Outline created by Adam Curry now.

Also maintaing a list of World Outline v0.5 'Stuff' outline

Import function of radio2

Making a mental note here to test the import function of Radio2 before 1.0 ships

root's title getting screwed up

Upon opening a root for editing, sometimes the title is 're-set' to it's full Amazon S3 path and requires renaming with the title button.

Prev/Next links for thumbLists

A great feature would be the ability to click through a thumbList in the world outline just by using Prev/Next links.

Will bring this up when/if Dave gets around to fixing the flickr breakage on their API end

RSS Feed(s)

The RSS+ button is fantastic. I like being able to choose what goes into my world outline feed.

That said.....

Now that my WO is broken into several smaller pieces, with each piece (opml file) having the ability to be 'appified', having a feed for each outline would be a nice option.

Workflow in the new World Outline

A post of some general observations and a thought about a calendar.opml for all roots

As I either start to understand how things work or issues are resolved, I will move them into this Archive node

Default comments name

Appears the default name for all new roots is scripting2, despite what is set in the global prefs of the world outline server

Dave's worknote on this issue

Dependency on scripting.com

Today's DoS attack on easyDNS showed the danger of centralized resources. Of course in this developmental phase we need to have certain resources hosted centrally so development can flow properly, but it would be good to start making a list of resources that opml editor installs can start to host themselves so we don't get trapped under a collapsed house of cards

This is a step in the right direction

Prefs Crumb trail

Clicking on the first Crumb in the trail 'Preferences' does not take you back to the top prefs level, but stays on the current pref.

DNS issues

When changing the 'Domain' of a root through the web interface to a CNAME of a domain registered at Route53, the entry is not created


I use opmlarchive.com for my WO CNAMEs.

I changed adminarchive156.opmlarchive.com to wo-v05-stuff.opmlarchive.com and no associated entry was created in the Route53 tables.

From Dave

Re the domains -- the only domain we do automatically is the initial one.

If you want to change the domain, you have to manually set up the CNAME

record to point to your server. Not sure how else that could work, since we

don't know which domains you have at Route 53. If this becomes a long-term

issue, we can probably do something. But this is the kind of feature I like

to re-visit after the dust has settled from the overhaul.

Glossary Items

Apparently only still get picked up from the original root outline.

It would be great to have glossary items within the outline where they will be used.

Perhaps there should be a glossary nodetype that doesn't get rendered and is only visible in the outline itself.

Question is do these get picked up gobally?

From Dave:

Re the glossary -- I didn't hook that up to the new scheme. Wasn't sure if

anyone was using it. Now I know you are, so I'll put it on my list of

things to tend to soon.

Web Interface Questions

If I create a new outline and set it as type 'river', how do I set the attributes such as xmlUrl?

For now - Edit the Atts table on the server

Overriding Directory Titles

Here's a css stylesheet I'm using to override the Directory title being shown. It also moves the directory title up closer to the header graphic