless someone dies, then Buford goes to prison, has big defense bills, as he is in this on his own.
    Buford then gets to pay his hospital bills and sit around for a week, looking beat up and hurting, and no one from Trump 2020 or Homo Hannity calls and lets him know he is not alone.

    I have a suggestion for Donald Trump, as this is coming out of his camp, as I hear the same lingo from Sean Homo Hannity and Alex Jones, in "Trump is going to crack down" in this Mueller investigation, in until the day that I see Don jr. in his MAGA hat, hosing down liberals with a shotgun, and Sean Homo Hannity cutting off their ears, as Linda cuts off the scrotums for Liam's marble bags, I do not see any Trump leadership at all in this. I see Donald Trump leading from behind in expendable Americans are out front who are being incited to make an issue for him.
    I don't see Donald Trump ready with that pardon pen for Christian Americans. I see him pardoning Jew slave traders and Afroid sex pervs, but Gordon Kahl's boy is still rotting in prison and Rod Blagojevich is still at the federal grey bar. Until real people who are innocent get pardons, and until I see Donald Trump's rich relatives and rich mic heads mixing it up with liberals, and Donald Trump pardoning them, Donald Trump telling Secret Service to give them cover on their rampages, I simply do not trust Donald Trump to look out for anyone.

    If you look at who is getting ahead in breaking the law under Donald Trump, it is the Mexican mafia, all these catch and release border vermin, with the Muslim mania. Muslims get to rob Americans in high fuel prices, get to set off HAARP to weather mod Americans, and the Mexicans get to thwart US law on the border and in jobs.

    So once again my advice is as I informed Homeland in my interview, that I do not incite violence, and I tell everyone to not be listening to this violence, as they are going to be out there alone, abandoned by the political parties and left with shattered lives.

    Donald Trump and the GOP or democrats have done nothing for me. I am poorer, my taxes are higher, my energy bills are spiking, my food bills are higher, and things have only gotten worse as more Visa Vermin pour into the United States. I am not inspired to support any of this mock theater as there is nothing in it for me. No one should believe a democrat or a republican or be listening to people who are telling them to get into other people's faces.
    The left has nuts who are on edge to begin with and go off without a push. The right though should be bright enough to not get into some nuts face, especially since Donald Trump does not have their back and never has.

    So until Donald Trump keeps his promises. Until the day that I see my taxes fall, my costs fall and my dreams coming true, I am not going to be sucked into this again, as I gave two years of my life for electing Donald Trump and was brushed aside like a whore on the street.
    And if Don jr. appears and starts roughing up people, and Sean Homo and Linda, start collecting body parts, I will wait to see how much protection Donald Trump gives them, and if the Secret Service joins in.

    And after all of that, I am going to have one action, and that will be the statement, "Ok boys, you got about two years worth of proving to me that you are geniune, as you proved for two years, you could not be trusted.

    Until then, that is what Russians, Chinese and the invading hordes are for as fodder, as this is nothing no one with intelligence should want any part of.

    I paid for a Trump victory, and I am still waiting on the delivery of all promises.

    Nuff Said



    I would like to interview your cunt as a source Ann...

    At this rate, it's only a matter of time before Jared gets rid of Trump. No wonder the media like him so much.


    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    It is interesting a HuffPo writer is the source being quoted by Ann Coulter in her latest Trump rant. The problem in all of this is, in this expose' on the Kushner evil in the West Wing, is that only 100 people have purchased it on Amazon.
    That is a massive danger sign for Donald Trump politically, as democrats do not hate him enough to buy it, and republicans are not rabid enough to care.

    Ivanka thinks she is going to be the inheritor of the Trump Nazi Party, the National Socialists of America, and perhaps she can offer something for the cartel to install her, but the fact is after Mike Pence does his Tiberius, that I highly doubt there is ever going to be a Trump dynasty.
    Barron looks gay oatmeal.
    Don jr. smells like fish.....think about that one.
    Eric has a wife that is........a leftist.

    And Ivanka, she is stupid, married to a Jew who would sell anything, and she has burned up two generations of American good will in a year.

    My blonde is bottled and my tits are a mystery.


    Vicky Ward is a New York Times bestselling author, investigative reporter, and magazine columnist. She is the author of the bestselling books "The Liar's Ball: The Extraordinary Saga of How One Building Broke the World's Toughest Tycoons" and "The Devil's Casino: Friendship, Betrayal and the High Stakes Games Played Inside Lehman Brothers." Her latest book is "Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump." She is an editor at large at HuffPost and HuffPost's long-form magazine, Highline, as well as at Town & Country magazine. She was a contributing editor to Vanity Fair for eleven years, where she covered politics, finance, art, and culture.

    Apparently of the 100 people who read this Kushner book, they are the only 100 people in the country who have enough emotion to hate Jarvanka. You just can not get elected on that and you can not stay out of priso on that, as no one cares you are getting your ass raped in the grey bar.

    The few people who have emotions on Jarvanka are .......well genital wet over them.

    So far the only other review is someone who gave it one star because they personally don't like Kushner. Well, if you don't like Kushner, you're going to love this book. It's very juicy and full of interesting details. Like the fact that Jared's father, Charles Kushner, used to visit New York City under a fake name to have relations with men.

    And now we learn in the genital wetness of the Trumps is Donald Trump does his evil out in front, but the Kushner's are grabbing the bush under the table.

    To paraphrase the author, on the dangerous scale, Jared & Ivanka are #1 & #2 with Donald Trump, as terrible as he is, coming in at #3. Imagine that. While Donald Trump is acting out, getting all of the attention, these two are like sharks below the surface, making policy in the Middle East in order to make the Saudi's happy and being paid personally & handsomely for that policy". It's like Donald Trump is running cover for Jared & Ivanka. The biggest question remains. How much longer is the Republican Party going to allow this kind of nepotism and corruption to continue?

    So we have learned that Ann Coulter hating on Donald Trump does not have a great base which is a 100 reader audience on Amazon, who read Huffpo Blonde with no tits.

    The summation is that not enough people hate Donald Trump to turn him out of office and the rest of the population is so bored with being lied to, they have stopped caring or paying attention.

    All of this is not all what it seems, everything gauges whether Tavistock and Stanford protocols are working. They are as two bottle blondes can not be wrong.

    Trump has even taken the masturbation out of politics as there are always wet genitals glomming onto women to just get close them, but 100 is not even in the masturbation zone.

    It looks like Donald Trump has the White House and regrettably in that control, will not give Americans anything of MAGA ever again.

    I guess it is three bottle blondes.


  • AOC doing the Great Wall of China

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    We all remember the revolutionary photos of Vladimir Putin, a real man's man, which captured the imagination of the world. Well as a surprise, the Lame Cherry was invited to tag along on the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Comeback Tour.

    AOC is not like any leader in history and wanted a day in her life documented, as she makes her statement that she can Out Putin Putin and Out Trump Trump.

    She called this the Doing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Tour like Elvis Presley and John Cash on their comebacks, AOC, is showing she is a woman of past, present and future.

    Alley started her day off with a wrestle with her pet Manchurian tiger, Max. Max is a vegan who like tofu and caviar.

    Then she went for an Olympic sprint, telling me that she was thinking about being an Olympian in the next Olympics.
    She runs a 5.6 fifty meters which she attributes to her wholesome way of life.

    Then she grabbed her pony, Tonto as in getting rid of all automobiles, AOC is going to put everyone on horseback again and is one reason she wants to get rid off all the cows as there will be more horses.

    Next we stopped at a hospital where she was breast feeding a child she saved from abortion in New York and named the child Ocasio Ocasio Ocasio.

    Lastly, we finished the day off ice fishing. AOC told me she got into ice fishing when she was at Standing Rock in the Keystone XL pipeline, as she just had to get a bigger fish than Putin.

    It is evident after all of this, that AOC has trumped the Putin propaganda page book. World explorer in conquering the Great Wall of China, equestrian, fisherperson, cat wrestler, Olympian and breast feeder. If you stack AOC in one balance scale and all democrats in the other, she tips the scales.

    Obviously it is time to draft Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, dressed in white, the Virgin American Marxist. Yes AOC the VAM, it is a day doing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

    I'm a woman, AOC VAM!!!

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The following is an assessment on the Mossad assassination teams, known as the Kidron, based upon Victor Ostrovsky's memoirs By Way of Deception.

    The reason for examining the assassination teams of the Mossad in forensic psychological profile is to explain that the propaganda does not match the reality of the Mossad. The Mossad is very accomplished in set protocols and squat assassination, but in the following their glaring inability as Jewish Asians is exposed in their inability to think out of the box or on the fly, which is one aspect that the Canadian Victor Ostrovsky did have in his attributes, in he could think on the fly which is most important in any operation, because the variables are too many in what can go wrong, always does go wrong.

    The principles in this are the two assassins, Dan Drory and a bizarre giant named Amikon, who always wore a Jew cap, to the extent in Muslim lands, he shaved his head, made a fake hairpiece and wore that over the bald spot in his religious mandates.
    That alone should have disqualified the giant, along with his being a giant, in hulking masses are always more noticeable than average lithe people, of no features and the ability to not be noticed when standing alone on a street corner.

    The assassin team composed of 6 to 8 individuals, went to Athens, not a Muslim nation, but home to the PLO which has a radar for Jews. The two targets were located in Abdul the station chief and Abdul the assistant. They were observed to create patterns a that is standard Mossad protocol, and once the patterns emerged, a neutralization plan was created to execute these two PLO terrorists.

    The observation phase took place for a month, and a pattern which presented itself was Abdul and Said met regularly at a hotel every Tuesday and Thursday with PLO officials on a main thoroughfare.

    Both were photographed and from a bar glass Abdul's fingerprints were confirmed that he was indeed the target. The pattern emerged that Said would meet, leave the hotel after 20 minutes, go to his apartment, change his clothes and go out for the evening.
    Abdul would leave the hotel and go an apartment of one of his girlfriends.

    Said lived on the second floor of his apartment, parked in a four stall parking garage, a lighted lamp post was outside, and he had 3 body guards in being involved in the military arm of the PLO. Abdul did not have security.

    It was decided that a Thursday would be the day that the assassinations would take place. Said always left first, and would be executed outside his apartment building. Abdul left the hotel on a busy two lane street afterwards. A pay phone was down the street from the hotel and there a katsa would wait to phone to the Amikon team that Abdul had been executed, and they were to proceed with their execution.

    On the day of the event, instead of the men following their normal activities, both walked out together. The Jews only prepared for one PLO official, stood down as they did not prepare for all contingencies. This is what is meant by the Jewish Asian mind. They can follow the maze to perfection in operations, but move one piece out and they freeze up. They also do not have an on the fly operation to handle all situations.

    In this, there were two assassins for two PLO officials at two locations. In proper set up, the hotel location should have had in an upper window or a van, a sniper with a silencer, who would have in the event the two men walked out together, put down the secondary terrorist in Said as Abdul was taken out by Drory.

