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OPML Editor on Linux

By Adam Curry. Posted Friday, February 24, 2012 at 4:19 PM.

During the World Outline Podcast today I mentioned to Dave that I have been running the OPML Editor in Wine1.3 under Ubuntu Linux

Apparently this hadn't been clear from my blog posts about the subject.

I agreed it would be a fun experiment to get this up and running on a server to test it.

Log of steps taken

Started up an Ubuntu 11.10 instance on Rackspace

Problem: how to start the VNC or Remote desktop server on it. I can only ssh into the shell

After googling a bit...

Chatted with online help at rackspace

The chat log

Adam Curry: HI. I just started a Ubuntu 11.10 cloud server and I want to access it from my Ubuntu machine at home through Ubuntu's Remote Desktop Viewer. Is there a howto on this?

Chase N: You would have to install an x windows/VNC server or Gui on the Ubuntu Server. By default it is a minimalist base command line install

Adam Curry: ok. any pointers on how to do that in the knowledge base?

Adam Curry: I have ssh access of course and understand how to do installs

Chase N: They are not in the knowledgebase, but you can look it up in the community/wiki on the ubuntu page. They have a lot of tutorials.

This page looks like what I'm looking for

Addition to the instructions, first type: sudo apt-get update then continue the instructions from the top. This updates the servers database of available packages.

The instructions, when followed carefully work. Care should be taken when setting the port number with :0 instead of :1 since the Ubuntu desktop RD viewer app talks to port 5900 by default

OK, now to install wine1.3 The vnc interface is super slow, maybe because I chose such a small install memory. Might try it via command line.

Looks like we might have a show stopper

When wine starts, the vnc connects dies, xserver freaks out and I have to reboot in order to reconnect.

Googling to see what I can find abou thtis issue.

ok, set vnc connection to 16 bits and it appeared to work, briefly


Wow, I really made a mistake in my thinking. The way a headless install works with VNC is that you start up a new X11 session when you log in, so even though I was able to get the opml editor working for a bit, even accessible over the net, when the vnc connection breaks, the entire session closes.

So this would only really work if you had a server with a monitor attached. That just seems like a non-starter.

Oh well... at least it works on my desktop machine!

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