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12/25/12 by AC

Twitter for Hams

I became a Ham a few months ago. Went from Technician to General in 4 weeks.

Once I got my first HF rig (IC-7200) I quickly noticed there have been some exciting changes in HF transmissions with the so called "Digital Modes"

It combines the processing power of modern pc's with worldwide communication capabilities

It has enabled world wide data conversations using very low powered transmitters and simple (but not less innovative!) antennas.

These conversations are mainly text, but can also facilitate the transfer of binary information such as [small] files.

The software interfaces for these digital modes are stuck in the 'old way' of doing things

In fact, they are so old fashioned that the biggest 'innovation' appears to be the use of programmable macros that allow the 'operators' to store pre-programmed information about him/herself, QTH, Rig, and of course the current holiday greetings.

Its so bad that I can even tell who is using an unregistered version of certain software.

What is needed right now are new interfaces to encourage dynamic conversation between multiple parties

There is no reason why PSK31 can't work like twitter.

In fact it already does, with it's real-time capability combined with storing messages sent for you when you weren't around to see them.

Just flip the waterfall 90 degrees, don't transmit until the carriage return has been hit, and perhaps generate a unique message id for threading and you're in business.

Maybe I'm alone in seeing this gigantic gaping whole in Amateur Radio Software, but I certainly intend on writing a lot more about it.


New interfaces are needed to facilitate dynamic conversation between multiple parties

Some thoughts:

Store/Forward of messages

BBS functionality

Chatroom view modes





7/25/12 by AC

7/23/12 by AC

opml export include

Thread: Beauty of the web?

Link to Article

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 18:59:06 +0000


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Testing threads

6/4/12 by AC

6/2/12 by AC


5/18/12 by AC

5/17/12by AC

Facebook is a Big [draft]

On the eve of the highly anticipated IPO of the social networking site, I too must weigh in on it's value. (everyone else seems to have an opinion, so why not, right?)

The internet is not just "the web". I've been around the net since the Gopher days. It was very much a network back then, and much more evident than today's flash ridden, banner infested UI.

Tis network was designed to be decentralized. Anything that breaks or even attempts to centralize is seen by the network as a bug.

Bugs eventually get squashed.

So too will Facebook, twitter and any other 'blockage' of the decentralized nature of the net.

If centralization and control of it's users truly was possible, then we'd already been paying an internet tax.

And that's what FB is attempting to do here, tax usage of the network by reselling you to the highest bidder.

The last big bug we saw was AOL. Once the 'safe gateway' to the internet, now relegated to a digital zerox machine run by Arianna Huffington.

Bug Squashed


5/9/12 by AC

What's Your News Diet [draft]

In my daily capacity as a Media Assasin and Government Legislation Analysit, I'm increasingly amazed by the diet most people accept when consuming news

News is food for your brain. It determines many of our daily actions and long term strategies and goals. Left unchecked, it has the potential to turn a divinely desigend machine into an obese unproductive couch potato merely awaiting its next feeding.

When asked, I wager most would scoff at the idea of consuming our daily news from McDonalds or Pizza Hut.

Yet hundreds of millions are content with accepting the frothy mix that is controlled and served by FaceBook's News Faucet. Read this article, because it shows you the illusion FB conjures that you are in control of your news diet.

I'm sure the same holds true for twitter and other social networks that distribute news

Instead of eating a Big Mac that is baked by someone else, I prefer to hit the salad bar. That's the place where I get to make my own salad, see all the lovely bits that are in my bowl and pick and choose which pieces of lettuce I do or don't want to fish out with my fork.

Anyone can do this by using RSS news feeds. They've been around for close to a decade, no company owns the technology and they are available from mainstream organizations and individuals alike.

Just like the salad bar, you need to put a little work into picking your own ingredients, and filling up your bowl. But it's also all you can eat! And if you want to dump chocolate sauce over your nicoise, that's entirely your choice and you can remove it just as easily.

The salad bowl has always been the problem. Google reader gives you the ingredients with no easy way to toss the salad.

The River of News concept and software if the perfect tool for the job.

Feel free to look into my salad bowl at any time, I also have a list of my [current] ingredients. That list is all rss feeds, clicking on any one of them will expand so you can see the latest stories, but the real fun is in the eating!

