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OPML Editor on Ubuntu

3/3/12 by AC

2/27/12 by AC

2/25/12 by AC

Writng the OPML Editor on Ubuntu HowTo

If you want to run the OPML Editor (windows version) on Linux, here is a HowTo that I have been able to replicate on two desktop machines With Ubuntu 11.10

Your results may of course vary due to hardware differences and Murphy :-)

OPML Editor on Ubuntu

Rules as a Macro

Suggested 'Friends'

Stealing address book data from iPhones to help users make connections is not a very sophisticated way of connecting people

Re-enter "Share Your OPML

In the World Outline this takes on a whole new meaning!

2/24/12 by AC

2/22/12 by AC

Mountain Goat continues

Changing default sound volume with the built in mixer

Looks like suspend/hibernate is a bug in 11.10

2/19/12 by AC

2/15/12 by AC