    Two dead terrorists in a parking lot in the span of 5 seconds ends the problem there cleanly and efficiently. If a variable occurs, then Said, in panic would be taken out when he fled to his safe house, in the parking garage.

    The operation reset, the Jews once again set up for the kill at the hotel, as Said left as he previously had before, Abdul. Abdul two minutes later left the hotel, in each case the Jews had a radio they "clicked" on to alert the hotel team that their target was moving.
    The radio man followed Abdul out, and blocked the door, as it was rotating door. When Abdul was down the steps, another kidron called out "Abdul" to which Abdul replied in the affirmative as Drory placed two bullets to the heart and one to the head.
    Hofni, the other kidron was already moving to the van across the street by the time Abdul was falling as it was pulling away, and the pay phone katsa phoned to inform the Said assassins that "It's done", to proceed with their operation.
    The revolving door radio man, simply walked back into the hotel as if he forget something. No one found Abdul in the parking lot for 10 minutes.

    At the parking garage, the giant lurked with the lamp post light now not working. Again something went not according to planning in two men were in the Said vehicle. When the vehicle parked, the giant appeared from behind and at angle emptied his extended round 9 mm pistol into the back of the heads of the PLO officials, alternating between the two.
    The giant then stepped around to finish the two off, but they did not have any faces left.

    Although a silencer was employed, a silencer does not muffle bullet impact on walls nor shattering car glass. This alerted the bodyguards who appeared on the balcony calling out Said's name.
    A second kidron called to the bodyguards in Arabic to get down, and they did, to which the giant and his accomplice ran across the street, got into the vehicle of the katsa who received the "It's done" phone call, and they drove off.

    While the second kidron was proper, as a back up, the problem is the exposing of both in running across the street. An assassin can not break cover into the open, as the bodyguards or police could have appeared opening fire.

    Get away cars on site are fine, unless they get blocked in, do not start or are in such a location that it exposes the shooters to public observation.

    In the Said shooting, too many cartridges were expelled, as this alerted the bodyguards. The giant correctly proceeded in Mossad teaching of "kill anyone who gets in the way as their are no innocents", but in this, there should have been preparation for a car full of PLO officials, to the two who were there.
    In the event of a car load, a grenade would have been mandatory, as once Abdul was on the ground, it was of necessity to put Said and how many others in the morgue as there would not be a second chance.
    Dual locations create 20 times the problems of coordination and variables to go wrong.
    A grenade is loud, but 40 shots are more time consuming in holding a kidron at postion.

    In review, this was a very poor Mossad operation in preparation for variables. Given it being the 1980's, it would be compounded now in cell phones in PLO officials speed dialing and the public taking selfies. All operations must be completed under 10 seconds and every operative must have a covered avenue of escape, including a secondary vehicle to proceed to, and a secondary assembly point for extraction.

    From a proper operational perspective, in the laying out of the theater, one does not ever cross a street. An event must take place in a semi concealed area, as parked vehicles, as law enforcement has the worst timing in appearing on patrol. Mossad though prepares for patterns, and when those patterns are close to the standard they function as assassins capable of neutralizing unsuspecting targets.
    Produce a contrary result and they either freeze, stand down or make a very loud mess, calling attention to the operation.

    In conclusion, the Mossad is far too Jewish Asian. They do not walk on water, and are more prone to sinking in to the depths they have created. The PLO operation in Athens is a historical proof of the Mossad's failings in training and protocols.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Concerning the release of the Mueller Report to Congress, Mark Levin has a point that the Mueller Team was not interested in conducting an investigation to serve thee American People, but instead planted information, from the Grand Juries on every one of the 400 pages, which the Attorney General will be required by law to black out or redact.

    We know certain realities in the Mueller Investigation, in it cost Americans tens of millions of dollars. That it was brutal in using blackmail of threats of prosecuting family members of the accused to attempt to get these people to roll over on Donald Trump, that the investigation went far beyond the legal expected definitions of Russian collusion, and searched through hush money, personal finances as in the case of the President's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and that no one was ever charged with anything really except lying to investigators, which in most cases seem to be memory lapses.

    I am going to use the Atlanta Journal as a source, as it is liberal, and provides a sound recitation of the Mueller investigation.

    First in finding no collusion, 2800 subpoenas were issued. 500 witnesses and 500 search warrants. That is ridiculous, but points to why Robert Mueller after wasting this much money and America's time, had to make a landmine report, as this was a witch hunt against Donald Trump and those around him.

    We know that Mueller completed the report using 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses and 500 search warrants.

    We know for certain that not any collusion was found.

    "... did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election."

    We also know that by Robert Mueller placing information into the report, produced an UNINDICTED INDICTMENT of Donald Trump, which will serve the same whispering campaign that John Brennan unleashed with his political associates, in a criminal violation of abuse of power, which had deluded people like Lisa Page and Evelyn Farkas destroy their careers over rumors in a a fake dossier.

    The Unidicted Indictment which is a new term, will be akin to the Richard Nixon, Unindicted Co Conspirator. It is a way for those #NeverTrumpers to kidney stab a political figure and let them bleed out slowly.

    "The report's second part addresses a number of actions by the President — most of which have been the subject of public reporting — that the Special Counsel investigated as potentially raising obstruction-of-justice concerns. After making a "thorough factual investigation" into these matters, the Special Counsel considered whether to evaluate the conduct under Department standards regarding prosecution and conviction but ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment. The Special Counsel therefore did not draw a conclusion — one way or the other — as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction."

    Now here are the facts in this, as the Mueller Team left the building, except for the attempted tax lynching of Donald Trump, in there are no secrets in Washington DC. Pissgate proved that completely. If there was anything in this report, Nancy Pelosi would not be overseas telling the British that Donald Trump knows he should not be President, and she would be in the United States, along with the 500 democrats running for the DNC nomination, running not on Bernie Sanders Medideath for all, and running on Donald Trump's Obstruction of Justice.
    The Obstruction part was deliberately left open by Robert Mueller, because there was not evidence of obstruction as Mr. Trump as President had Constitutional Authority to do so, and due to the fact that making such a charge would bring impeachment, which would destroy democrats for 2020, as they would never make the charge stick, as the evidence is not there.
    So what forms is the political assassination of the unindicted indictment of Donald Trump.

    In the AJC, the investigators are listed. The fact is Robert Mueller was searching for the Missing Link in protecting that source as he knew collusion never did happen.
    The jury is still out on Attorney General Barr in what he will initiate, but he was involved in PROMIS software in the origins of all of this botwars online, and was brought in for that purpose now.

    Jeff Sessions proved to be another deep state plant and fraud, to bring down Donald Trump. Rod Rosenstein is the worst Deputy Attorney General in history for his abuse of power and his absolute disrespect of Congress.
    James Comey was even worse in his criminal leaks which initiated the special counsel and his feckless leadership which tarnished the FBI.

    The investigators
    Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III
    Attorney General William P. Barr
    Former Attorney General Jeff B. Sessions
    Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein
    Former FBI director James B. Comey

    As for those investigated, innocent people were framed, and the criminal elements were passed over. Again this was botwars in who orchestrated the computer information and released it, in protecting that source.

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald Trump Jr.
    Jared Kushner
    Paul Manafort
    Rick Gates
    Michael Flynn
    George Papadopoulos
    Roger Stone
    Michael Cohen
    Various Russians
    "Guccifer 2.0."
    Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
    Maria Butina
    Hillary Clinton
    Sam Clovis
    Jerome Corsi
    Randy Credico
    Democratic National Committee
    Rob Goldstone
    J.D. Gordon
    Stefan Halper
    Konstantin Kilimnik
    Sergey Kislyak
    Joseph Mifsud
    Carter Page
    Dmitry Peskov
    Richard Pinedo
    John Podesta
    Vladimir Putin.
    Felix Sater
    Alexander Torshin
    Alex van der Zwaan
    Natalia Veselnitskaya

    Except for a strange quote of John Brennan before the public release of the report in "MAYBE I DON'T KNOW", all have kept silent on the Mueller Report.
    That is the revelation in all of this, that there is nothing in this report which would bring an indictment, or it would have been leaked already, and Nancy Pelosi would not have walked back the "impeach Trump" charge in Maxine Waters has gone morgue cold silent on the issue.

    I do agree with John Brennan, that the report does need to be released, but not in the context of the paper lynching of Donald Trump. Liberals have seized upon the facts that the Trump Team did have contacts with Russians, but these meetings time and again were set ups or accidental. The Mockingbird smear of Team Trump will gaslight Americans again in the Mueller Report in attacking it, is clever political assassination, but it is just as fraudulent as a report full of testimony which will never reach the public. That also includes what Mark Levin has not told you in his defense of National Socialist Trump that witnesses in the Grand Jury did say that they knew nothing of Russian contacts and that the President was innocent.

    That is probably closer to the content of 400 pages of an investigation summary which went insane. Again the reason no information leaked prior or upon the release of this report, points to that nothing is in it of legal consequence or the Mueller Team would have cuffed Don jr. after Jared Kushner threw his brother in law to the Mueller wolves. You will notice in the above that nowhere does the Special Counsel report on who he gave immunity deals to.
    That indeed is information the public should be aware of but John Brennan never raises the issue.

    Mar 26
    The obstruction of justice issue, however, is too important to be dismissed by a Trump-appointed AG with a predetermined view on Presidential accountability to the rule of law. We need to see the Report.

    This entire report is once again a smokescreen for the Miss Link, as it will not address who in the United States initiated this operation, which set in motion British MI6 under Theresa May with the Mosaad shadowing under Benjamin Netanyahu, to produce a Mark Singer paid for report for Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, which morphed into Bill Kristol's son in law inducing this dossier, which the Camp Clinton had handed off to them for Christopher Steele, to funnel back into the willing and waiting John Brennan and James Comey to place criminal investigation into the framing of Donald John Trump.

    Do not lose site of the above, as that is the issue here, and is the issue by which Attorney General Barr should be judged by, because until the names above receive criminal referrals, including the suicided John the hero McCain for his part in this, what 2016 was all about is never going to be uncovered.

    The fact is that Donald Trump left the building on 2016, and this investigation was to leverage him to end MAGA and carry out National Socialism in America. As long as Donald Trump is the cartel's advocate in the White House, he will be re elected in 2020 as certain as Birther Hussein had 2 election stolen for him.

    Which Donald Trump was this investigation after? Both, but both now have carte blanche as the purpose of the investigation was to produce the political cover to advance every last detail which Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would have been forced to accomplish, all without a Special Counsel.

    Robert Mueller is a protector of America and is serving his purpose just as Mark Levin is employed to serve his purpose in this. Little of it has to do with the Truth, as What is Truth has never been answered by mankind, and only by Jesus the Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I was listening to Alex Jones Weekend and one of his guests was the Molotov Mob's Laura Loomer, who has been part of the "banning" herding to make all the little conservatives think the elders are going to abandon us to the ovens.