Adam Curry's News Diet

5/8/12 by AC

5/8/12 by AC

5/7/12 by AC

Samsung GalaxyNote - 1 Week Later [draft]

heroUnit Integration

Tried integrating the heroUnit into a river node. No Joy :-(

Even tried it with a custom template attribute. Guess I need to learn more about bootstrap.


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"Ask not what the Internet can do for you..."…

The design and implementation of the first beautiful River2 template was a community project. Credits.

5/3/12 by AC

heroUnit html

Trying to figure out the html I'm missing that Dave wants the 'community' to fix.

heroUnit in html nodetype

heroUnit troubleshooting


5/3/12 by AC

heroUnit html

Trying to figure out the html I'm missing that Dave wants the 'community' to fix.

heroUnit in html nodetype

heroUnit troubleshooting

5/1/12 by AC

4/30/12; 2:17:06 PM by AC

Looks like the heroUnit macro is working, just not with html nodetypes.

4/29/12 by AC

4/27/12 by AC

4/20/12 by AC

4/17/12 by AC

4/6/12 by AC

4/4/12 by AC



3/30/12 by AC

3/28/12 by AC

3/24/12 by AC

3/23/12 by AC

3/16/12 by AC

3/12/12 by AC

3/10/12 by AC

3/9/12 by AC


3/3/12 by AC

2/27/12 by AC

2/25/12 by AC

Writng the OPML Editor on Ubuntu HowTo

If you want to run the OPML Editor (windows version) on Linux, here is a HowTo that I have been able to replicate on two desktop machines With Ubuntu 11.10

Your results may of course vary due to hardware differences and Murphy :-)

OPML Editor on Ubuntu

Rules as a Macro

Suggested 'Friends'

Stealing address book data from iPhones to help users make connections is not a very sophisticated way of connecting people

Re-enter "Share Your OPML

In the World Outline this takes on a whole new meaning!

2/24/12 by AC

2/22/12 by AC

Mountain Goat continues

Changing default sound volume with the built in mixer

Looks like suspend/hibernate is a bug in 11.10

2/19/12 by AC

2/15/12 by AC


2/6/12 by AC

RT links for My Photos

Looking at how the RT links work on my Rivers.

Looks like Javascript handles all the work

Thinking it would be very cool to have an RT link on every Photo page generated by the viewPhotoCallback

Thsi way I can snap a picture, upload to flickr from my phone, then easily post to my linkblog (which flows through to twitter) just with a click on an RT link from the photo poage on my photos site.

This would be nice for each post on my Scripting2 based blog as well.

Digging into the code..

2/5/12 by AC

Test code for new yacy search page

Changed the parameters for my YaCy homepage

Sets the default search to look in local index first, trigger a network peer search and thus not crash the server on a tough multi word query


2/4/12 by AC

New App tp restart a hung server

A genius little program that will check to see if YaCy is 'stuck' or has crashed on a windows machine and will automaticall restart it!

Thsi also works for the OPML Editor, imho better than flaunch.exe, since it also will kill and restart a 'hung' process.

Note for use with YaCy: it must start the .bat file in the YaCy directory.

In order for that file to execute properly, a line must be added to the .bat file that changes to the directory where the bat file is located.

I might even use this for my OPML Editor installs.

An alternative I might want to try one day, that has email alerts


I wrote a short blogpost about the Facebook outage and wanted to include a list of links.

I did a search on ACYACY and discovered that it generates a feed for each search.

I created an rss outline and configured the feed to it (adding the xmlUrl attribute on the server) to get the results in a nice page

Supernice that it will add a 'cache-only' parameter in the command so the server isn't doing full on network searches each time the feed is parsed.

Results are thus not live, but since the server now 'knows' to go look for these search terms it is continuously updating it's local database so searches are fresh, just delayed a bit.

2/2/12 by AC

ACYACY Search Win!

I directed my YaCy search peer (which I'm calling ACYAC) to index Dave's worknotes, as I often need to find something specific.

Today I wanted to find an entry that related to the world outline caching function being turned off. Here's the results from ACYACY. Top Hit!

Now a Google search for the past week (my search takes the 'RECENT' parameter to achieve this) What?! No Hits!

This is definitely getting interesting.

