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Retrieving a file from firefox cache

By Adam Curry. Posted Friday, March 16, 2012 at 6:55 AM.

Documenting a procedure here

Dave lost an important file that I was sure was in my browser's cache. But how to get it out safey?

First, in the url bar, type: about:cache

From here you can select files in memory, or on disk, memory only holds about 50 files, so typically the disk option is the one you want

Use cntrl-f to find the file based on filename or website it came from, in this case

Very Important!

Before going any further, ensure you are in offline mode by selecting 'Work Offline' from the File menu

When you find the file, click on the link to get details about the file

Then click on the url at the top of the page, as long as you are in Offline Mode, the cached copy will be retrieved.

Select Save As from the File menu and save to your local disk


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