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  • Melania Unveils 'Be Best Ambassadors' To 'Improve Lives Of (White) Children'

    Is Melania Trump the most tone-deaf and despicable First Lady ever? It appears so. Every single day she does or says something so off-putting, so ludicrous, so insulting that it is shocking she doesn't have staff to help her prevent these public gaffes.

    Here is the latest, as reported by Newsweek. On Monday, Melania unveiled her newest "Be Best" initiative: The Be Best Ambassadors. And what is their mission?

    "To IMPROVE the lives of children."

    Yes, this is her mission. Maybe she should start with the over 10,000 kids in custody at the border who are currently sleeping on concrete floors, denied soap and toothbrushes, have limited access to medical care and are actually dying.

    You know, BE BEST.

    Melania doesn't care. The White House released a statement saying that she had selected 21 ambassadors from agencies to "help further the First Lady's goal of educating children and parents about the issues they face" and "will focus on resources and opportunities to help make a difference in the lives of children."

    Will those resources include soap and toothbrushes? How about medical care? Blankets? Air conditioning or heat? Clean water? Safe food?

    My guess is no. Because those kids at the border are brown. Melania doesn't appear to care about brown kids.

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  • Via The Week, Stephen Colbert talks about Trump's aborted attack on Iran:

    On Thursday night, "we were poised to start a war with Iran, but Donald Trump did the right th— sorry, I'm just not used to saying that sort of thing," Colbert said. "Trump made the correct moral— The point is, this is the first thing that Trump has ever ordered that he did not finish." He deconstructed Trump's explanation, from his belated question about Iranian casualties to his hilarious "cocked & loaded" malapropism.

    Trump reportedly "likes the decisiveness of calling off the terrible command Donald Trump just gave," he said, but Trump also postponed his planned mass deportation of immigrant families this weekend, though even this "shred of human decency has an expiration date."

  • CNN's Lauren Fox reports from Capitol Hill about the attempts to hash out a solution to the border crisis before the holiday break -- and in time to stop Trump from his latest deportation plans.

    "Democrats were huddling last night with Nancy Pelosi as progressives and the members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are arguing with her that the House version of the border supplemental bill does not do enough to place restrictions on what the Trump administration can do with their money at the border," she said.

    "House leaders are still hoping to put their version of the bill on the floor as soon as today. Meanwhile, the senate, which is controlled by majority leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans, they have their own version of a border supplemental bill, $4.6 billion with $2.8 million going to the Office of Refugees and Resettlement. They're having a disagreement now about whether or not they move forward with that proposal, which Senate Republicans and democrats passed out of the appropriations committee, 30-1 on a bipartisan vote, how to move forward on their bill.

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  • Today Stephanie Ruhle had on Tom Nichols, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College, to talk about the op-ed he wrote for USAToday.

    She asked him why he believes Iran sanctions are just a fig leaf for Trump.

    "From an impulsive decision he wanted to back off of once he realized foreign policy isn't a TV show. it's kind of a fig leaf now that he says 'I pulled back and scared them and made clear I'm serious and will put back more sanctions' and frankly, our allies don't seem very cooperative about this, because he blundered in without talking to them and prepping the ground and doing homework the way one would do before thinking about a military strike like this.

    "And so I think sanctions are a kind of, just a magic word that says 'Well, I backed off of this bad decision and now I have to say something so I'll say sanctions.'"

    Ruhle asked him to elaborate. "I love how you put it, they're a magic word but they're just a whole lot of nothing if they are not impactful. What exactly are they and who will they hurt? Because John Bolton right there said 'maximum pressure' was sanctions. Maximum what?"

    "You know, the problem with this administration is it uses words without ever defining them or I think in some cases, without ever understanding them. I think Bolton fully understands all of this. I think Bolton has been doing this for a long time and maximum pressure is a phrase the president likes. So he says it.

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  • Hey, Democrats:

    The pivotal moment in the 2008 Democratic primary was not in a speech or a debate, not at any rally or town hall. It was at the meeting when Hillary Clinton was beginning to plan her campaign and Mark Penn convinced her that 2008 would not be a change election. When Barack Obama became the candidate of hope and change, and Hillary allowed herself to be the personification of the old guard Democratic Party, Obama won the primary right then and there.

    Inexplicably after that 2008 experience, in 2016 Hillary again chose to be the candidate of continuity, the president who would build on the Obama legacy. And just like before, heavily favored Hillary Clinton lost. Even though voters liked Barack Obama pretty well, they were feeling like the establishment had left them behind, and wanted something different to shake up the system.

    The simple fact is that the American people are restless and unhappy with what is going on in this country, not nearly so satisfied with the economy or the direction of the country as the well-paid political chattering class. Middle and working-class voters have not seen much benefit in the economy for a couple of generations, with wages flat, the costs of essentials rising, and personal debt going up. The crash ten years ago caused deep structural damage that many working families haven't fully recovered from, because -- again -- most of the improvements in the economy have gone to the very top, not so much to them.