2/1/12 by AC

More YaCy

Day two of using YaCy as my search engine.

Since I'm still using the local cache first on each search, and then waiting a minute for a full web search to allow for my peeer to collect relavant results, the process of searching is slower on the front end of the process.

But the results, Oh the results! It is so wonderful to have relevant uncluttered information back in my life.

Remember the days when search was useful? You really don't, until you have gone back to the future of the early '90s.

No longer are my searches hampered by advertisers paying mutiple dollars for the priveledge of owning the words and terms I seek.

I am reading a book that refers often to "To Kill a Mickingbird", and I looked up the name 'Atticus Finch'. The resut I received was a wonderful non-commercial review of the character, likely written for some universty level work.

Take that WikiPedia!

My Decetralized World

Mail Server



RSS Aggregator

Rivers Of News

Content Management System


Auto Syndicator

Search Engine

URL Shortener

DNS Management


I'm going to start documenting my setup of my own YaCy search engine peer.

This is pretty exciting stuff, as it pretty much completes my decentralization from all the BigCo services.


The final step will be to connect my own url shortner to my blork server

URL Shortner Thoughts

Perhaps it would be really easy to drop a file into an S3 bucket like Adjinx used to do. Leave all the resolution of links to a small text file in the bucket to Amazon.

Nice and portable too!

1/9/12 by AC

Hello from Ubuntu with the OPML Editor running in WINE!

Not very stable at the moment, but it works! That is just too f%$@ing cool!!!

OK, this concludes 20 hours of hacking around to make it (kinda) work. off to bed for now.

btw, the display looks nicer than OS X does for the editor!

Archiving a node from WINE

nothing here

The problem could be the wireless network drivers....

1/8/12 by AC

At the sound of the tone, the time is: 12/2/2020; 11:14:54 AM

Need to work on today

opml body stuff

Or have Drew help out.

1/7/12 by AC

Just found the headerEnabled attribute and used it to turn off the header graphic on my worknotes. Unfortunately I found it on the list of atts that are scheduled for termination :-(

World Outline issues appear to be DNS related, but not sure where the problem actually is.

Wondering if I can get macros to work in an outline

Just trying some stuff:

Manila Macros: Basic Macros

12/2/2020; 11:14:54 AM

It worked!!!! Cool



The day of the week is <%dayName%> {dayName}

I'm noticing some 500 Server Errors, looks like EC2 is having some problems communicating with S3.

Started a new worknotes section in it's own space here

Now that these outlines will start becoming their own 'apps', I need to document what O'm doing as well, since I get lost so easily :-)

Also maintaing a list of World Outline v0.5 'Stuff' outline



9/30/11 by AC

Log of the twipsy timeout

[14:24:46.590] GET [undefined 74870ms]

[14:24:46.863] Expected declaration but found '*'. Skipped to next declaration. @

[14:24:46.964] Unknown property 'box-sizing'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:47.056] Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element '-webkit-search-decoration'. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. @

[14:24:47.130] Unknown property 'zoom'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:47.403] Error in parsing value for 'padding'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:47.490] Expected color but found 'initial'. Error in parsing value for 'border'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:47.563] Error in parsing value for 'line-height'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:47.652] Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element '-webkit-input-placeholder'. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. @

[14:24:47.741] Unknown property 'transition'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:47.870] Error in parsing value for 'filter'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:47.956] Unknown property '-moz-opacity'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:48.090] Error in parsing value for 'font-size'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:48.177] Error in parsing value for 'font-weight'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:48.282] Error in parsing value for 'background-image'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:48.601] Unknown property '-moz-background-clip'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:48.697] Expected color but found 'none'. Error in parsing value for 'background-color'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:49.604] Expected end of value but found '0'. Error in parsing value for 'border-radius'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:50.135] Error in parsing value for 'background-image'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:24:50.274] Error in parsing value for 'filter'. Declaration dropped. @


[14:26:01.196] Expected identifier for pseudo-class or pseudo-element but found ' '. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. @

[14:26:01.513] Error in parsing value for 'font-size'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:26:01.805] Error in parsing value for 'padding-top'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:26:01.968] Error in parsing value for 'padding-bottom'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:26:02.102] Expected end of value but found 'normal'. Error in parsing value for 'list-style'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:26:02.292] Error in parsing value for 'font-weight'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:26:02.421] Error in parsing value for 'position'. Declaration dropped. @

[14:26:02.693] GET [HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified 343ms]

[14:26:02.826] GET [HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified 232ms]

[14:26:02.954] GET [HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified 327ms]

Twipsy Test

Testing the new twipsy feature. Did it work?

