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OPML Editor under WINE redux

By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 3:13 PM.

Shut up.

I just updated wine to 1.3 on my Ubuntu install running on the macbook air and it appears stable?!


Not celebrating just yet, running throuugh tons of tests before I rejoice.


OK, I do see the double 'Outline' menu itme I've seen in Windows 7. Not a big deal, as only one of the menu items actually works.

OPening a root from the Ubuntu native based Firefox works, opens the correct outline in the Editor. Clicking on the view button in the editor however does not talk to any browser. Need to see if that's a pref I can set.

Not one crash yet..

installed worldoutline.root and have all that configured and working. w00t!

Not much more I need than that reall, well of course Scripting2.root, but I'll test that in a bit.


Booksmakrs and boilerplates appear to work

Now to install dropbox for linux on this machine...

Stats & Atts.

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