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  • It's obvious what's happened.

    Donald Trump is seeking approval from his White Nationalist base. To do that, he and his DHS are promoting cruelty towards migrant children as (1) a deterrent against further immigration from the south and (2) a show for bigots to cheer him on. The cruelty is the point.

    Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas is a "good soldier" in the Republican Party.

    Chris Hayes wants to have someone on his show to represent the Republican argument, and this is the best he can do on a Monday.

    But Congressman Burgess lost his cool, and went way over the top in his comments to Hayes.

    His argument that the border facilities are fine is mind-boggling:

    REP. MICHAEL BURGESS (R-TX): You know what? There's not a lock on the door. Any child is free to leave at anytime, but they don't. You know why? Because they are well taken care of.
  • The Trump administration has received enormous criticism for not providing soap, toothbrushes, and blankets to imprisoned migrant children at a Texas border holding facility.

    So this morning Trump's BFFs at Fox and Friends tried to put lipstick on that pig.

    Acting ICE director Mark Morgan was interviewed earlier this morning to discuss the issues at the border. The topic soon turned to the unsanitary conditions and the inhumane treatment these children are receiving.

    Guest host Jedediah Bila asked, "Mark, one of the concerns is about the detained migrant children and the conditions that they may be in. And one of the accusations is that they are in unsanitary conditions. How accurate is that?"

    Morgan admitted there was truth to the NY Times story but blamed Congress instead of the Trump administration for the monstrous treatment they are receiving.

    Morgan said, "So they're absolutely some truth to that, and that's why we've been asking Congress for a very long time to pass this supplement."

    VP Mike Pence told Jake Tapper on CNN that they did have money to supply the basic necessities for these caged imprison children, but blamed appropriations for this problem as well.

    Morgan continued, "We want to get them out of there, but we need funding so HHS can get the adequate breath space, but this is absolutely up to Congress."

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  • Jared Kushner Holds A 'Peace In Mideast' Party; Nobody Shows

    Another stunning win for Fratsputin:

    "Peace to Prosperity lays out a vision for a prosperous Palestinian society supported by a robust private sector, an empowered people, and an effective government," the plan says. "It shows what is possible with peace plus investment, and how success is achievable through specific programs supported by a portfolio of realizable projects. "No Palestinian representative, however, will attend the gathering in Bahrain. Palestinian leadership has boycotted the United States since Trump's December 2017 announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, omitting any reference to Palestinian aspirations to establish the capital of a future state in east Jerusalem. And ultimately, the U.S. did not invite Israel to the Bahrain gathering.


    Both the subject- and object- of the Peace Plan were no shows. And in related news, the NYTimes tells us...

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  • Prosecutors Allege Rep. Duncan Hunter Used Campaign Funds For Multiple Affairs

    The noose is tightening for Rep. Duncan Hunter, as he faces multiple counts and years of jail time. His wife Margaret has already pleaded guilty and is co-operating fully with prosecutors, probably in no small measure due to the multiple affairs Hunter is alleged to have had while in Congress.

    Source: Politico

    Federal prosecutors have accused Rep. Duncan Hunter of improperly using campaign funds to pursue numerous romantic affairs with congressional aides and lobbyists, according to a new court filing late Monday night.

    The Justice Department alleged that Hunter (R-Calif.) and his wife Margaret Hunter illegally diverted $250,000 in campaign funds for personal use, including to fund lavish vacations and their children's school tuition. Monday's court filings also spell out allegations that Hunter routinely used campaign funds to pay for Ubers, bar tabs, hotel rooms and other expenses to fund his extramarital relationships.

    "At trial, the United States will seek to admit evidence of defendant Duncan D. Hunter's expenditure of campaign funds to pay for a host of personal expenses. Among these personal expenses were funds Hunter spent to pursue a series of intimate personal relationships," the Justice Department said in a motion to admit evidence filed on Tuesday.

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  • Trump, who pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, has now caused a volatile situation in the Middle East.

    I'm not condoning anything that Iran does as a nation, but with the agreement in place, the deal was working until the anti-Obama menace took charge. ...And then he hired John Bolton.

    Luckily, Trump did not resort to military action against Iran after they shot down a surveillance drone. The ramifications could have been monumental to the security of the entire world.

    But it didn't stop Trump from making himself look foolish by trying to defend against some of his war hawk supporters who called his response "weak."

    His descriptions of why he did not bomb Iran in retaliation have been completely discredited by many military analysts. It is possible Trump did not bother to confer with his generals until 10 minutes before he authorized the missile strike. That in itself is very scary.

    I can only imagine what the late Charles Krauthammer would have to say about Trump's many missteps and haphazard actions pertaining to U.S. foreign policy.

    Iran responded to Trump after his new sanctions against them as reported by the AP.

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