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Debugging Disqus Comments in the World Outline permalink

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I spent a lot of time in the past 2 days trying to figure out why my comments weren't behaving according to the settings on my World Outline server.

The biggest problem was troubleshooting the WO server install AND the Disqus functionality with all its own parameters simultaneously.

I now have almost all functionality restored, but there were casualties.

I learned a number of things in the process permalink

Don't trust the auto updates of the OPML editor and tools

Even though I had updated opml.root and worldoutline.root, and both appeared up to date, they were not.

The function under the tools menu: "Re-Install Front Tool..." is also not to be trusted. Selecting the tool from the Tools catalog and re-installing it over the existing tool also does not get me a full update.

I was missing an important update that fixed the WO tool from ignoring the Disqus pref setting (flDisqusComments). It wasn't until I removed the tool from the OPML Editor folder and installed it again from the Tools Catalog that I truly received a working and patched copy of the tool.

My Disqus 'profile', urls and domains

I say 'profile' because you set up what they call a 'shortname' for your domain name.

It associates urls with their comment system.

You can add 'trusted' domains to the profile so it will allow dislay comments on domains other than the one you set it up on and associates urls this was as well.

Because of all the domains, blorkmarks and DNS work that I have been experimenting with, Disquss got severly confused. It is not possible to manage urls it has associated comments to without downloading a backup xml file of all your comments and editing these by hand (or a script of course if I could write one to do the job)

Once a page on a trusted domain (blorkmark) gets screwed up in their database, the only way to gety comments working on that page again is to create a new shortname and configure your WO server to use that.

The Bottom Line

I now have comments working again on my WO server on every domain and page, but have had to nuke all old comments by no longer using the shortname I had configured previously. Sad, but I'll get over it, and at a future date I presume I will be able to figure out a way to import the pertinent xml data to restore them.

One caveat: Comments for my photos mapped to the domain just couldn't work. I don't know if that is because I also have that mapped to Probably, but who knows. Instead, I have created a redirect node from to

Comments are now off by default on my entire server, but I have set them to display on this page, just to prove the point.


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