Hmm, why is my twipsy off center. Maybe my template?

9/16/11 by AC

July 2011

7/8/11 by AC

7/4/11 by AC

Indentation on a blogpost

Testing shared glassaries

Pretty neat feature Dave added, I've now set up a 'glossary' section in my world outline so I have everything in a heat place.

This should show me a cheesecake: A picture of a slice of cheese cake.

7/3/11 by AC

Testing the glossary function

So this should point to my blog and this should link to the No Agenda Show website

These links are being created from my Glossary section here

7/2/11 by AC

June 2011

6/28/11 by AC

My main CSS guy, Alexandre is back on the scene. Working on a new Stylesheet for my WO.

Here's the blorkmark we're applying it to

6/27/11 by AC

Wrote bolgpost about the stream and blork integration

Working with CSS designers on restoring my world outline templates

Programming the new stream, massaging show line-ups

6/24/11 by AC

Another non-podcaught Davecast today. To prove my theory, I went ahead and added the or ("type==audio/mp4") to river2Suite.newItem script to see if it will work on the next Davecast.

6/23/11 by AC

Notes for the 1adam12 podcast


Podcasting with blork issues

upload file limits

Need S3 upload solution

Hello. I happen to know what the problem is. Would you like to know?? :-)

Assuming yes -- it's a memory issue, not a disk issue.

Think about what's going on.

The whole file is uploaded into an in-memory object on the server,

then that is uploaded to S3.

Amazon has an API somewhere in there for directly uploading from the

user to S3 skipping the server, that's what we need here.

I remember seeing that go by at some point, but haven't been able to

find it on the Amazon site.

In the meantime, I suggest taking this off-list, it probably doesn't

concern most of the people here.


Amazon S3: Browser-Based Uploads using POST

One of the primary advantages for using POST is to avoid proxying user uploads via your own webserver to Amazon S3.

For an example, if you have a photo sharing web site and want your users to upload content directly into Amazon S3, your webserver can now serve a standard HTML form that will allow your users to upload their content directly into Amazon S3 on your behalf. Once the content is successful uploaded in Amazon S3, you can optionally redirect the user to your web site.

Dave's sound good

download podcatcher filetypes


endswith ".mp3"


Need to add == audio/mp4

pictures pref to turn off, or prefs to add new mime types?

Translation Table Project


NA domains


6/18/11 by AC

6/18/11; 11:16:39 PM by AC

Many hours later....

Learnings: render everyhting out first. Delete all old render files before doing that. Then Export to Quicktime. That's pretty quick and doesn't fail!

The show is finally up. 'nite all!


6/18/11; 3:05:38 PM by AC

Ugh, render time now at 'about 2 hours, 9% done...


6/18/11; 3:04:10 PM by AC

OK, that didn't work :-( After a 3 hour render FCP threw an 'Out of Memory' error. So I went back to logical thinking. If it's a codec error, lets look at the codec I'm using. It was set to render in the HD/DVD Codec. I changed that to the Apple Pro Res codec, and the render time now shows 'about an hour', which is great (if it works), but also, the Real Time rendering (RT) now works again. Hmmm. Fingers AND legs crossed this time!


Back from the 'salon' All nice and freshly trimmed now :-)

Looks like I may have solved my FCP problem. Turns out duplicating a timeline can (eventually) make for corruption that results in the dreaded 'codec error'. The Annie Duke interview is 27 minutes, a bit on the long side, but she's very interesting and entertaining to watch and listen to. I'm considering an audio version of the show as a podcast.

3 hour render time in HD, which is what I like my master vids to be, then I 'dumb it down' to work on Android, iPhone and iPad, as well as embeddable flash video. 33 minutes to go, fingers crossed!


Good morning!