    In response, Miss Loomer, as I think she is single, has decided upon a course of action for her livelihood, as the FEC, Federal Elections Commission has a rule that no media or platform can ban a political candidate, is going to run for Congress.

    As Donald Trump with DIA backing ran for the White House as a publicity stunt counter operation that Hillary and Jeb bit on, not thinking he was serious, running a WWE event will indeed not only defeat your opponents, but win you an election.

    Miss Loomer states she is running in Florida and meeting with "experts" to raise money and other things associated with a political campaign this coming week. I for one am going to volunteer here, to assist another girl as this lit vodka cocktail is sure as hell better than the 435 which are in Congress.

    The first thing I would note to Miss Loomer is to FORGET the experts. Elections are won, when not stolen for you like AOC, by the ground up. As she says she wants to do this, then she has from now to primary more than enough time to shake every Republican hand in her district. I state Republican, because like Trump she stands a better chance in the GOP than out of it as an Independent or future fringe party.

    She has to do the work in researching the voting in her district in numbers, and trends. Trends if population is growing and what types. She has to calculate how many votes it will take to win, add 20% to it, to make sure the election can not be stolen from her, and she will win the primary.
    That means voter lists, and it also means she is going to have to go out and canvas every house in her district, and that includes first gaining signatures on a petition to get on the GOP ballot, but it also dovetails later to having the information on how to register voters and how to gain absentee ballots.
    For Miss Loomer, you win an election a week before the polling date, and you do that with absentee ballots.

    It all has to be legal, but every voter she meets has to have a message given to them. I'm Laura Loomer. I was banned from the internet for free speech. I am a Floridian like you and I want to represent you in Congress. You may not have met our Congressperson, but come voting day I want you to know that you have met me and I listened to you, and I wrote down your concerns and I will be back to talk to you after the primary and before election day. You are going to know me, because I am not going to sell out to special interests and the way I do that is coming directly to you, you voting for me, and me owing you my vote in Congress.

    Miss Loomer is going to have to think on her feet as people will ask her things. They are smart and will stump her and argue, but she is going to have to come down to the point, I am here, I am listening and the other people will never show up on your doorstep, but send some kid who is hoping to get out of Florida for a cushy job as an intern.
    Never forget that running for office is a full time job. Jeb Bush sat on his ass and had the presidency taken from him, just as Hillary Clinton sat on her ass and Donald Trump beat her ass. National campaigns and state campaigns are different from local elections and districts, which is how Trump was able to use the internet. Local and district require hand shakes and one on one, as most people are not going to be on websites reading about you or listening to you.

    She is going to need volunteers. As she likes Guns and God, I would recommend that she find Churches and Sportsmen groups. She sells her message to them and she will have people who will do a great deal of the herding into groups to save her energies to stay on message.

    Voting is about dividing up a voting block and conquering it. Florida has known groups of voters. If she can know what the household is she is visiting, she can tailor a message to each house. It may take 40 messages of different focuses, but all will have a main theme. She is not there to convert democrats to be Republicans. She is there as St. Paul stated, to be the person those people are, so they will listen to her, and once they like her, they will vote for her.

    She has to stop dressing like bimbo. LEARN from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She put on a clinic of the pretty, little girl, fighting for the ghetto folk of New York. LEARN that message as democrats want to hear it. LEARN from your opponent's successes and stop making fun of the ones who have had elections handed to them.
    In that, Miss Loomer needs to revisit Ronald Reagan. Is messages are refined, American and timeless. She needs to be that light, in the houses in Florida, to be that shining city on a hill. Make people believe in a vision they already dream.

    She needs to stay away from experts as all consultants engage in, is bankrupting you in kickbacks to the media or polling pimps. Everything an expert and consultant does, can be overcome with a knock on the door and personal contact.

    Here is the expensive advice Miss Loomer needs in her identity search. It is brainless, but people pay money for this. She looks best with just below shoulder length hair, straight, natural black, and behind one ear. It opens her face and communicates best.
    Her colors are black, navy blue and light blue with white. She would look good in white too, but that is hell to keep clean. She presents business and working well, so she stays with those grounded looks.

    If she wants to appeal to people one on one, then she goes light lips and natural, if she wants to dominate she goes dark raspberry lips with heavier eye liner. She NEVER goes bottle blonde. She is selling "I am one of you" "I am a leader to follow" and "I am a winner".

    Now for the Trump sales pitch. She is working this to not be silenced, so she runs that for her gain. Most people want to be the Playboy centerfold, meaning a mic hog, so she can make it a community thing of making stars out of numbers of people for her Youtube page.
    I'm Larua Loomer in Florida and today I am with.........
    ...... has this to say about what needs to be done in America.
    Then Laura Loomer provides the solution, all is done in 60 seconds and hugging old people, thumbs up from guys is the finish. She salts this in by staging some videos that people could watch. Seriously, you get a dickweed challenging you, and you say,' Here let me show you your neighbor down the street making their point on my site, and I want you to have a voice, as Youtube shut me down", and you have your campaign, neutralizing trolls and free speech all rolled into one.

    Miss Loomer does confrontation well, she will know her GOP audiences, and she can do a sound byte of sending Maxine Waters fleeing, and stating I did that as a citizen, imagine what I can do with your support in Congress.

    She has to sound normal though, to keep the GOP doing a dead ringer on her the way John Kelly and Donald Trump nuked the innocent Judge Roy Moore.
    She should have some cover being a Jew, but that is not a selling point except to other Jewmerica.

    LISTEN to people. Read the minutes of every city board meeting in what is going on. If it is a geezer home, then read their fliers, know what kids are doing in sports in their teams, break it down to community life, so that you sound like you know what is happening on their street.

    Throw people off in asking them about things you notice. Ask about how long that pothole has been there. If that intersection is safe in any accidents were there. Let them start talking and telling you things, and this then flows to other houses in the neighborhood, and you make notes writing things down, and you tell them, when I get to Congress, I am going to make sure the funds come in here to fix that.

    Getting in people's faces is easy, but selling yourself as the only one to vote for, means people have to like you and trust you.

    Miss Loomer has an advantage in she will have a 15% edge in being the most attractive person. Resting on that will get you beat, but remembering that will produce a landslide, if you get off your ass and earn that seat in Congress.

    That is about all the free help I can donate, except she has to polish her engaging people. On Jones she was not certain and fluent. She has to get her cards printed out with subjects and become acquainted with 40 subjects so things just roll off her tongue in a SLOW MODERATE CADENCE. She has to practice this constantly to the reality of knowing how to fill time in non committal responses, until she can think of an answer for something she has no idea on. Carrying a laptop for Youtube auditions and for looking up information with "I'm really interested in this. Now that you have asked. Let's look it up and find the best solution".

    You are dealing with a market where 70% of the people are polite and pretty good, and 30% you will never reach.
    Always though personalize things, in having an affinity. Make the connection and people will vote for your smiling face.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

    It was not that Robert Maxwell knew too much. It was that what he knew could not be trusted by those he knew it.

    - Lame Cherry

    I had forgotten about Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch. Odd as I went to school with a Hoch. I swear his old man was queer and he was too. The old man used to put his arm around the boys, until a big German kid elbowed him in the ribs and almost flattened him. His kid had great legs though. Showgirl legs for a boy. He was a creepy bastard.

    I was not there when Robert Maxwell bought it. Things get around the red plane thought and that is where the story probably starts for a poor orphan girl.

    Much has been written of Maxwell that is over blown. He was never a spy, not like Trump got spied on by spies. Maxwell was not a katsa or a sayum. He was not even a combatant. He was more like someone who had things the Mosaad could count on for their use

    When Maxwell died, he had a mountain of debt, and he had everyone from Mikail Gorbachev to Itzhak Shamir on the phone wondering what happened to their asset.

    Meanwhile in Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Shamir, who had received no response to his questions - 'When? Where is he?' - punched a button on his telephone console. It triggered an identical light on the phone of Shabtai Shavit, Israel's meheume, the country's supreme head of intelligence and Director General of Mossad. The conversation recorded by both Prime Minister and Shabtai Shavit, is a model of brevity and understatement.

    'Have you heard?' demanded Shamir.
    'Yes, I've heard.'
    'What happened?'
    'He just vanished.'
    Are you sure?'
    'We're looking for him.'

    On that day, far out in the Atlantic, Robert Maxwell met a fate that had been decided in secret three months before.'

    It was a book that set in motion the things that Maxwell had set in motion concerning his associations. Victor Ostrovsky has always been a gift which kept on giving to the Mosaad.

    All the claims she made in the UK based Jewish Chronicle about inaccuracies do not appear in the published edition of the book.
    Graf has also admitted to author Martin Dillon, who lives in New York, that he sent two other unedited copies of the book to "un-named persons" who he refuses to identify.
    "This is no longer a spat between authors and their publisher. This goes to the heart of the trust a writer puts in his publisher. Mr Graf has abused that trust," said Mr Dillon, 53, a former BBC senior producer and author of the previous bestsellers, "The Shankill Butchers" and "The Dirty War".
    And London publisher Jeremy Robson has said he is "astonished at what has happened in America".

    Reading the review of the book on Maxwell's life, reads like the associates of Victor Ostrovsky in sources. A most fascinating confirmation of the facts of By Way of Deception.
    The Mosaad was leveled by Ostrovsky's expose' in the late 1980's and then with Maxwell's murder, the Mosaad got burned again in the 1990's.

    The late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin; former head of Military Intelligence and
    Prime Minister Ehud Barak; former Military Intelligence
    head Uri Saguy; former Mossad Directors-General Meir Amit
    and Isser Harel; former Mossad Assistant Director-General
    David Kimche; former Mossad Director of Operations Rafi
    Eytan; former Mossad field officers Juval Aviv and Eli Cohen;
    and "Efraim" of the
    kidon unit that killed Maxwell.
    "renegades" Ari Ben-Menashe and Victor Ostrovsky are ma-
    jor sources as well, who appear to have confirmed, from their
    own sources still in the Mossad, the allegation that a right-
    wing cabal in Mossad killed Maxwell. Notably absent from
    are Yitzhak Shamir and Shabtai Shavit,respectively
    the Prime Minister and the Mossad Director-
    particular aspects of Maxwell's life and death. It particularly
    focusses upon Maxwell's role as an international operative
    General at the time of Maxwell's death.

    What Maxwell had been up to was marketing the Mosaad hyped up PROMIS software "shared" by American intelligence in a quid pro quo. The Americans did not know what to do with the software, while Mosaad recognized it as the Manhattan Project of software. PROMIS was a software which birthed everything from NSA's Google search to NSA's Facebook.
    The bots of 2016 all originated from PROMIS in Facebook jacking adware prices.

    PROMIS created the world wide web of surveillance.

