Search the distributed YaCy Network

This is just a demo with limited functionality, not the YaCy search portal!
It may not even work because of the load on this page. You must install your own peer of YaCy to get the full YaCy experience!

The search results will be provided by distributed peers from private computers. Actually from computers like yours, not from a company or a single organisation.

To get the full YaCy experience, please install YaCy on your computer. Your search portal is on your peer.

Because there is so much load on this page we need more people who provide their peer as portal

It works like this: there are only a few peers which provide search 'as face to the network' to this portal, but if we want to scale we need more: YOU can be one of that search providers.
Just post your peer address:port (with a static IP or host name!) into our forum topic about this portal and we will add your peer to this search portal!
YOU will then become the search engine for EVERYONE ELSE through this portal!

Join us! Download your Peer from the YaCy Home Page

Comment from Chris Pirillo from Lockergnome about YaCy:

We thank the company EUserv to us that server is free of charge.