I had the same template experience yesterday as dave did, nice to see a fetaure solving that today :-)

World Outline: Worknotes > June 2011 > 6/18/11 by DW > Edit template in outliner

Off to see the hair god maintenance man and then figure out what is causing the 'codec error' in my FInal Cut Pro setup. It's borked a rendering of my 20 minute interview with Poker Superstar Annie Duke 4 times now. I need to get this thing up and published before she releases another book :-)

6/17/11 by AC

Good morning!

Added Ted's worknotes to my worknotes friends section. Hoping I see some from my other 'buddies'. I miss reading what you're working on!!!

Blorkmarks and the World Outline

Adding users to my WO server

Working very slowly here, as these experiments can sping out of control quickly :-)

I'm planning on creating a process to add new users, which will include a pretty deatiled howto. The idea is to get each user a subdomain of with a pre-populated outline that by itself is a part of the howto.

The big question is how blorkmarks will work. I don't want people creating subdomains willynilly on, so I need them to configure their own domain name as soon as they understand how it all works.

Probably need to restrict blorkmarks to those domains that are in a user's members.worldoutline table, so they can't start creating blorkmarks on any of my registered domains.

Of course this only will work if they have their registration and dns hosted at dnsimple, so people will have to go through the tranfer process. Ugh.

Anyway, I may just be blowing air into the wind here, I have no idea if anyone is listening.

Hello? .... Is there anybody out there?

6/16/11 by AC

Figuring out the best process for mapping all my WO domains with www. as well as the standard domain name. WOn't work with a CNAME alone. a node needs to be set, unless mainresponder handles it.

A work aroround:

Show Day!

Will be looking at all the new goodies later

6/15/11 by AC

World Outline rendering resolved

Wow, that was quite a session. I guess there was some code that needed fixing after all. My photos and blog posts are now both rendering in the World Outline, on my server, which I updated after all testing had been confirmed on

World Outline:

World Outline:

There may still be some issues with the scripting2 opml files, but that code is brand new and still needs testing.

I'm going to keep running for a day or two, nice to have a 'virgin' server that isn't doing any other real production work serving files to the masses :-)


Create a new Windows2003 server at rackspace:

Downloaded Firefox

Downloaded base EC2 install from here:

allowed flaunch.exe to run first (I've learned to do this)

Launch the opml editor (also allow to run)

updated opml.root (0 parts)

update river2.root (11 parts)

update radio2.root (42 parts)

update beaut.root (20 parts)

saved local copy of my world outline (since I'll be switching server)

went through the setup steps VERY carefully.

Server is good

configured the desktop to talk to

pasted my world outline backup into my World Outline window.

All pieces work EXCEPT the photos and scripting2 links:

Photos here

scripting2 here

scripting2 opml

Updated the parts on my server and desktop

The toc.opml was built, and I mapped it to

Months also have an opml file, but the posts do not appear linked to anything in each month. Running the buildEverything script to make sure.

No Joy. This must be a problem with my world outline server. Maybe related to the problem.

I'm going to build a 'virgin' wo server (again) to test.

Today is interview day

2 intervews scheduled:

David Bezmozgis :: The Free World welcome

After that a meeting with some folks about the Big Book Show, just might turn into something :-)

Following Dave's outline

myPhotos/WO Problem

myPhotos.root isn't playing nice with my new world outline server. I guess the only thing I can do is re-install the WO server and try again. Feels like I'm missing a part somewhere.

Until I get that done, I'm mapping flickr to


Buy 9 volt batteries

6/14/11 by AC

World Outline Server

Finalizing upgrade of parts on

Make sure the upgrade path works.

Build a new World Outline Server


Setup new server @ rackspace

Follow the HowTo

map to it for the admin account

Use S3 bucket:

Follow these steps only if I really want to migrate to a new server (right now I don't)

Remap all domains that point to

all on

nashownotes @ @

Look at all others

Remap and check

have both running concurrently

The upgrade worked

Now I want to find out why my original WO server is spiking every 4 minutes, on the minute exactly for about 40 seconds. It's freezing the server completely.

Saved a copy of config.root, reduced the size. That's not the problem

Decided to rebuild rackoutlines. It worked beautifully

myPhotos Server

Moved the install to

Makes more sense here, and will also keep the World Outline server running just what it needs, nothing else. now mapping to / S3 bucket

6/13/11 by AC

First Setup

This is a place that I use to publish working notes.

Site created by Adam Curry now.