    After Maxwell was executed, that is why Rupert Murdoch floated to the surface in London and New York. His empire replaced the conduit of Robert Maxwell.

    It is like Rupert Murdoch had My Space, and the NSA wanted new space, so they hired a new Jew named Mark Zuckerberg to run the software.

    (Remember Obama's assistance of Iran rounding up protestors in Iran who were using social media?)

    His first client was Robert Mugabe. Maxwell told him Promis was better and cheaper than anything else on the market. He assured Mugabe it would enable him to track any plotters among the remaining white tobacco farmers in the country. After making the deal, Maxwell went south and sold it to the apartheid regime in Pretoria. They day after he left, black miners' leaders planning a strike were all arrested. There was similar "success" in Guatemala where government rounded up 20,000 government opponents thanks to Promis. Maxwell persuaded Swiss banks to install it, which gave Mossad valuable information on what Israeli businessmen were illegally sequestering money out of the country.

    As the 1980s drew to a close, Maxwell's empire was in trouble. With interest rates high and the share price falling in his major companies, he secretly brought millions of his own shares through tax havens in Virgin Islands, Gibraltar and Liechtenstein. Maxwell purchased these through collateral for bank loans. He was secretly withdrawing vast sums of money from the pension funds of his 24,000 Mirror Group employees which he invested in French and Israeli companies. By 1990 repayments to his bankers had reached £415m a year while he was caught in a vicious debt spiral.

    With police and journalists on his trail, an increasingly desperate Maxwell turned to Israel to bail him out. Mossad turned him down. When Israel refused to help, Maxwell threatened to spill the beans about his spying in the Daily Mirror. When the first claims of links between Mossad and Maxwell became public, the intelligence agency was seriously alarmed. Though he was a hero to many in Israel, Mossad concluded he had to be silenced before he could do serious damage. They recruited a four man "kidon" (death squad) to kill Maxwell.

    The kidon hired a small motorised yacht in the Gran Canaria port of Las Palmas. They looked like four men on a fishing trip but on board they had locked onto the frequency of Maxwell' superyacht the Lady Ghislaine (named for his favourite daughter). They followed the Ghislaine up the coast. Mossad passed a secret message to Maxwell to expect a secret package on board in the early hours of the morning. They told him go on deck between 4 and 5 am and stand on the starboard side.

    With Maxwell in place for the hit, a dinghy from the kidon's yacht crept up under the radar, hidden by the noise of Ghislaine's engine. Two frogmen climbed aboard and reached Maxwell in a few strides. One held a syringe which he plunged into Maxwell's neck. It contained a lethal nerve agent developed by a biological research institute in Tel Aviv. The men gripped the body and lowered it over the side and into the sea. It would be another six hours before anyone on board realised he was missing. His body was recovered 30km south of Gran Canaria.

    A botched Spanish autopsy concluded his death was due to heart failure. They ruled out suicide because Maxwell was a good swimmer. His unhappy insurers insisted on a second autopsy which occurred before his burial in Jerusalem. This one found the most likely cause was drowning but the insurers refused to pay up anyway saying it was suicide. Maxwell was buried with full state honours in Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. Prime Minister Shamir, who probably authorised his death, eulogised "He has done more for Israel than can today be said". His death could not be spoken about either.

    Book has it as Victor Ostrovsky and Ari Menasche reported from sources. Maxwell was contacted to be off the Canary Islands, when a charted yacht, sending out a zodiac would meet him in the early morning hours.
    Maxwell was naked.
    The z approached on Maxwell's signal, a double squelch on the radio. Entire operation was over in 3 minutes. Both kidon were on board, syringe to throat, and Maxwell was lowered overboard. The z retreated. The Maxwell yacht's engines covered all the noise.

    Maxwell was shaking down both the Mosaad and CIA for the money. HW the chief target in Bush fam's colorful history of Iran Contra with Mosaad, drug running, Noriega in Panama and PROMIS.
    The idea was, Maxwell approached a number of people to leverage them, and it settled on the deep pockets of the Americans. He approached Mosaad after the initial request for money to convey to the CIA that a real media story on Bush fam would appear. Maxwell already spilled on Mosaad to get their attention.
    What was embarked upon was a favor to the CIA, in Maxwell would be removed. He thought the meeting in the Canaries had to do with a transfer. He had extensive contacts behind the Iron Curtain and book had it, that a sayum had acquired a software prototype for Star Wars, and the Mosaad was going to hand it over to Moscow for the diaspora.
    For all the Mosaad smoke and mirrors of their sources in Moscow were Jews coming out, Maxwell was a major pipeline of intel as a double source.

    Maxwell was to transfer this technology to Moscow, for which the United States would bail out Maxwell. It was billed as some PROMIS Star Wars, which would really track and collapse the Soviet gird. A sort of SST technology transfer in which Russia stole the plans and all their supersonic jets crashed.

    Was a basic operation of the kidon. No suprises to make them reset.

    The intelligence services in all of these countries were aware of the dangers. My own theory is that any one of them - or even a combination of several - could have been responsible for Maxwell's death. If Maxwell was keeping one final hope of a last-minute financial reprieve and help from some of his old friends in high places then it could have come from any one of these sources.
    But it did not. Instead came death. Of course, it is unlikely that the truth will ever emerge. But of one thing I can remain quite certain: Bob Maxwell was an unlikely suicidal figure. Indeed, he believed he could walk on water.

    No one is too big to not ever take down among the cloth of the land.

    Nuff Said.


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I have an offer for you and for that matter Donald John Trump, and his Pensites as the Svengali Stephen Miller rules from the shadows, and it has to do with your holding out your vote for Donald Trump in 2020 on one issue.

    Now do you not think this would be fair? In you get one thing after 4 years of Donald Trump?

    I promise if you force this issue by just making this your statement that, "If Donald Trump wants my vote in 2020, he has do ............"
    The promise is that by 2024 you will witness a real Reagan recovery, your having money for things and the best of all, you will be taken care of as an America.

    To not delay this, this actually comes from a Lawrence Kudlow appearance on Sean Homo Hannity's program, where the duo were once bitching the lie that poor people do not pay enough in taxes and that rich people pay the most.

    Here are the Lawrence Kudlow statistics, and keep in mind, in production costs (taxes) and excise taxes, that people who do not pay income taxes are still paying taxflation and gas taxes.

    Ok the stats are that the BOTTOM 50% of taxpayers ONLY PAY 3% of the national income taxes, while the top 3% pay the other 97%.

    Now Kudlow and Hannity use this as an economic weapon of rape to degrade poor people, but when I was listening to this, the Holy Ghost pointed out what a weapon it is for the Lame Cherry to stand for all of you poor people.

    Here is how.

    Is 3% of the taxes of like 1.5 trillion anything really? Of course it is not, as that is why Kudlow and the Hannity were bitch slapping poor people over this, offending the hell out of Trump voters. A little over 300 million dollars is nothing really to the national tax scheme, so Kudlow and Homo are correct. THE LAME CHERRY SAYS THOUGH, SINCE YOU ARE NOT PAYING SHIT ANYWAY IN TAXES, THEN WHY SHOULD YOU EVEN PAY INCOME TAXES?

    Yes the three to five thousand dollars you pay in taxes mean the difference to you in saving for a used car the Mexicans have picked over and maybe a pizza and beer for the family once a month, but in the Kudlow world, it means nothing in the small sum it is compared to all the rich pay.

    So.........why not make Donald Trump and the GOP this year pass a tax reform measure which simply states this:


    Now no one can complain that the revenues will be reduced as the foreigners will be paying the way for the privilege of working in the United States. Donald Trump can finally keep his promises on the 50,000 dollar threshold of not filing income taxes, and what will follow is an economic boom.

    Mexicans in coming to America only purchase cars, cell phones and clothes. The rest of that revenue goes back to Mexico to haul more beaners into America. Why should not these foreigners taking American jobs pay for them?
    More to the point, why should America not benefit from each of you who earn under 50,000 dollars, not having to pay 5000 dollars a year, and that money will then be spent into the US economy, making a real Trump economy of money flowing from the bottom up, as you just received a real 5000 dollar tax break.

    Come April 15th, you will just receive all your money back in withholding. Those who once had to file, will no longer have to file and be a most happy bunch of voters.

    Poor people spend their money out of necessity on living. This in turn transfers to your local economy surging, which flows to the national economy. This real Tax Alignment would cause a huge economic expansion as the elderly could afford things, the working families could afford things, and those would all be happy voters, and the Treasury would still receive the same amount of money from all these Trump Visa Vermin picking up the tab.

    Is it so hard for you to start, posting this, telling people this and making it a chorus, that no one is going to vote for Donald Trump or Republicans unless they pass this tax amendment which will be permanent.

    I promise you that democrats will not stand in the way of this, as no one would, as it would be political suicide.

    I will also promise that the Obama Nazi conglomerates will attempt on this thee to four hundred million dollar surge into the base economy will try jacking up gas to 3 bucks a gallon and eggs to 3 bucks a dozen, but that is what being aware and bitching about it, will stop it from happening.

    I have stated plainly that I am not voting for Donald Trump in 2020, as I am not going to support his socialism over democrat communism. I will though in good Yankee trading state in public here, that if I am rewarded for all of my work in 2016, plus interest, am rewarded for work for 2020, I will vote for Donald Trump, if in addition for you Donald Trump keeps his promise on the 50,000 dollar non income tax level.

    Otherwise I will continue to rail about Donald Trump and remind him and all of you of how he has not kept his promises, but other people got the gold while you got Mexican shit on.

    There is not any reason in the words of Sean Homo Hannity nor Lawrence Kudlow why any of you should be filing income tax as what you pay in is so insignificant that you are railed against. So I say, the demand is for you to stop paying income taxes and social security and these Visa Vermin are taxed to make up your minuscule share.

    By the Holy Ghost I have found a way for you to rally behind one issue and force Donald Trump with the GOP and DNP to have to let you keep what is yours.
    Do not give your vote away. Make them pay you for it and they gave you all the debate ammo already in chastising you that you do not pay anything anyway. So make Donald Trump keep his promises from 2016 and you get to keep your money, and make foreigners pay your taxes and retirement.



  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    The division of the Democratic Party which Webster Griffin Tarpley revealed in 2015 on the Rense Program took a new turn today, when Nancy Pelosi in Gaye Olde England, made a series of statements centered on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. In translating the English, it is difficult to comprehend Pelosi said what she did.

    First Pelosi said that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is an ignorant colored, as she does not understand how to appeal to the rest of America.

    Second, Pelosi insulted the democrats in AOC"s district, would vote for the living, the dead, or a glass of water, as they were morons like AOC.

    Lastly, AOC was robbed of her campaign in being elected, volunteering to organize in Flint Michigan, and protesting with George Soros at Standing Rock on the Keystone Pipeline, that her worth was of no value as democrats are idiots and can steal any election.

    Yes Nancy Pelosi on foreign soil did not just protest Donald John Trump, but trashed the brightest star on the democratic party stage in AOC by saying she is WEAK AS WATER.

    Pelosi: In Ocasio-Cortez's District, 'Glass
    of Water Would Win With a D Next
    to Its Name'

    Washington Free Beacon, by Paul Crookston Original Article
    Posted By: JoniTx- 4/16/2019 2:36:21 PM Post Reply
    On a trip to the U.K. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dismissed the idea of democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) being representative of the Democratic Party.Pelosi addressed questions about how to handle the left wing of her party in the House during a talk with London School of Economics and Political Science, and she said Ocasio-Cortez needs to understand she cannot set the agenda. She implied Ocasio-Cortez is failing to appreciate how Democrats need to appeal to the rest of the country, saying the freshman congresswoman´s district could be won by any purported Democrat—living or otherwise."This glass

    Now I have seen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and if this is the kind of water that democrats drink, I would like a double D cup full. It is not just that she is pretty, or that her election was stolen for her, but it is that she defeated 12,000 other democratic candidates to get herself elected. She earned that seat 12,000 times over compared to Birther Hussein.

    As a Conservative Christian I simply can not allow a woman like AOC to be so verbally assaulted by her own leader, like she was Donald Trump. This woman has worked for all she has, and she is a fellow orphan too just like me. That is why this two prong attack on AOC to remove her on this day was especially harsh.

    See in New York, AOC's home state, there appeared that faggot Peter Buttplugg, from Mike Pence's Indiana, who is running for President, calling for an AMERICAN SPRING, yes Butts is calling for the same murderous anarchy which Clinton and Obama unleashed in Libya, and we all know how that ended for Colonel Khadaffi.
    Butts was fawned over by David Brooks, who liked Obama's pant crease and is now stating that the smell of anus penis is what is necessary to reset America in a moral cleansing of Donald Trump.

    I guess God had it wrong in nuking Sodom and Gomorrah over being faggots, as the scent of shit on genitals is what David Brooks says is necessary to cleanse America of Christian America.

    I would think that this elitist shit from David Brooks and the CIA media in castrating Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden from the democratic primaries, in favor of a White Fag Peter Buttplug (all credit goes to Liberty Daily for that title).

    It just puzzles me the absolute contempt that the American left has for democratic voters and their chosen leaders. Democrats have chosen Biden, Sanders and AOC. Yes there is the thrill of having a Designer Fag in the primaries in Iowa, as grey scrotum ball hair is not interesting to 13% of the illegal voters in Iowa. Who knew that so many Mexicans and Muslims got thrills like David Brooks at the scent of shit in the ballot box.
    Then again, Mexicans used spinach as toilet paper and Muslims have women with so much muff fur that they smell like camels, so maybe that is the 13%.

    David Brooks: America Wants a ´Reset,´
    ´Moral Cleansing´ From Trump in 2020

    Newsbusters, by Kristine Marsh Original Article
    Posted By: JoniTx- 4/16/2019 5:25:06 PM Post Reply
    Cable news continued hailing Democrat Mayor Pete Buttigieg as the second coming Tuesday after he officially tossed his hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential race, Monday. Over at MSNBC, "center-right" columnist for the New York Times, David Brooks touted Buttigieg as the anti-Trump that America needed right now, in the wake of the "moral and spiritual crisis" that President Trump had created. MSNBC afternoon host Andrea Mitchell began by gushing with her guests over Buttigieg's "stunning" and "moving" interview with Rachel Maddow about "coming out" as gay. Afterwards, she asked David Brooks to weigh in on Buttigieg and his

    The thing is maybe Nancy Pelosi would like AOC if AOC stopped bathing and smelled like anus. I know that smelling like anus is not a big draw in most non Somali democratic districts, so it is sort of damned if she does or damned if she does not. It is the same for Biden and Sanders, should they stop wiping their butts, so they had shit stench so David Brooks and Andrea Mitchell fawn over them?

    So on the one side is Nancy Pelosi and David Brooks, loving it up for shit stink candidates, and on the other you have a guy who sniffs children, a guy who writes rape stories and a gal who I bet Donald Trump would like to Glassygrab her.

    Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    In reading the memoirs of Victor Ostrovsky, of the Mossad, in By Way of Deception, it honestly appears that there was a fag group which headed Mossad, and I do mean queers, who were literally out to conveniently murder him, once he refused to have sex with one of their agents.
    The story was odd in the queer invited Ostrovsky over, and showed him a video having sex with a woman, one of the Mossad heads, was screwing when his wife was out of town.
    When the queer made a pass at Ostrovsky, he punched him and left. He reported the incident to, two Mossad heads, and they did absolutely nothing.
    As Ostrovsky said, when that happened, you knew they had horse in the Mossad who was protecting them. All the katsas tried to have horses, a black and white, the black was deep to cover them and the white was overt they could communicate with. In Victor Ostrovsky's case, due to his incessant Canadian morals, he had no one would look out for him, because in the Mossad, the Tel Aviv rule was, "It was Jews first and screw the world, and you did it by murdering people and money".

    The time line in the memoirs appears to be Ostrovsky was set up to handle an opium shipment to Panama, under the auspices of Mike Herari, who Ostrovsky had already recorded looking for bribes when he made contact with this former Mossad katsa, on orders of the Mossad.
    Herari hated Ostrovsky and when Ostrovsky reported the dope shipment, that appears to be what set things in motion for his murder.

    He was first under the direction of a liaison who had to go out on assigment, the place in the Israeli station where the dope deal set up appeared, and then out of the blue, he was chosen for a Mediterranean assignment to Cyprus, dealing as a middleman with terrorists.
    That was a bit much for a first time out for a mission to set up terrorists in a sting at Brussels.

    Ostrovsky notes that the duo tried to get him to meet them in an outdoor location, but he insisted on his hotel. That point is a red flag which looks like he was to be murdered, but by following his instincts, he saved himself, but not for long.

    The terrorists were captured, but interestingly he was told to stay in Cyprus, where he was to sit by the phone for days and await to pass on information, about a jet filed with terrorists flying out of Libya. In what even Ostrovsky stated was unnecessary, he was to stay by the phone and await a call from Libya, from a Metsada combatant, who would then phone that the terrorists had boarded the jet.
    After this Ostrovsky was to turn on a radio, with signal beeper, and repeat, THE BIRDS HAVE FLOWN THE COOP, every 15 minutes.

    This signal was then picked up by an Israeli gun boat which would then pass the information along to the IDF Air Force.

    An operation this important in nabbing the heads of terrorist organizations would never have gone through such a process where links could have been broken in the boat and Ostrovsky, and the terrorists had gotten away.
    It all was completed though, and that is when Ostrovsky's end appeared.

    He had gone down to the lobby, when he noticed a Muslim reading a publication, but in it was a Playboy. Ostrovsky was under orders to not make contact, but he did anyway, and in asking to see the Centerfold, the Muslim stuck up a conversation. The Muslim was a Philistine who lived in Aman, and they agreed to have dinner, and then went out for drinks as Ostrovsky was posing as a British businessman, as the Jews frequently use British covers, and after expressing support for the PLO and saying how much he loathed the Jews in blowing a business deal for him, the booze had the Philistine blurting out:

    We're going to make the Israeli's eat shit tomorrow!

    When asked how this was going to take place, the Philistine explained that they had heard from a source that the Jews were following the PLO meeting in Libya, and going to nab the leaders, so they were going to trick the Jews in not having the PLO on the jet.

    Ostrovsky at 1 AM phoned to Mossad using an emergency number, but could not get through to anyone. He was told they were all busy. He phoned one leader at home, but he was out too. He finally got a Naval friend to patch him through to the Air Force base at Galil where he spoke with the man who sent him to Cyprus in Itsak, blew him off and did not want to hear about the set up, and hung up.

    The next day the IDF forced down a passenger jet with minor Syrian and Lebanese officials and all diplomatic hell broke loose.

    In the meantime, Ostrovsky had been picked up by a PT boat, and was on his way back to the Israeli state, where the captain received orders to have engine trouble and sit out to sea for 2 days, as the Mossad and Tel Aviv did not want him around.

    When Ostrovsky arrived at Mossad headquarters, no one would speak to him. He tried to talk to the head of Mossad in Nahum Admony, but was told Admony did nto want to talk to him. It got to the point he was informed he was going to be let go, and more to the point that Admony let it be known if Ostrovsky tried to talk to him, his bodyguards would shoot him on sight as it would be deemed an attack on him.

    No one would talk to Ostrovsky and in protesting it was a set up, they told him, there was nothing he could do about it, so after 3 years of Mossad literally beating him physically as conditioning and all the training Victor Ostrovsky was forced to resign.

    It did not end there though as shortly after this, immediately in fact, a friend of his at the military files department phoned hm and asked why Ostrovsky had his filed moved. He said he had not done that, as Mossad katsa files were removed from active duty when they were at Mossad.
    He was then informed that he had gone active, and would be transferred to the Israeli Lebanese border. When a Mossad agent leaves the agency, they are specifically never to be deployed to front line duty, as they know too much. It takes months for the transfer of files, but with the burned Mossad agent, he was gone a day, his file moved, and in priority, he was to be the liaison officer with the Southern Lebanese Army. That was a death sentence for Ostrovsky.

    Reading the writing on the wall, Ostrovsky told his wife he was leaving Judea for New York. The day he left an order arrived for his activation, and the next day the phone was ringing and the IDF was demanding to know why Ostrovsky had not appeared. His wife, Bella, stated that her husband was out of the country. The IDF was ranting that this was not possible as he had not been released from the military. Ostrovsky provides the punch line, in indeed he had been released. He had forged the papers and signed them himself and fled the Israeli state for his life.

    The Mossad prides itself on the fiction that they are supermen. The problem is as much as they tied the can to the terrorist's tails, the terrorists were very skilled at tying the can to the Mossad's tail. One of the worst situation not acted upon was Ostrovsky in meeting the Centerfold Muslim, was told that the PLO was posing as Jews in Europe and setting up contacts. The Mossad refused to believe it, and wanted to hear no more of it, as it would cause havoc.
    Havoc for Mossad, but nothing like the havoc it cause for Ostrovsky in their betrayal of him and the chaos they caused nations like France and the United States.

    If this above the law sounds a great deal like what certain elements in John Brennan's CIA and James Comey's FBI were engaged in, in framing Donald Trump, it sends a warning of how necessary it is to have real oversight of the intelligence community, when it thinks it is above the law and will murder or allow people to be murdered to cover up their operations, two examples being Andrew Breitbart and Seth Rich.

    Think about it.

    Nuff Said


  • No I have the Chicoms pay my slaves 10 cents a day...

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    I am coming to believe the reason Jared Kushner looks like he is stoned, and keeps trying to pedal his wife off for sex with other men, is that woman drives him fucking insane, by the shit she says.

    If Ivanka Kushner's public statements are a reflection of what home life is like, it explains that "gerbil up the ass blush" that Jared Kushner constantly has.

    For those who missed it, Ivanka was spending your money again, in jet flights, security and trips to Africa this past week to Ethiopia and the Ivory once again remove men from their place of leadership, and replace them with women.
    (Seriously, if I was Donald Trump or Jared Kushner, I would make sure I got the legal stuff on paper, as I think Ivanka would sell Donald out to Robert Mueller to get his chair at the Oval Office, and Jared better not slow down for a wheelchair or Ivanka will have him committed to the geezer home.)

    Ivanka first stop in was a coffee shop and textile company in Addis Ababa as part of a four-day trip to Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast on behalf of a White House project intended to boost 50 million women in developing countries by 2025.
    Aiming to offer assistance and learn about the struggles of women in business, she took part in a traditional coffee ceremony, visited with weavers, and announced new financial support opportunities for local businesses.
    "Investing in women is smart development policy and it's smart business," Ivanka said, sitting in Dumerso Coffee, a dimly lighted space with a woven ceiling, tile floor and colorful paintings. Alongside were women who work in the industry. "It's also in our security interest, because women, when we're empowered, foster peace and stability," she said.

    I guess you probably missed the above nuttery of Ivanka, so I will give this hint in this woman literally pays no attention to what the hell she is blabbering about, no more than that Omar Muslim in Congress.

    Yes from Ivanka's own lips, peace and stability and she was the one blowing the hell out of Syrians, which included children, and who is more empowered than Ivanka in the White House and she has brought nothing but upheaval and violence to the world.

    women, when we're empowered, foster peace and stability,

    Personally in this Trump economy, inflation in food and fuel is eating me alive. My Trump taxes WENT UP. My life is worse than under Obama. That is why it galls the hell out of me, when I see Ivanka dumping 50 million dollars into shit hole Africa........and dumping 150 million dollars more, when say all the people in Nebraska are under water from HAARP weather mods flooding every Christian out.

    The new global women's initiative involves the U.S. State Department, the U.S. National Security Council, and other American agencies. It aims to assist women in developing countries with job training, financial support, and legal or regulatory reforms.
    Money for the effort will come through USAID, which initially set up a $50 million fund using dollars already budgeted. The president's 2020 budget proposal requests an additional $100 million for the initiative, which will also be supported by programs across the government, as well as private investment.

    ...and they have things called fire and computer things called looms....

    Seriously Ivanka Kushner is giving 200 million dollars to teach people how to make coffee and run a loom. I mean JESUS H CHRIST ON A MULE. It is a fucking LOOM!!! You got yarn, you got the wood runners, you got the pedal, and that is it. If these Africans need to be taught that, you might as well turn out the lights as even people with 40 IQ's can figure that out.

    And what about coffee? You pick the beans, roast the beans, and that is coffee. You don't fucking need 200 million dollars of my money to teach people shit like that!!!

    That is why I think Jared Kushner is nuts. Why I think Donald Trump goes Twitterage all the time. I mean JESUS H CHRIST ON A MULE, could you imagine the shit this woman comes up with.

    Jared, could you please have our lawyers contact the donut shop, because our kids donuts had holes in them, and I think that company is cheating us.

    Daddy, could you please find out who this Washington guy is as he seems to be taking over America as his name is on everything here.

    Yes it makes sense that Donald and Jared just give Ivanka 50 million dollars, slap her on the ass, put her on a plane, so she can go have coffee with aboriginals as no one will have coffee chats with her in the West Wing, but damn it all to hell my life sucks shit. I could use 50 million dollars as I don't need to be taught how to run a fucking loom or how to cook coffee. Jesus that pisses me off in all this poverty in shit stain America in dreams being vanished, and here is a rich girl giving away hard earned tax money to women, who in Africa will be kicking men to the curb as that is all Ivanka is about in making financial war on men.

    Yes Ivanka, you very smart, you make stick go forward...

    I used to think the Obama's were the shit on the bottom of the shoe pretending to be caviar, but his Ivanka Kushner is what is on the sidewalk afterwards. She apparently drove Jared and Donald nuts, and they just pointed her somewhere with money to get her gone.
    No one gives me 50 million dollars to do this blog. I had to learn how to do it the hard way. I have to work to get internet, get a keyboard and constantly work to make content interesting. No one gives me anything, because everyone here has already got the meal of a post and I am waiting for the payment.

    If Ivanka Kushner thinks African women are so glorious, then let her cash in her portfolio and spend her 50 million on looms and beans, as I am wondering about the electric bill and how to eat every month in bills.

    God damn, I mean giving money out to idiots, who are in their position because they make a life out of being victims in they won't pick up a gun to protect their own gardens, and here is peace rabbi Ivanka, preaching about how peaceful women are, when the first damn thing she did is blast to pieces Syrians with 3 million dollar missiles.

    Huff some coffee and goat shit fumes there Ivanka
    as we call this our African Morning Mist blend

    Ivanka Kushner is a poster twat of what is wrong for America and the world. Those women in Africa instead of huffing coffee vapors with Ivanka should have run for their lives, because even at 50 million dollars in my money and Ivanka promises, you can bet your sweet ass that most of it will be spent on staff handing out money to women who suck clit the best and pretend they like it.

    Yes Ivanka Kushner, spending other people's money, hating innocent Christians, blowing up Syrians and sending people to hell.

    Daddy's little princess is still auditioning for the top spot of the most stupid woman on the planet award.

    I told Jared to get her pregnant or a bottle of booze
    as I'm about ready to go over the wall into Mexico for some peace.

    Nuff Said


  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Flying Buttresses.

    I love flying buttresses. I love seeing them, saying them and porno lusting after them. Nothing appeals to me more in gothic architecture than flying buttresses.

    See you got buttresses and then you got flying buttresses. Yes a buttress is like Raquel Welch's nice ass and they you got Kim Kardashian's flying buttress size butt, in like ten butts times two. Flying buttresses look great on buildings but they are just a big butt on women.

    Donald Trump was very sad today in Notre Dame Cathedral burned down. Not the one in America, which I have no idea where it is, but the one in Paris. Notre Dame as Flying Buttresses coming out of the wazoo.

    This is what a hot flying buttress looks like.

    What I did not get is how the French got stone to start on fire and burn. I mean volcanoes are on fire and burn rock, but it is not like Washington Monument or Rushmore starts on fire and goes molten.

    Bummer in Gayway Pundit seemed to be all over this. I didn't think sodomites glommed onto things homophobe as Notre Dame is like all against buttresses having things shoved into them. I can though understand in a queer being allured by buttresses, not that I am queer, as I like buttresses as they are like capstones and things like that.

    You know it took 100 years to build that movie set? Yup it is older than Joan of Arc. Got it's own hunchback and hot women too. Maybe it was all them hot gypsy dancers in Notre Dame that turned the stones to fire.

    See here are hot Notre Dame women that sent hunchbacks wild to swing from gargoyles.

    I like Leslie Anne Down the best. Not her acting though.

    Gypsy women come in all kinds though.

    Surprise the SS could round them all up, as they were all flavors.

    Not so much though in hunchbacks. All the same even if Anthony Hopkins was the best. Odd how he did his best work before he was well known. Probably inspired by all those hot gypsy women.

    Anyway the question is, how Notre Dame had been evacuated before the fire and it was left to burn. It was almost as if the French government of Manny Macron was burning it down for someone.

    See all rocks, so how is it burning. Not like someone stacked the pews up and lit up the Virgin Mary.

    I don't suppose that someone important planned a heist. You know on Herman Goering art collecting scales of private collections.

    Firefighters are still working to contain the blaze as teams try to salvage the artwork stored inside.

    I wonder how Joan would feel all about this. Paris gates are where the King abandoned her to the English to be abused. Now Les Miserables is all illuminated in the best of fires and the worst of fires.

    Poor Manny, Yellow Vests from Vienna, and then olde Notre Dame gets torched. Probably won't get invited to view them though.

    Several churches around Paris rang their bells in response to the blaze, which happened as Catholics celebrate Holy Week.

    Nuff Said

    agtG 257

  • As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    What were you doing in middle of November 1985? Ronald Reagan was beginning his second term in a new peaceful outreach to the Soviet Union. In the Israeli state though Victor Ostrovsky had just completed his 3 years of training with his class and had just graduated a katsa, a real Mossad operative.
    If not for his morality though, you would not be reading this, and if not for his ideals, you would not have the insights into what has befallen America and Donald Trump for the past two years.

    Several times in Mr. Ostrovsky's training, he was told to shut his mouth about certain things Mossad was involved in. At one point it was quite graphic, involving the inference he would be murdered by Mossad if he did not shut up.
    The head of Liaison, Efraim Halevy defined Victor Ostrovsky as a "pain in the ass".

    One of the first things the new katsa was dispatched to undertake was being assigned to the Israel Station, which was considered the arm pit of Mossad, where Ostrovsky was to transfer a parcel from El Al from the far east, to a shipping address in Panama, for the infamous Mossad operative and asset, Mike Harari, who as Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noreiga's go to guy in Panama.
    Harari was the second most powerful man in Panama.

    Ostrovsky arrived at the airport thinking he was going to pick up some packaged box, When he got there, he found a 5 foot, by 6 1/2 foot by 10 feet container all wrapped in plastic.
    To deal with the package, he called for a truck, took it to Mossad headquarters, repackaged it and then asked a superior Amy Yaar, what was in the package, as Ostrovsky knew very well it was illegal drugs.

    Yaar ordered Ostrovsky to mind his own business and just to get on with it. When he took the container back to the airport, he discovered that the Panamanian plane was not Panamanian, but an American manufactured Hercules transport of the Israeli Air Force.
    So you get this in recap. El Al flew in with Jewish passengers on board, what had to be a massive shipment of opium, which was then repackaged at Mossad headquarters and placed on an IDF transport and flown to Panama, in complete protection of the Tel Aviv regime.

    General Manuel Noreiga, front center.
    Mossad's Mike Harari in sunglasses, not saluting.

    When Ostrovsky and complained as to why an Israeli Air Force transport had to be used, he was rebuffed and told, "Harari is running the Panamanian Air Force, so what is the problem".

    This was not the first time that Ostrovksy knew Mossad was shipping narcotics worldwide, as PLO Chairman Yassir Arafat had a shipment of hashish stolen from him by Mossad, and Mossad shipped that to Panama too, which then had it shipped to the United States, netting Mossad over 10 million dollars.

    Mr. Ostrovsky then did something which began the end game for him, as far as Mossad was concerned, as there was a complaint box there, and high ranking officials had access to it, including Mike Harari. That was the straw that broke the camels back.
    While Victor Ostrovsky did not state this in his memoirs, it appears the Mossad were hoping that they could taint him up in the Jew comradeship and Ostrovsky would start looking the other way on drug assignments, as he was tainted in a criminal act. When he complained, that sealed his fate, because suddenly he was not in the armpit of the Mossad, but part of real operations in Cyprus in a danger zone.
    He was being set up in operations which could fail, so the excuse would be found to force him out of the Mossad. Without going into details here, what eventually happened was he was recalled, told to resign and if the tried to talk to the Director of Mossad, that it would be defined as an attack and he would be shot.
    Immediately his file was pulled in the military, and he was placed on active status, where as an ex Mossad operative, he was to be see duty on the Lebanese border, where he would be dead within a week.

    Overlook for a moment now the billions that the United States provides Tel Aviv. Overlook the reality that America fought 4 wars for Jews in Iraq twice, Afghanistan and Syria and the trillions spent for Greater Judea and the thousands of American dead and wounded. Forget that the Jews were dumping dope into the United States using diplomatic pouches and their AI network in the United States as the CIA and FBI provided cover. Just focus on Victor Ostrovsky is a Jew, a Canadian citizen with morals and ideals, and when he refused to uphold the criminal quo, the Mossad turned on this Jew, tried to destroy him, tried to have him kidnapped out of Canada and tried to murder him.

    Jews are brainwashed to have absolute loyalty to Jewry, and here was Jewry eating one of their own, and Victor Ostrovsky in returning to Canada, was savaged and ostracized by the Jewish community there.

    The Mossad did this to a Jew and it does it to other Jews. So what chance do you think you have as their operations dump dope into America or drag America out to fight wars.

    The Israeli state of the 1980's had huge financial problems. You no longer hear of that anymore, once George HW Bush appeared with the Iran Contra dope pipeline and Bill Clinton began installing his prime ministers, as prime ministers were assassinated and political parties like Likkud gutted as the GOP is being gutted in the United States.
    Victor Ostrovsky stated there was a Mossad operative who bragged that he brought down Prime Minister Rabin. Rabin was later assassinated in a frame up of the right wing in Judea.

    Jesus the Christ once stated about doing it to the least of these, but in the Mossad, they do it to the greatest of Jews, so what chance to the least of you goy have against this kind of organization which has Jews serving it as sayum volunteers in every nation, and katsa directing these operations.

    Nuff Said


  • Keep Watching The Girl

    It paints a portrait of the Obama-era bureau as one that was unconcerned with political interference in investigations and was willing to enlist the help of close foreign allies to bring down its target. And, perhaps presaging a defense to Barr's claim that American officials had spied on the Trump campaign, it showcases the euphemisms that can be used to disguise "spying."

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Be it known, I take great risks on this blog, while most of you sit on your asses pretending to be Americans. The information posted here is like none other, and no one else provides this information, due to the fact that they are paid Mockingbird or just too unInspired to make the connections.
    Now that Robert Mueller's protection of America is ended in his investigation of the Missing Link, and it has moved to the main group at Justice focusing on the Julian Assange focal point, few of you have any idea what Russiagate was every about and never will. I have provided at said great risk to myself the connecting dots in all of this to provide a picture of what was taking place. In this post I will educate again you further in this maze of the enigma which here am I, as I have noted this computer has slowed again, as the information while public is not to be connected.

    The Homosapien Assange

    Does your name rhyme with.......

    I desire to inquire of each of you to use your brains which is usually a non function. Ask yourself what Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, the FBI, the CIA in John Brennan, FISA courts and Birther Hussein Obama all have in common, the one center of target in all of these people investigating and being investigated. You will never get this, so I will make this easy. The answer is computers.

    Examine the evidence. The Russians were blamed for bots in computer manipulation of Americans. Jared Kusher bragged he was brainwashing niggers and crackers with computers. Hillary Clinton's computers were hacked. Seth Rich copied DNC files off computers. Chelsea Manning and Juslian Assange were focused on Wikileak computers. The Georgia state voting computers were hacked by the NSA. Those mysterious hackers from Anonymous to Guciffer 2.0 were all about computers, and there was the releasing of all of those trojan spyware programs the NSA had and developed......all computers, and Russiagate was a cover for two factions who were in a fight over computers programs, which controled secrets, controled nations and controled the world.

    The 2016 elections were about the 2008 elections in someone was rigging the e vote software so one side was cheating to overthrow elections and in 2016 they did not succeed, and since day one of that election, the entire focus led by John Brennan of the CIA was to overthrow the 2016 election results, and it began with the rigging of the 2018 election results to restore the "order" of the American oligarch which disconnects from the will of the people.

    This blog is about to educate you on the beginning of Russiagate found in the annals of President Ronald Reagan, who despite rolling back the system, the system countered and shot down North Dakotans in Gordon Kahl and proceeded to confiscate a most unique computer program which was created to simply assist law enforcement in file searches. Yes before Google there were only computers with massive data which had to be eye sorted through.
    Then a couple named Bill and Nancy Hamilton took those ancient computers and taught them how to talk to each other, so a question could be put into these data bases, and all the information in the files would be gleaned to come up with all the information searched for. It was called PROMIS and once the US Government got a look at it, they brought in the Mosaad which immediately saw that PROMIS was not just a search program, but PROMIS was a base program which could be manipulated to not only search, but to actively track financial exchanges, it could have trojans put into it, so the CIA and FBI could open up foreign agency computers, it would be the base structure of the entire world wide web.

    For those who know PROMIS, they will know that a place called the Rose Law Firm in Hillary Clinton. Web Hubble and Vince Foster, would for the CIA be data mining financial transactions around the globe. PROMIS was the property of the Inslaw group, but the intelligence community stole it, and it has hatched spiders which are the the entire NSA octopus. The same network which sought to frame Donald Trump, because they knew how to trigger the programs in the software and the wetware like a virus to infect the Trump Campaign.
    Remember that computer that kept pinging from Russia at Trump Tower? That was one of many triggers to light up law enforcement to spy on Donald Trump. The software which runs out of the Treasury in this instance was monitoring global activity, and everything out of Russia, and when that ping came out of Moscow to Trump Tower, those behind it, knew that a hard copy would come out of Treasury, into the John Brennan group, and the FBI would be all over it.

    Bill and Nancy Hamilton

    Long before Edward Snowden's claims or revelations that the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency were monitoring and tracking the Internet, cell phones, e-mails and any other electronic communication they could get their hands on using a program known as PRISM, there existed PROMIS [Prosecutors Management Information Systems].
    PROMIS was designed in the late 1970s and '80s to bring Department of Justice criminal case management from the dark ages into the light of the computer age. In the spring of 1981, the Reagan Administration hailed PROMIS as one of law enforcements greatest assets. By 1983, PROMIS had morphed into the behemoth of intelligence gathering. It was not state of the art it was the art.

    PROMIS would become PRISM, which is the software that Barack Hussein Obama's contractors out of Tel Aviv unleashed on American Christians in 2008. This was not the US government, but this group of Obama minders who were trolling the internet. The people who were associated with the defense of Larry Sinclair in his proclamation that Obama was a faggot, suddenly discovered their emails were highlighted as mine were, or on YAHOO they simply vanished. It was illegal as hell, but this is the phase where John Brennan's group evolved from in their crimes.

    It became obvious with the latest round of modifications any data system could be integrated into PROMIS. And those data systems could interact that is, combine with each other forming a massive tracking data base of people via government documents such as birth and death certificates, licenses, mortgages, lawsuits or anything else kept in a data base. PROMIS could also track banking transactions, arms shipments, communications, airplane parts again, anything kept in a data base.
    With the discovery of these new capabilities Inslaw's problems began. Unknowingly, the Hamiltons had embarked on an odyssey winding from the White House and the heart of the Reagan inner circle, bankruptcy court, a congressional investigation, secret informants, the CIA, NSA, and the Mossad.
    The odyssey began in February 1983 when Dr. Ben Orr, an Israeli prosecutor, came to Hamilton's office for a demonstration. He left, never placed an order and was never seen again. This was just one of the many demonstrations the company provided potential customers and the press. There was no shroud of secrecy about PROMIS or its capabilities.
    Shortly after Dr. Orr's visit, DOJ terminated payments to Inslaw, but refused to return the software.

    A strange investigation developed out of the theft of PROMIS, and you may notice a name below in the following paragraph who has risen to prominence. He is the current Attorney General, engaged in looking at spying on Donald Trump. William Barr was engaged in the Clinton era to investigate what federal judges were slapping the DOJ around about in trying to ruin the Hamiltons in the theft of their software.
    This continued into the Clinton era, when you will recall that Hillary Clinton hauled into the White House piles of FBI files on Americans to blackmail them, a stunt right out of Bobby Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson's playbook of destroying political opponents.
    For the first time in this, you know now by Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, why William Barr was chosen to be Attorney General. He was summoned once before in the infancy of PROMIS and is an expert on it's misuse and those who in the regime unleashed it.

    I have informed you before that every one of the leakers from Edward Snowden to Chelsea Manning to Seth Rich were dripping liberals backing Obama leftism. Julian Assange is a leftist. All did not want Hillary Clinton to be President and were working to stop her. What you are seeing from the John McCain faction to the John Brennan faction is this deep state in action, and exposed as the British MI6 and Mosaad tripped the wires of PROMIS to activate the software which activated the wetware.

    William Barr appearing now is not an accident, no more than Robert Mueller was chosen to ferret out the Missing Link trail so it would never come to trial. Julian Assange is the next page in this operation.

    The suit resulted in several Justice Department internal reviews, two Congressional investigations, the appointment of a special counsel by Attorney General William P. Barr, and a lengthy review of the special counsel's report under Attorney General Janet Reno.

    There have been some high profile people who have died in attempting to expose the Octopus. Inslaw created a software which was to be used for law enforcement, but instead it was stolen and evolved into what the entire internet is based on.
    For those who think that Steve Jobs at Apple or Bill Gates at Microsoft were some geniuses, you are so wrong. PROMIS needed a stage to spy on the world, and that platform was created by the CIA in the world wide web. Black operations funded the entire internet and control it, down to Facebook which is the greatest facial and grey matter recognition software on the planet. Mark Zuckerberg is a dupe, a front. The real purpose of Facebook is what it collects for the plasmas monitoring all. Each person is a brain cell in the mind of Baby and the apes. Facebook was a live education exercise for the plasma drivers.

    As you might notice, Jews seem to factor into this a great deal, not just for their intelligence, but the Mosaad recognized early the promise of PROMIS. One of the brilliant minds of Jewry was Aaron Swartz, who mentored by Lawrence Lessig, became the savant of open source.
    Open source though was a competition for the open windows of Windows and Apple which the NSA was tracking everyone.

    Swarz was an unfortunate beautiful mind in the inky waters of the octopus. I have written on this person in his staged suicide and how his work happened at MIT and other locations inside the government, opened up closed doors of PROMIS.

    Aaron Swartz - Lawrence Lessig

    It should be no surprise that the torcher of Waco Texas, the liberator of Marc Rich, the framer of Hutatree, the framer of Rod Blagojevich and John Edwards, the gun runner, the California Islam Mexican Mafia inferno (Las Vegas shooter link), Boston Marathon frame, in Attorney General Eric Holder went after Aarron Swartz in actions which resulted in Swartz's murder.

    Swartz's work also focused on civic awareness and activism.. He helped launch the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in 2009 to learn more about effective online activism. In 2010, he became a research fellow at Harvard University's Safra Research Lab on Institutional Corruption, directed by Lawrence Lessig.[9][10] He founded the online group Demand Progress, known for its campaign against the Stop Online Piracy Act.

    In 2011, Swartz was arrested by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) police on state breaking-and-entering charges, after connecting a computer to the MIT network in an unmarked and unlocked closet, and setting it to download academic journal articles systematically from JSTOR using a guest user account issued to him by MIT

    When Swartz's family grieved in public, the Holder asssets smashed into them and sent out talking points which had everyone from the GOP's Foster Friess damning him for Holder to everyone in law enforcement.

    Something bizarre happened though in a strange mix of Republicans from Darrel Issa to Elizabeth Warren to Al Franken, all joined in trying to protect Aaron Swartz. None of them could figure out why Eric Holder wanted this kid destroyed, as MIT would not press charges, but Holder at the DOJ was relentless. Once again, it was not just what Swartz represented in open source code, but what Swartz had blundered into in the PROMIS platform of the octopus.

    Aaron's death is not simply a personal tragedy. It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach. Decisions made by officials in the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney's office and at MIT contributed to his death.

    —Statement by family and partner of Aaron Swartz

    On January 12, 2013, Swartz's family and partner issued a statement criticizing the prosecutors and MIT.[129] Speaking at his son's funeral on January 15, Robert Swartz said, "Aaron was killed by the government, and MIT betrayed all of its basic principles.

    Several members of the U.S. House of Representatives -- Republican Darrell Issa and Democrats Jared Polis and Zoe Lofgren -- all on the House Judiciary Committee, have raised questions regarding the government's handling of the case. Calling the charges against him "ridiculous and trumped up,"

    A long-time supporter of open access, Swartz wrote in his Guerilla Open Access Manifesto:[63]

    The world's entire scientific ... heritage ... is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations....

    The Open Access Movement has fought valiantly to ensure that scientists do not sign their copyrights away but instead ensure their work is published on the Internet, under terms that allow anyone to access it.

    Once again, in the thread of Russiagate, we find the connecting dots in Killswitch, the ability to turn off the internet by those in charge of it and abusing it, in Aaron Swartz and Edward Snowden appearing. Edward Snowden may have disappeared in Russia for now, but Snowden was not an accident in this.Snowden was a result of what happened to Aaron Swartz in the competing factions of PROMIS, where one had just installed the foreigner Birther Hussein, who was handing out all the spoils, which were other faction's interests.

    In October 2014, Killswitch, a film featuring Aaron Swartz, as well as Lawrence Lessig, Tim Wu, and Edward Snowden, received its world premiere at the Woodstock Film Festival, where it won the award for Best Editing. The film focuses on Swartz's integral role in the battle to control the Internet

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    The murder of Aaron Swartz

    This blog will reveal something exclusively again in this in matter anti matter. Aaron Swartz in his VARIOUS wifi conduits......yes he had more than just the Justice Department and MIT operating, and it is the ones which Justice is not talking about, is where Swartz got room temperature over.
    It is concluded that Aaron Swartz sometime in the past months figured out in part what he had accidentally gained access too. It is concluded that Aaron Swartz went gonzo and did hack into classified Obama areas, which did detail the murder incorporated lists.
    Aaron Swartz it is concluded obtained the raw talking points which would have exposed the murder for hire of the Obama regime, and he made it known that either the charges were dropped or this was going Wikileaks.

    That is what set the suicide protocols in motion. The information that Aaron Swartz of the diaspora obtained was equal to the damning informaton that Andrew Breitbart had his conduit download which would have brought down the Obama regime for crimes.

    This is not a Foster Freiss / Mike Gallagher smear of Aaron Swartz of "intellectual property". This was a reality of classified information that these computer geeks gained access to and for this a growing list of them has been murdered.

    They are telling you exactly what Aaron Swartz found, and it was about the murder lists that Obama has engaged. Connect the dots children in that list IS LARGER AND HAS MORE AMERICANS WHO HAVE BEEN MURDERED ON IT THAN HAS BEEN MADE PUBLIC.
    It was one thing for Swartz to envision a rats in the maze polling protocol to win elections that would thwart the Obama Scytl, SOE and Sequoia operations which got Andrieu Riera murdered in a "car accident" on a night of no rain, good weather and no other reasons a car should crash in Spain.
    Andrew Breitbart was onto this list. His work though was on the bin Laden corpse in how that was set up, with other interesting details that dovetailed into the Swartz murder.

    This is the Jewish contractors who were hired in 2008 for the Obama election theft. They installed a back door surveillance system of the internet and turned it on Americans via Yahoo, Google, MSN etc...., along with Obama's horde of commenters who moved onto sites with mania to create the Obama illusion.

    As this blog posted on this six years ago, before the June 13th, 2013 chicken entree exit of the Birther, which was a phase in all of this in the shapeshifters, you are now more aware of what this blog was informing you of, including the assassination of Andrew Breitbart, a prominent Jew as Swartz who was coming into direct contact with the tentacles of the octopus.

    I have my doubts in most of your 15 seconds of attention spans, that you are going to retain enough of this to move forward with an understanding of it. The reason is I keep warning the rich about what is coming and their necessity to make the large donations and that can not figure out how to click the DONATE button. This is not the MISSING LINK, but all of this was generated by the MISSING LINK over the current under riding all of this in the software in the evolution from PROMIS.
    It was genius in those behind this, as what you saw was the shadow screen, until this blog told you to look at MI6 and Mosaad. I first told you DIA in backing Donald Trump, but even that was just the curtain, and non has shown you what was behind the curtain.
    All of this is of great risk to me as no one else is able to see this in Inspiration. I will never though in the rules ever post on anything which is not already public information as I am not going to die for a dream of a place in the country which is what I work for in donations here. I have shown you the workings of the machine in this, but the Control can be mentioned but not written of.

    A wetware virus was placed into software in order to corrupt the programming in order to unleash the anti virus of Robert Mueller and the following phase of William Barr to quarantine and remove.

    I do wonder how long it will be, before you start reading about the above in other people's platforms as they now realize what has been taking place.

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    le mew

    Nuff Said


  • I'm A list and he was an old guy, so I ran him over....

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    Some of you may recall that in the days before Chancellor Sebastian Kurz saving Europe form invasion rape cock, that there was a liberal Brit named Benedict Cumberbatch pissing on all things American, Trump and fawning over these Muslim invaders.......until of course they started butchering people regular, then BC started to keep mum about things.

    After having ruined the Sherlock franchise in the same way that Ben Affleck ruined Batman, it seems Cumberbatch signed onto fag Marvel molesting of children, before he decided to run old me over on country roads.

    Yes here is how it went down:

    Benedict Cumberbatch reportedly knocked a man off his new bike while driving along a country lane and moments later was slapped by the furious cyclist.

    The actor, 42, allegedly caught the arm of the rider, Michael Lawrence, 63, during the collision which took place in Freshwater, Isle Of Wight last September.

    Mr Lawrence, affectionately known as Scooby, is claimed to have got up off the floor and immediately slapped Cumberbatch - before realising he was an A-list star.

    Benedict Cumberbatch reportedly knocked a man off his new bike while driving along a country lane and moments later was slapped by the cyclist

    A friend of the cyclist told The Sun that Mr Lawrence couldn't see anywhere to move to avoid the car and instead put his arm out in order to stop the vehicle.

    They said: 'He just put his arm over him and took the full force of the impact on his forearm, which smashed the wing mirror.

    'It totally ruptured his arm. There was blood everywhere. Scooby is no shrinking violet and he b****y hurt him by the sounds of it.'

    that old man rode me with love
    but Cumberbatch violated me

    To translate the British. You got an old guy on a bicycle, on a Hampshire country road. Here comes Cumberbatch racing down the road, and apparently can not see the guy as he is too busy being Cumberbatch.
    The old guy can not get out of the way, and Cumberbatch runs the guy over. In what is very intimate, Cumberbatch locked arms with the guy as the guy gets smashed by the car's mirror, and then eats dirt.

    Cumberbatch stops the car, gets out and the injured guy slaps this prick.

    It gets pretty rough when an impact actually bursts the arm on impact, but this story gets Cumberbatch liberal better.

    Apparently Cumberbatch used his A list appeal, as the charmed the man he just ran over and almost killed to save Cumberbatch's ass. Cumberbatch was slapped because he blamed the guy for getting run over, lying that he was riding down the middle of the road. That is quite a trick as he was smashed by the side mirror, proving Cumberbatch was lying.
    Cumberbatch though recovered and began the cover up and offered a ride for medical care, but also exchanged phone numbers, making the guy think he cared and was really concerned.

    Mr Lawrence's friend told the website that Cumberbatch accused the cyclist of being in the middle of the road at the time of the collision.

    It also appears something interesting in Cumberbatch did not report the accident to the authorities. Being the perfect liberal, he then must have sought legal advice, as that ended all contact with the person he almost murdered.
    What is pure liberal Cumberbatch is the statement that he was thinking about filing charges against the geezer for slapping him. Yes, one wonders if Cumberbatch expects rapists to file charges against their victims as their pussies are too loose for their small cocks.

    The cyclist though wised up and figured out he was dealing with the guy who liked foreigners raping European women and children, and has now sought 20,000 pounds in damages.

    Don't worry mate, it's not that bad.
    Benedict Cumberbatch is your friend....sort of.
    Cumberbatch is thought to have reported the incident to police on the island but hasn't pressed charges against Mr Lawrence over the slap.
    The two men swapped numbers and Mr Lawrence is apparently disheartened that he hasn't yet heard from the actor, his friend reports.
    Mr Lawrence, a retired fisherman, is allegedly thinking about seeking compensation for the incident, where he could reportedly be awarded up to £20,000.

    I had sworn off all things Cumberbatch in discovering what a liberal prick he is. I regret the investment in the Sherlock series and care to never watch that shit again, because of him. This incident though proves all of the disdain for Benedict Cumberbatch as only a liberal would run over an innocent old man, and then consider filing charges, after he tried to con the old boy into thinking he was his friend, so he would not file charges.

    Benedict Cumberbatch needs to be arrested by Scotland Yard on:

    Reckless Driving
    Using a vehicle as a lethal weapon
    Attempted Manslaughter
    Leaving the scene of an accident
    Not reporting a crime

    Upon that justice, this liberal belongs in prison for 10 to 20 years and the geezer needs to sue for 2 million pounds as his life is worth more than 20,000 pounds.

    We call these the A list negotiators

    Nuff Said


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